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NH Chapter 5


Chapter 5 – Granny Kim, a nomad who roams the wilderness

Captain Lorna has been stagnant at a level for a long time without breaking through. The main problem is this prosthesis right hand.

She paid a huge price to get it in the first place. Once she had gotten it, she decisively cut off her original right hand and swapped it into this thing. She thought it would make rapid progress, but it was the beginning of disaster.

Her personality integrity continued to deteriorate as a result of this grotesque right hand and was already on the verge of madness.

Now, it’s too late to abandon it, she can only temporarily connect it for a while and temporarily disconnect it, to maintenance.

She might be crushed and suffer a complete breakdown of her personality if she forcibly separates the right hand now.

Every time she let go of her fist, her nervous system seemed to get a little bit more connected. At this point, she was staring at the left hand and the mirrored right hand in the mirror box.

Does this method really work?

“What’s going on?” Captain Lorna stopped, she was surprised but remained vigilant.

People who grew up on the streets know one truth the most, that lady luck does not shine upon them.

“How is it?” Gu He smiled slightly, no surprise, “If you consistently practise like this, you’ll get better.”

Captain Lorna took another look at him and said, “You are not simple. How can a wild dog know so much?”

When they noticed this, the nearby female mercenaries were equally alarmed and surprised, and Fan Debao scowled and contemplated something.

Gu He said, “I met a nomad doctor when I was in the wildness previously, and she’s knowledgeable.

Captain Lorna was doubtful, “Really?” 

“We all call her Granny Kim.”

Gu He said it very naturally because he was talking about Insoo Kim, one of the founders of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT).

“Granny Kim amazes us. There are many risks in the wildness, she will often take care of our frequently broken hands and feet.”

A good therapist helps the patient build confidence and build a happy picture for the future, which is the power to solve problems. If she doesn’t trust me that’s fine, trust Granny Kim. If being a cowherd can’t give that kind of guidance and persuasion, then a mystery doctor should be able to.

“Are there any other methods that you know of?” Captain Lorna’s eyes widened, still a little unable to hold back.

If she can integrate this grotesque right hand, she will be reborn as a phoenix…

“Granny Kim always taught us that…” Gu He pretended to be reminiscing.

The key for Captain Lorna at the moment is to accept the tragic fact that she lost a hand accidentally and became disabled. This hurdle must be overcome by herself.

The psychiatrist is responsible for giving encouragement and making her have a positive attitude.

“You have a wonderful day when you focus on the positive things; you have a horrible day when you focus on the negative things. The same is true of prosthetics; if you pay attention to them, they are the issue; if you don’t, they are the solution.”

“Mentality.” Gu He emphasized, “Being joyful is the most crucial aspect of being a human.”

It will be up to her whether she recognises her luck once he poured this bowl of chicken soup.(1)

What I have always thought about is how to integrate it, it has always been “I” and “it”, how can they be integrated? It should not be paid attention to, it is not a problem, the calculations from the program were wrong, the direction was wrong…

“Haha!” She was instantly overjoyed, with messy new ideas surging in her heart, which was the dawn of a breakthrough.

“Mentality, that’s right, it’s the mentality.” She looked at Gu He again, with light in her eyes, and asked Fan Debao eagerly, “Lao Fan, is he going to become an extraordinary cowherd? I think it can be done, he’s suitable!!”

She drank the remaining half bottle of Fenggu as well as the cup that was poured to Gu He just now.

“Fuck! Gu He, if I can fully integrate this hand, you will be my sweetheart, and you will be rewarded!”

“Let’s go!” she said as she quickly set the wine glass down, stood up, and strode out of the store.

The mercenaries in charge of settling the bills next to them removed the mirror case from the bar and joyously departed with the commander of the unit.

Oi! Gu He wished to stop Captain Lorna but felt powerless to do so.

What kind of reward is this… Don’t write a blank check, you have gained a lot this time, pay for this treatment first…     

A tip is also fine, not even a tip, isn’t this a free prostitute… (T▽T)

Although he was quite upset, he showed off to Fan Debao: “Lao Fan, don’t you think she’s still a good girl.”

Fan Debao was looking at him with a complicated e expression, as soon as he heard the words he said “A lunatic may occasionally believe he has travelled down a magnificent route when, in fact, there is a 100-meter pit.”

“You pray that she is sane the next time you meet, or you will suffer.”

“Don’t keep saying people are crazy…”

Gu Heben wanted to refute the criticism and asked for a commission for the bottle of expensive wine just sold.

The fish pond is, after all, Lao Fan’s turf, and because of Lao Fan’s expression, which is somewhat threatening, and doesn’t know each other in general. So he reluctantly returned to the couch and continues to watch the incomplete “Streamer Supermodel Contest.”

