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LPLBS Chapter 99


“Stop acting like a dog, it’s disgusting!”

Shaking Theodore’s hand, I shot back fiercely. And yet he still looked at me with round eyes.

“Yes, Master.”

“Are you crazy? Why am I your Master?”

“It’s just that the Master…….”

“Stop using honorifics, too.”

“Yes, Yves.”

Theodore simply stopped posing as a puppy.

“By the way, Yves…….”

He glanced at me and opened his mouth again.

He didn’t deserve to cry because I said a few words about not crying, and he also stopped crying, but…….

“Erwin and Odelia, they’re my children, right?”

Instead, whether he has changed his strategy or not, this crazy man is talking endlessly about crazy things.

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

“That’s right, they are my children.”

“Why do you think they are your children?”

“It’s just.”

Theodore suddenly blushed shyly.

“It’s so embarrassing, Yves. I can’t believe I’m telling you that, even outside on such a bright day.”


“Well, you’ve always been bold. I remember everything now. In the garden behind the Imperial Palace…….”

I couldn’t wait and hear because it was transparent about what he was thinking.

I guess that’s why.

What I said without realizing it.

“Do you think you’re the only man I’ve dragged into the bed?”

For a moment Theodore paused and looked at me.

“Don’t lie.”

“I’m not lying.”

Of course, Theodore was the only man who warmed up the bed with me.

But I lied nonchalantly and snorted inside.

People learn bad things quickly.

Now I can be good at lying without blinking.

Just like Theodore does.

“No way….”

Slowly, the expression faded from Theodore’s face.

As soon as his expression of happiness went away, as if his emotions had gone away, I was about to feel somewhat creepy.

“This is…”

He roared furiously and swirled around.


I didn’t think it was just my provocation.

“Damn it! black magic.”

He chewed on his lower lip with a low curse.

“Where is that filthy thing…….”

Only then did I notice that the Katarina’s scarecrow, who had been here a while ago, had disappeared.

“I guess it’s just lost. I’ll tell the servants to find it.”

“I could feel the dark magic.”


“Where are Erwin and Odelia?”

When Theodore asked with a serious look, I became serious, too.

“Inside the mansion…”

“Let’s go.”

He started running somewhere before I finished talking.

* * *

Theodore ran around looking for Erwin and Odelia.

He could clearly feel a clear black magic energy around.

‘Did they do that to move that fake bastard thing?’

If it were to move for some purpose, it would certainly not be a good purpose.

Theodore was biting his molars, and suddenly a question arose.

‘But can a scarecrow use black magic, too?’

Originally, the power of the magic belonged to those who had the glory of God Brigham.

But it’s not even human, and there’s no way they can use it…….

‘Damn it. I don’t know.’

Theodore’s thoughts kept getting tangled up, perhaps because he was impatient.

Theodore ran for now.

He couldn’t afford to argue about such things one by one.

Just in case, if anything happens to the kids.

Hello, Mr. Azo

Mommy, who’s that Azo?

Erwin and Odelia’s innocent voices echoed in his head.

If there’s any trouble with their lovely voices.

“No way.”

Theodore will not forgive himself for coming all the way here with the fake.

At last he stopped in front of the bushes in pursuit of traces of black magic.

“Whoa, wuwuooh….”

The sound of a sobbing child came from beyond the bushes, taking a rough breath from time to time. It was the voice of Odelia.

Theodore was suddenly frightened and went inside through the bushes roughly.

“Huh? Mr. Azo?”

Then Odelia opened her eyes wide and looked back at Theodore.

“Are you all right…”

Theodore, who was about to ask if she was okay, noticed that Odelia was perfectly fine.

It wasn’t just Odelia. Erwin was also standing beside Odelia in good condition.


Katarina’s scarecrow was lying helplessly like a puppet in front of the children.

“This is, how…….”

“He scolded Lia.”

Odelia explained to Theodore, who muttered foolishly.

“He scolded you?”

Woong, I felt angry because of it. Er thinks he smelled like rats. So Lia and Er scolded him too.”

Odelia, who said so, looked very proud and happy.

“Lia, are you friends with Azo?”

As Odelia naturally talked to Theodore, Erwin looked at him with wary eyes.

Theodore suddenly grabbed his heart.


What a sight of small children who look like Yves looking up at him side by side.

‘My heart is going to burst.’

Theodore looked down at the children.

He felt a familiar, loving energy from Erwin.

‘It’s similar to Yves’s energy.’

He could see a flickering green sword at the tip of Erwin’s fingertips.


This time Theodore’s eyes turned to Odelia.

‘This is… …unless I feel it wrong.….’

Theodore became serious and sat down with his knees bent.

At eye level with Odelia, he grabbed Odelia’s finger and looked at her fingertips.

There was a black magic pattern there.

“How did you have this?”


“This pattern…”

It was very sloppy to call it a pattern.

The swirling circle and crooked star shapes seemed to have been seen by him at first in a scribble when the child was drawing on the dirt floor.

“Pattern? What’s pattern?”

Odelia tilted her head with a puzzled look.

She didn’t seem to know anything about black magic or magical patterns.

‘Does it mean that she drew it unconsciously?’

Theodore felt strange.

“There’s nothing here.”

“Azo, don’t hold Lia’s hand as you please!”

Erwin was angry standing beside him, so he let go of Odelia’s hand for now.

Then he turned around and asked.

“But why were you crying?”

“Ah, that…”

Odelia, who was immediately depressed, let out a whimper, drooping her shoulders.

“Lia’s hair….”

“Hair, what happened?”

“Lia’s hair turned black…….”


Odelia’s hair was dyed black.

Theodore, who focused only on the safety of the children, belatedly noticed it.

“Mommy will think Lia is a bad child and a troublemaker.”

“No, Lia. Don’t cry.”

Erwin said next to him, soothing Odelia, who was sniffling.

“Lia’s hair looks like a chestnut.”

“Yes, Erwin is right.”

Theodore, who was watching it quietly, soon responded.

“Your hair is as pretty as the night sky, so you don’t have to be upset.”


Odelia, who was in tears, screamed out.

“My Mom hates Lia’s black hair!”

“Yves doesn’t like it?”

“Lia, don’t cry. Don’t cry.”

Erwin, restless, wiped Odelia’s eyes with his sleeve.

Theodore watched the scene blankly.

“Why doesn’t she like it?”

No way, because his hair is black?

She used to say that his black hair is pretty like the night sky.

Does she hate him so much?

She doesn’t want to see him anymore?

To the point the child was worrying about it and cried?

All kinds of thoughts swirled in his head.

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