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LPLBS Chapter 98


Then he immediately raised his head hearing her reprimanding him again.

“Chernicia taught me to throw away trash. Is Albrecht any different?”


Answer, he has to answer.

He has to say something.

He needs to get a hold of her.

“So don’t bother me and go back.”


His dry lips were like sand paper, he had wetted his lips several times but his voice still didn’t come out.

Numerous excuses that were hovering at the tip of his mouth failed to make a sound and were swallowed up again in his throat.

No matter what he says, it will be just a cowardly and ugly excuse for her.

The many excuses that failed to make a sound became breathless and scratched his throat roughly.

Theodore couldn’t bear to cry and gasped.

At that time his eyes were painfully red.

It looked like a very ugly and pitiful animal.

However, Yves coldly stared at him and turned away slowly.

‘No, I have to hold her.’

Because he thought it would be the last time he would see her.


At that moment, a barely raised sound caught her.

“I was taught that once you’ve earned something, you would never throw it away.”

Theodore spoke what came out from his mouth without even knowing what he was talking about.

“Yves. If your Theo can be loved by you, he can turn his stomach upside down and be a good doggie who acts cute.”

But it was also his real intention.

Theodore knew better than anyone that he was a bad person.

He knew that he would never be a good person like her because he already had so much blood on his hands since he was very young.

To win her heart…… He has to be nice.

He’ll be the nicest dog in the world.

“So, don’t abandon me.”

He was about to cry when he thought she was abandoning him.

But Theodore did not cry.

Why are you crying? Because I didn’t listen to you? Do you think you deserve to cry?

If he cries… she will hate it.

It was as if the moment he cries, she’ll leave me behind.

“I’m sorry. But bad dogs bite their owners.”

But despite his efforts not to cry somehow, she was just adamant despite the desire wanting to be nice.

She didn’t want him.

All she wants is for him to disappear from here.

The moment he realized it, his mind turned white.

What should I do?

What should I do?

How can I hold Yves?

What can I do to win Yves’s heart even a little bit…….


Grabbing her hand was an act that his body did before his head concluded.

“……then I’ll be nice.”

He had to show Eve.

He can be nice.

He can be the nicest, most gentle, and most beautiful dog in the world.

“If you’re worried that I’ll bite you again because I’m a bad dog, I’ll be a good dog that won’t bite, okay?”

I’m a dog.

I’m a dog.

I’m the prettiest, nicest, gentle, and cutest dog in the world, Yves.

A dog should act cute in front of its owner.

He has to struggle as hard as he can to be loved.

If he doesn’t want to be abandoned, he couldn’t cry and be whinny, but do something pretty in a pretty way.

Theodore rubbed his cheek on the back of Yvez’s hand, brainwashing himself like that.


Yves saw him whining like a puppy as if he really were a madman. But if he really were a true dog, he would have been fascinated by his Master’s gaze.

Theodore smiled, his cheeks becoming slightly red.

“Yves, my master. Please don’t throw your Theo away, okay?”

It seems that there was no such thing such as honor as being the Emperor from the beginning in Theodore’s dictionary.

‘Yeah, because I’m Eve’s dog.’

* * *

Meanwhile, Erwin and Odelia were fully interested in the Katarina’s scarecrow brought by Theodore.

They secretly chased after their mother, who ran out with a fierce look at the news brought by the servant.

When they came outside, their mother was standing in front of a handsome man, and a boy they had never seen before.

“Who’s that?”

Odelia frowned as she looked at a boy who looked like Theodore.

“I can smell a bad thing and I don’t like it .”

Erwin then muttered in an unpleasant voice, frowning after Odelia.


Odelia sniffed, but could not smell anything.

“It doesn’t smell like something bad.”

“It smells dirty. The smell of trash.”

Erwin shook his hand and made a ‘eww’ look.

Odelia stared at Katarina’s Scarecrow still.

“……He looks just like friendly Azo.”

The first time she saw the boy, she thought he looked very much like Theodore even from a distance.

And like Theodore, he was showing his black hair without hiding it.

“Lia should be hidden…….”

