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NH Chapter 1


Chapter 1 – Wild Dog’s Streaming Dream

“Where can you run if you don’t pay your debts? You people have no future.”

A gruff voice was vaguely heard.

Bro, who didn’t shower, stinky…

The pungent smell of perspiration and smoke woke Gu He up. Uncomfortably, he opened his eyes and was astounded by what he saw.

He was curled up on a metal floor, looking as though he had just been pummeled to the ground. He was surrounded by a group of ferocious, powerful men who were all glaring at him. Around them were several languid males who appeared to be prisoners.

????? Did I go insane? Or did I transmigrate?

Gu He got up from the floor in a daze and looked around. This is a game hall with all kinds of old-fashioned arcade machines, neon signs and electronic screens everywhere. On the monochrome computer screens, lines of green codes flicker.

It looks like the level of technology in the 80s…

Suddenly, his head was violently dizzy, and some incomplete and vague memories flooded into his mind.

The original owner is Ah Ming, who has not been named(1). He was an orphan in the wilderness since he was a child, and now he is a “wild dog”, that is, a refugee and a smuggler. 

And here is one of the largest free states in Anzhou, the wrestling field of various forces: Liuguang City.

According to his memories. Ah Ming seems to be looking for relatives, but he has no money to take the proper route, and he thinks that he has met a good man and a smuggler.

Unfortunately it was bait, Ah Ming and other “wild dogs”  were lured by the Arcade Gang to play game consoles, and in the end, they all changed from enjoying life to enjoying lifelong beating. Although Ah Ming resisted the temptation and never played anything, he still owed a huge debt. 

Due to Ah Ming’s desire to flee, he was beaten to death, as this made room for Gu He to transmigrate.

“Fuck.” Gu He really had a headache.

A second ago, I was alive and well. Now I’m a “wild dog”, this dog fucking day!

Before he transmigrated over, he was a well-known psychiatrist and was a life mentor for many confused people.

The majority of the previous world’s problems are nothing more than fame and money. And with his optimism, empathy, and laziness have infected everyone to let go of their inwardness, drink wolfberry water together, lie down together, and happily shout that “I am a salted fish.” (2)

Unexpectedly, on the day of 520(3), when he opened multiple chat windows on the computer to communicate with some female customers, the computer short-circuited. 

I have not yet had time to spend the red envelopes that I received.…

“I don’t care whether you have played the game consoles or not, but you need to pay to eat and drink here.” The person who spoke was Zhuang Ge(4), the leader of the group of muscular men, standing in front of the crowd.

Zhuang Ge’s muscles are specially developed, and his body outline is almost not humanoid, with half his face made of brass-coloured metal and the other half being disfigured. The person looks strange and dangerous.

Gu He was a little stunned, is that some kind of painted tattoo, or some kind of transplant…

What universe did I end up in????

“How can you weak ass repay their debts? Either as coolies, or selling your kidneys, or participating in the hunting game of those rich guys, of course, you are the prey.” Zhuang Ge said with a smirk.

A strong sense of unease reminded Gu He that what Zhuang Ge said was a kind option.

He looked at these muscular men, and then looked at himself from the reflection on the electronic screen. He was wearing an ordinary T-shirt and jeans. He had a handsome young face and a body in his early twenties. He was tall but thin, and there were signs of being beaten.

Even with the combined strength of his past life is still not enough to put up a fight. Do you have to restart your life once you die? Wouldn’t I really become a dog next time? 囧

“But you’re lucky today because a legend just happened to pass by and wanted to see if any of you are usable personnel.”

Just as the wild dogs just started to get excited, the mismatched face of  Zhuang Ge showed a mocking look, “You guys are excited too fast, this big shot’s requirements are very strict, only a few with the desired special talents will be selected.”

Picking talent from some wild dogs?  Gu He was even more confused, what talent did he even have?

Will the Arcade Gang pick sidekicks for the big shot? Doesn’t seem like it, and more importantly not realistic!