On the TV, a variety of stunning women in various lovely outfits walked the runway.

The heat in his body was no longer as intense as before, and the whirlpool of light in his mind kept spinning, sucking the alcohol away.

He thought that he was drunk and dizzy to have such a real imagination, but because of this, it would be no problem to persist for another day.

But suddenly, Fan Debao picked up the remote control and turned off the TV, “Okay, the talent test is over.”

“So fast? How did I perform?” Gu He asked, a little curious about the measurement and evaluation mechanism of this outdated method.

While watching a supermodel catwalk, I even gave therapy to a visitor. This nerve reaction speed, this psychological quality, and this control force, I should be in the fourth gear, right? Will there be a chance for overdrive? 

Seeing that Fan Debao didn’t speak, and he didn’t know what to do, he said, “Uh, turn on the TV, it’s almost time for the awards.”

“no need.”

“No, there will be an underwear show later…”

Gu He had to say more, but as soon as he got up, he saw Fan Debao raise his hand and snapped his fingers, “Sleep!”

Boom! Gu He fell to the ground, and in less than a second, he was completely swallowed up by the sudden drowsiness.

“Bro you don’t want to watch, I want to, wait… was I drugged? Lao Fan, don’t…”

This was the last thought in Gu Heshu’s terrified eyes. His body was leaning against the sofa, and he fell asleep immediately, snoring loudly.

Fan Debao continued to wipe the wine glass behind the bar, observed it for a while, and frowned and muttered, “Obviously he’s just an ordinary person.”


By midnight, the night rain had not stopped.

The metal door of the small aisle of the izakaya was opened and Ayane Kumiko came over towards the wine bar. She couldn’t help but be perplexed when she noticed Lao Fan eating midnight supper at the bar while Gu He slept peacefully on the sofa.

“Lao Fan, is the talent test finished? Does Xiao He possess any unique talents?”

“The talent of this child is not very good. He doesn’t take much alcohol impact in, and he has calm nerves. Just about sufficient for third gear. Either it can be done or it can’t. He is not a good material; he is simply normal.”

“Ah, did I read him wrong?” Ayane Kumiko suddenly looked disappointed, “I think Xiao He is a good person…”

“And then the lunatic Lorna came.”

“Lorna has been here?” Ayane looked around in amazement, but saw no signs of fighting, “What happened?”

Fan Debao stopped the wooden chopsticks, raised the cypress wine he used for himself, and drank the sake, still full of unsolved doubts.

“That is the extremely odd part. Not only is this child not terrified of Lorna, but he also converses with her and has a treatment procedure from a so-called Granny Kim, which shocked Lorna and led her to place an order. a thirty-year-old Fenggu.” Lao Fan pondered and recounted the unexpected situation before.

“When facing Lorna, ordinary people’s tongues are already clenched. This kid is capable of performing like this. He might be a third-gear overall. He might also possess certain unusual mental traits, and he generally can match the fourth gear.”

“That’s great!” Ayane Kumiko happily clasped her palms together, “As expected, I read him right!”

She smiled endearingly and was filled with anticipation:

“Watch him for a time, and if there are no issues, let him try it. Even though he can’t be an extraordinary cowherd with fourth-gear potential, he can choose other relevant classes in third-gear. He can have another even if he isn’t that component of the puzzle. Extraordinaries are beneficial to us.”

“That’s true, but I don’t understand this man; are you sure he’s just a wild dog?

“Wild dog orphan, stray found from the voodoo ruins.” “Xiao Zhuang from the Arcade Gang is my little brother; he won’t lie to me,” Kumiko Caiyin said with a nod.

Fan Debao frowned and pondered for some time, but there were still a lot of questions that remained unanswered.

“What if Xiao Zhuang was also deceived? I need to enter the spiritual network and ask an old friend to inquire.”

“Spiritual Network?” Ayane Kumiko fell silent, and her smile faded a bit.

Spiritual Network is an extra-dimensional space, considered to be the sea of consciousness of all beings in the world. However, no one can control it, no one understands exactly what happened, and no one made it.

Only extraordinary people can access the network. It is an endless ocean of consciousness, a boundless dark forest, and a completely disordered place. There are data hunters and information ghosts hidden everywhere, which is even more treacherous and dangerous than the real world.

“Is there any other way?” she said, every time she entered the spiritual network, It was all a desperate adventure.

“This kid might go insane if we use brain-to-brain contact to get into his head.”

  1. 鸡汤 Originating from the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series which consists of inspirational stories about ordinary people’s lives, this Internet slang term refers to inspirational stories, quotes, and maxims. Sometimes the term is used sarcastically. 

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