Odelia fiddled with her hair for no reason and turned her head again.

She stared at Theodore, who was talking to his mother, and glared at the small boy who looked like Theodore standing still next to him.

Because I’m your family.

Why is Mr. Azo my family?

She kept thinking of Theodore’s voice, which sounded fatherly to her.

There was a sense of treachery.

“Mr. Trash Azo, is a big liar. Mommy is right.”

A sulky voice left Odelia’s mouth as she pouted her lips.

Erwin and Odelia hid for different reasons and stared at Katarina’s scarecrow.

While Theodore and Yvone were talking, the Scarecrow stared blankly into the air and started moving.

The Scarecrow looked around and wandered through the bushes.

It was created for only one purpose.

It was when the Scarecrow’s steps moving for that purpose gradually accelerated.

Suddenly there was a faint shadow in front of him.

The Scarecrow slowly raised his head.

“Hi, Jisaekku (rat).”

“This kid called us Jisaekku (rat)!”

Erwin and Odelia looked down at the Scarecrow with their eyes sinking grimly.

The Scarecrow was surprised by the energy, and stepped back without realizing it.

“Ah, daddy…….”

Considering the purpose of its birth, he was in a position from where he shouldn’t step back, but he was scared.

Anyone would.

Erwin and Odelia’s eyes looking down at the Scarecrow were fierce and hideous. Which was surprising for three-year-old kids.

And the spooky energy of the two children bears a slight resemblance to the energy Theodore exudes when he is displeased.

“I’m upset because he called us Jisaekku.”

“Lia is feeling bad, too.”

“Jisaekku smells like trash. Er is angry.”

“So we have to scold him.”

The Scarecrow shrank from the words exchanged between the two children.

At this time, a creepy voice rang inside the Scarecrow.

[Find a sacrifice… To wake me up…….]

For a moment, the Scarecrow’s eyes shone red.

The shrinking scarecrow suddenly jumped at the children.

T/N: Some readers are saying Yves is being too much. But is she really? They are saying Yves is being too cruel and hard on Theodore. But is she really? Put yourself in her shoes and think about it. Would you love someone so much to the point that you are willing to lose your self-respect, dignity and hope?

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2 thoughts on “LPLBS Chapter 98”

  1. Yves isn’t being too much. This conversation has been coming since they first met as kids – Theo was sweet and kind to her while with a dead man hung from a tree above her head where she couldn’t see. Yvonne was always the only one he was nice to. Theo was a raving psychotic lunatic with everyone else. Remember when the knights told “Yves” she was the only one who could stand his bloody personality? She’s right to call him out because she deserves better than the way she’s been treated. They ALL deserve better.

  2. Krimshaw is ABSOLUTELY right! Yvonne knows that Theo lies as easily as breathing – him losing his memory opened her eyes to how much of a selfish, unfeeling b@stard he genuinely is, and that’s the sort of thing that will scar you for life.

    Not to mention how that is going to make her reevaluate their entire relationship from the beginning – did he ever tell her the truth, or was he always just toying with her to see how long he could fool her? Did he actually know where she was the whole time, and just came to rescue her when he had run out of other toys to break? And now that this has happened, how can Yvonne ever trust Theo again – if it happened once, it can happen again, and he’ll just come to her with another sob story about how it wasn’t his fault, you have to believe me baby!

    I also think that there’s a big deal here that people always seem to forget – YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FORGIVE YOUR ABUSER. EVER. End of sentence, end of story – if you do not WANT to forgive them, do not feel capable, and especially if it would negatively impact your mental health, you do NOT have to forgive anyone for anything. Asking for forgiveness never guarantees forgiveness, and there are some things that should not be forgiven but atoned for. Real forgiveness only comes at the price of changed behavior, and Theo hasn’t changed his behavior at this point. Just because someone apologizes doesn’t mean it never happened or the damage hasn’t been done, and some things can never be forgiven. I’m proud of Yvonne for not being a pushover and immediately forgiving Theo. He hasn’t earned it yet, if he ever does. This is going to be a hard task for him.

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