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NH Chapter 13


Chapter 13 – Ayane Kumiko is a Good Person

The screams became increasingly nearer, and when the metal door of the narrow aisle was slammed open, they flooded into the ears fully.

Gu He observed a muscular man screaming shrilly in a leopard-print fur coat, and he was hoisted with one hand by Kumiko Ayane, who appeared small by comparison.

Sharp silver steel claws protruded from her two slim hands’ fingernails. The claws were holding onto the muscular man and were plunged directly into his skin as if they were straight into the bones.

The blood gushing out of the muscular man’s shoulders dyed the sakura blossom on Ayane Kumiko’s kimono even redder.

“Stop screaming; there are customers around.” Ayane Kumiko dragged the muscular man to the fish pond’s metal door, leaving a blood trail behind her.

She had huge sunglasses on her face that blocked her expression, yet one can still tell her face was cold.

Fan Debao continued to prepare food and drinks in the little kitchen behind the bar, turning a blind eye and remaining silent. 

The group of guests in the fish pond persisted in drinking, eating, and conversing as though nothing unusual was happening. As Ayane Kumiko walks by, they call her “Mom” or “Miss Kumiko.”

Gu He was a little perplexed—could it be that he was the only one who saw that muscular man? No, this is not a dream, is it?

He turned to face Ms Jiujing, but she was giddy with excitement as if she had cracked the secret to fame:

“Reshape the nose simple! I have never been happy with my nose. What do you think if I change my nose to look like a cat’s nose? That’s considered my characteristic, right?”

He looked again and saw Miss Kumiko bringing the muscular man to the fishpond’s main entrance, brushing his head against the curtain on the door. A group of female mercenaries working for Captain Lorna can be seen in the alley beyond the door.

“Your name is Bat, right? So you want to silently abandon Licai and enter a club in the central districts?”

One female mercenary patted the muscular man’s pale forehead, which was covered in cold sweats, and sprayed some smoke on his face asking, “Mother Kumiko pulled you out from being a wild dog and treated you so well, so this is how you repay her? With betrayal?

“Dishonourable cunts.” Another female mercenary shook her head and said, “In this world, there are always very few people who pay attention to virtue.”

“Give him to Lorna.” Ayane Kumiko’s voice was cold as if she was talking about how to dispose of a waste product:

“Find someone to first chop off his dick and a kidney, then give him to the Aracade Gang to sell him to the Western Industrial District, ask the buyer to arrange him to be the hardest coolie, and die on the 261st day, not one day more or one day less.”

“I was wrong, Mother!” The muscular man suddenly broke down and shouted, “I was bewitched by greed! I’m an idiot! Please give me a chance!”

“Didn’t I give you a chance? You didn’t cherish it yourself.”

Ayane Kumiko glanced at the muscular man and said, “You have been with me for 261 days, so give me back the 261 days.”

After saying that, the steel claws of her hands were all retracted suddenly as if they were retracted into the finger bones.

At the same time, the muscular man uttered a more tragic wail, his shoulders were bleeding profusely, and he was shaking in pain.

While moaning, begging and struggling, he was dragged away by a few female mercenaries like a pile of rotten meat.

Gu He could hardly contain the smile on his face again…

Ayane Kumiko walked back from the door, and when she passed the dining table, she noticed Gu He.

She removed her sunglasses, showing those familiar mesmerising pupils, and her voice softened again: “Xiaohe, you are entertaining the visitors. Xiaohe is a new cowboy, Miss Jiujing; please excuse me if he does not serve you well.”

“Gu He is fantastic, Mom.” Jiujing Huaqing gave a charming grin.

“In that case, I won’t disturb you.” Ayane Kumiko bowed gently before returning to Li Cai’s side and closing the metal door.

She was so refined and kind as if the Ayane Kumiko just now was someone else…

But the bloodied trail on the fish pond floor still tells the story of what happened just now.

Gu He hesitated to speak as if he was the only one here who didn’t understand what was going on.

He had to ask: “Miss Jiujing, just now?”

 “Never betray mother.”

Jiujing Huaqing said this in a tone of absolute reverence.

“But this kind of thing still happens from time to time. It’s just that some people don’t know how to repay their kindness, and they are fascinated by Licai’s feasting and feasting, so they do things too much.”

She took a sip of sake, frowned and asked, “Gu He, you are not this kind of person, are you?”

 “Me?” Thinking of Miss Kumiko’s steel claws, Gu He hurriedly said, “How could it be!”