Soon after, Zhuang Ge got a call on his cellphone from a black big brother, and he quickly gathered some people in the passage to welcome the big shot.

Zhuang Ge seized the initiative and yelled cheerfully, “Miss Kumiko!” as a female figure entered the game room surrounded by many people.

Nearby, the group of muscular men followed suit  and called out respectfully, like maid servants.

The woman’s stylish off-the-shoulder dress, dainty handbag, sunglasses, and shoulder-length hair dyed pink and light green all gave off the impression that she was in her 20s. She also had the graceful body of a mature woman.

Many wild dogs were immediately fascinated with their hormones soaring, and Gu He also felt that she had a strange attraction. Even Gu He felt a weird attraction to her. He had a lot of female clients, very few like that.

The woman walked in front of the wild dogs under the crowd, as if looking down upon them, and said softly, “Hello, I’m Ayane Kumiko . Those who want to go with me, give me a reason for me to take you.”

Despite the ambiguity of the situation, the enthusiastic wild dogs have already yelled:

 “I’m going to fight!” “I am the most loyal person!” “I am the biggest and stronger than them!” “I am the worst!”

Gu He wasn’t in a rush to say anything. Of course, the test is how to comprehend Miss Kumiko.

The first basic skill of a psychiatrist, insight.

Zhuang Ge initially stated that Miss Kumiko was merely passing by. Her right hand’s back did not bear the Arcade Gang tattoo that every muscular man possesses.  It was crucial that she wasn’t a member of the Arcade Gang. 

She doesn’t appear to be someone who is part of the underground based on her attire, behaviour, or disposition, but she occasionally does. She is more like the female models and artists he used to know. The object Miss Kumiko wore around her neck and waist was what actually prompted him to make these conclusions.

It looked like a telescope or a camera, but he recognized it as the director’s viewfinder. Ayane Kumiko should be a director, a scout, and a model agent.

Are wild dogs becoming big stars? Due to the so-called “streamer dream,” a large population of wild dogs have flocked to this city.

 “Miss Kumiko, my name is Gu He, you should take me away.”  Gu He yelled loudly and made the decision to take advantage of the situation, better a star than a wild dog, at least he will get to let an enjoyable life! Even in the face of stardom he will strive to become a salted fish!

Ayane Kumiko noticed that he had a remarkable temperament and asked everyone to calm down first. “Why?”

Unexpected eyes filled the audience. Gu He exhibited a cool, unflappable, and welcoming demeanour on. When you have a dialogue with the patient. You must have faith in yourself before you can expect the patient to have faith in you.

Another basic skill of a psychiatrist is self-confidence.

He said in a gentle and sincere voice:

“Because I’m going to be your best work, and I’m going to give it my all.”

The moment these words were spoken, the ignorant wild dogs were understandably puzzled, and the muscular men like Zhuang Ge were unsure of how to respond.

But most importantly, Ayane Kumiko with a small smile of approval and surprise. “Okay.”

Grand! Gu He’s face was calm, Instructor Xiao He’s insight is not in vain

What movie will it be? Action movies, horror movies, romance movies? Could it be a superhero movie? Captain Am*r*ca or something… the road to superstars. Gu He started to dream, he has a hunch that in the near future, thousands of girls will be crazy about himself. Gu He-stans will be so troublesome~~~

When everyone realised he had been selected, shock, envy, and jealousy were replaced by an upsurge of tension and exhilaration. This youngster will be fortunate…

“Gu He.” Ayane Kumiko took off her sunglasses, revealing her hypnotizingly charming eyes, and smiled:

 “Come and be a cowherd(5) with me. Being a cowherd is definitely a good way out for young people.”

  1. not been named 无名, no name, not famous or renowned
  2. salted fish 咸鱼, pronounced hamyu. Slang for corpses  or  people who have no intention of doing anything.”
  3. 520 homonym of 我爱你 I love u <3 
  4. Zhuang ge 壮哥,  壮 means muscular, so his name means muscle bro lol. 
  5. Cowherd 牛郎 , referring to men who provide paid sexual services .3.

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