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LPLBS Chapter 95


“Katarina was talking nonsense. Look at this. It doesn’t look like me at all. Unlike our children.”

I glared at him at the last sentence, then slowly moved my gaze to look at Katarina’s child standing next to Theodore.

The child who made eye contact with me tilted his head, and soon smiled.

It was a gruesome look-alike smile with Theodore standing side by side, but…….

‘He does look a little bit different.’

On closer inspection, he looks nothing like Theodore.

When the golden eyes bent, the arc was different in size.

The color of the eyes reflected by the sun when smiling was different.

Also, the angle of the corner of the mouth that rises obliquely was different.

At first glance, Katarina’s child resembled Theodore to the point where it was difficult to find any differences, but in my eyes, who once knew Theodore better than anyone else, I could see the differences.

And I was more annoyed that I recognized it right away.


I nodded calmly.

“So, what?”

Then I threw away the honorifics and stared at him with fierce eyes.

“Of course he looks different because he’s not the same person. That is not something to be proven.”

Erwin and Odelia, the children birthed by me, were also quite different from me if someone looks closely.

It’s not surprising that they are different because they are not the same person.

I was angry with Theodore, who broke my peace by calling this reason an excuse.

Theodore, who noticed my signs, answered quickly.

“This is not a real child. It’s fake.”


I looked at him for a moment because I didn’t know what I should say to him.

Then he added reluctantly, as if it was a story he didn’t want to bring up.

“……as you did when you left me.”

I burst into a small exclamation, recalling the scarecrow that Benjamin had made for me.

“Oh, the Scarecrow.”


Theodore followed me on the word he heard for the first time.


I closed my mouth and glared at Theodore and the little child who was modeled after him.

If this child was really a scarecrow, it must be her(Katarina) who made it.

‘If it’s Katarina, she could have made such a thing.’

When I thought so, I felt guilty for no reason.


Katarina’s child, no, the scarecrow made by Katarina, shouted at me.

“Daddy! Daddy!”

The word ‘Daddy’ seemed to be the only thing it could say.

My head hurt for nothing, and I saw Theodore letting our sigh.

“Yeah, even if it’s a fake, what’s the difference?”

“Very much…”

“Go away.”

I cut him off coldly.

Then I felt Theodore’s golden eyes tremble.

“Yves, what I want to tell you is…….”

“Are you deaf or something? I told you, I don’t want to talk to you.”

Theodore had a wounded face at my words.

I looked at the face with a bored look.

Whether the child or scarecrow was really his child, or the fake one made by Katarina.

‘So what if it’s fake?’

Nothing changed.

He has forgotten his love for me, despised my love, and declared in front of me confidently that he loved another woman.

Now that he regained his memory and showed a different personality than before, the past did not change.

So I hated Theodore even more.

If only he’d remembered me a little earlier.

If he had, I would have been a little less lonely for the past four years, but I had to leave him, and live a life of loneliness.

I gave Theodore a cold stare.

“Last warning, Theodore. If you come back to me one more time…….”


Suddenly, he raised his voice.

“I told you it was fake! Why aren’t you listening to me?”

His grunting and angry face made me frown.

“What are you angry about all of a sudden?”

If he thought that the kid she(Katarina) brought in was a fake, did he even think it would solve everything?

Isn’t he the one who gave her(Katarina) the courage to show up by making it in the first place?

“I don’t want to see you, so get out of here right now. I’ll be friends with cockroaches rather than talking to you.”

Cockroaches were one of the things I hated the most in the world.[T/N: Which girl doesn’t 😏😂]

Theodore’s handsome face began to twist again.

He looked as if he would find all the cockroaches I would make friends with and exterminate them.

I had seen it by staying by his side, who had lost his memory, how cold, cruel, and vicious he could be if necessary.

That scared me a little bit.

‘Are you trying to show your true self now?’

It was the time when I put my hand on the sword on my waist in case I needed to restrain him.

Drip. Drop.

Theodore’s head was bent downward, and a group of golden lights spread around it gloomily.


His shoulders began to shake slightly.

‘What are you trying to do……?’

As soon as my eyes landed at the bizarre group of lights that spread around threateningly.


I thought I heard it wrong for a moment.

“I’m angry… No, I’m not angry…….”

But I didn’t hear it wrong.

It was clearly a crying voice that was mixed in his words.


I called his name in confusion.

Then he slowly raised his head.

Drip. Drop.

The tears that flowed down his cheeks seemed to be arranging at the tip of his chin, and falling to the floor.

At the same time, the group of lights, which were moving roughly around him, became shiny gold dust and flowed down like rain.

“You, why, won’t you, listen, to me. I, I tried, so hard. You’d be friends, with cockroaches, rather than….Don’t do it..… You, you..….”

I blinked for a moment in disbelief of what I was seeing.

With his whole face wet, Theodore was crying sadly.

“Are you really crying?”

Oh, my God! I can’t believe Theodore is crying like a child!

“You, I didn’t mean anything, not a thing. Not with cockroaches, don’t be, like this……Hick….”

There was something magical about the word ‘cockroach’ and whenever the word ‘cockroach’ sounded, tears like chicken poo flowed down from his eyes.

“Well, that’s what you are really sad about?”

Suddenly, I stuttered.

It was quite different from when he shed silent tears when he saw me appearing as Chernicia’s Head the other day.

If he was a lunatic at the time when he was smiling brightly and crying, now he is…… He looks like a child who lost his parents.

It looked ugly to see a grown-up crying like a child, but it was not bad to see that even though he looked like a sculpture with a handsome face.

“I, I….”

After crying sadly, he managed to swallow his tears and looked at me.

The moist eyelashes and golden pupils stared at me.

“……I don’t know what to do. Because you’re the only one who’s so cautious. I’m the only one who doesn’t want to be hated and wants to look good to you.”


“But if I do it my way, I think you’ll hate me more…….”

Theodore gasped and told me.

“So I don’t know what to do. All I have to do is come here and wait for you to release your anger…….”

Soon his face was distorted again, and he gripped his left chest painfully.

“Sorry, Yves. It’s all my fault. So, can you listen to me just once?”


“I know I don’t deserve to say this, but I know, but…….”


He burst into tears again when I stared at him without answering.

Strangely, the way he cried reminded me of Erwin and Odelia.

A long time ago, when I left him.

I was thinking.

I think I’ll live well after leaving him. But I don’t think he’ll be able to do that when he gets his memory back.

I knew that my existence could be the biggest ‘confusion’ to him who would regain his memory.

That was one of the reasons I decided to leave him.

I felt sorry for the man I loved before he lost his memory, so I cried a little before leaving him.

I cried in front of him then, but now he’s crying in front of me.

Why did you remember me again?

Then we could have hated each other and lived like enemies.

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