“It’s fine if you aren’t.” JiuJing Huaqing heaved a sigh of relief, “I’m a local dog. I haven’t been to the rich districts very much. I’ve been to every place I can go. I’ve met quite a few people. Mother Kumiko is not the kind of person who can be met casually.

“Mother is a good-natured person who advocates traditional virtues and principles.”

“Mother pays attention to principles, and the principle is very simple. If she treats you well, you should treat her well. If she treats you well, you treat her badly… Do you know what happened after Licai’s top cowherd ‘Fudu Ichiro’ betrayed his mother?

“What happened?” Gu He couldn’t help swallowing secretly, feeling a bad premonition.

 “Mother switched his brain and dick’s position with her own hands.”

Jiujing Huaqing sighed, “It’s quite a pity. Many people still remember the demeanour of Fudu. He is a man who can be both male and female and can be attacked and accepted. His style can change so that he can become the Night King. What a pity.”

Gu He finally couldn’t help but stare his eyes wide.

He remembered that Miss Kumiko had said to him: That’s just a requirement for an ordinary cowherd, but you wanted to become the Night King!…

“Gu He?” Jiujing Huaqing was amused by his nervousness, “Mother admires people who are upright, compassionate, and thankful. She stated that those are the qualities she values the most in the world. Even if there is no return, she is eager to help and invest money in training for such people.”

“Mother is a kind person. She has favoured far too many individuals on Shouhui Street, including me. She provided the funds for my cosmetic surgery. Let me tell you softly that I still haven’t paid it back…”

Jiujing Huaqing had a cute smile on her face, “Gu He is also a kind person, Mother told me that you resisted the temptation in the Arcade gang and have never played games. You are a good person.”

“Uh…” Gu He nodded of course.

It turned out that Miss Kumiko admired him so much and kept saying that he was a good person, but there was another reason for this.

And Ms Jiujing is saying, don’t do anything stupid, if you don’t have Ms Kumiko’s permission, you can’t get out of this street.

“But people change, I hope you won’t, Gu He.” She was like a reverse psychiatrist, earnestly teaching: “You have to know, Mother used to be a member of the Yakuza gang, and now she still has a relationship with that gang.” 

“Yakuza Gang?”

“That’s right. It’s the biggest gang in the Kabukicho area, even Santo people need to show some face to them.”

When Jiujing Huaqing said the word “Yakuza”, he was a little scared and respectful at the same time.

Gu He’s heart skipped a beat. This is the invisible backer of Miss Kumiko and Licai Club…?

“The members of the Yakuza gang are not easy to provoke.” The fear in her expression became more serious, and she was mysterious, “The corpse of Fudu was made into a specimen by the people of the Yakuza.”

Let’s roll it back and think for a while… Jiujing Huaqing spoke with certainty as if she had seen it with her own eyes, so he couldn’t help asking: “Did you hear about this? What happened to the top cowherd in Fudu?”

The brain and the dick changed positions? It’s just an urban legend…

“I saw it.” JiuJing Huaqing said again, “The corpse specimen of Fudu had been hanging on the wall of the alley outside the fish pond for several days.”

Gu He was at a loss, “That…wouldn’t it cause trouble, the police wouldn’t care?”

“Police?” Jiujing Huaqing laughed, “Gu He, do you know where most of the garbage in Liuguang City is?

Gu He already guessed what she wanted to say…

 “It’s not a landfill in the Sludge Pond District.” She paused, “It’s the Metropolitan Police Department.”

“Licai is under Yakuza’s care. Besides, what do you think the Western Industrial District is? It’s a place where legal and illegal things are done, and no policeman is there to arrest people.”

Jiujing Hanaqing’s exquisite plastic face was a bit contemptuous, like an angry little raccoon.

Gu He leaned back in his chair, silently looking at Fan Debao who was busy at the bar.

Looking at the words printed on the chef’s uniform worn by Lao Fan: Heart as wide as my body 🙂

Compared to Miss Kumiko just now, this may not be pretentious…

Otherwise, when he was lazy and wasted time in the bathroom this morning, he might have had a finger cut off because he didn’t feel grateful.

I should have known it earlier! Think about Zhuang Ge’s sweet look when he faced Miss Kumiko…

To be able to run such a big club in such a world is a legend in Shouhui Street.

Ayane Kumiko, how could she be a good person and a faithful woman?

Gu He drank the wolfberry water that had become stale, and looked around blankly at the curtains, lanterns, hanging paintings, bar counters and guests.

I left the Arcade game to come here; I escaped from the wolf’s den and entered the tiger’s den.

“Gu He? Gu He? Do you think my nose should be made into a cat’s nose or a dog’s nose?”

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