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LPLBS Chapter 78


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08. Yvonne Chernisia

Brian was furious shortly after he heard my story.

“So, Emperor Theodore is the father of the children?”


“And… you spent half a year with the Emperor, but he doesn’t remember you at all? He doesn’t even know the existence of the children?”


In disbelief, Brien repeatedly opened his mouth and then,


[T/N: I’m surprised that the author wrote cursed words said by Brian in musical notes😅]

He poured out harsh swear words that didn’t match his pretty face.

I listened blankly to the cursed words coming out of his mouth, and belatedly slapped him on the arm, warning him that he should try to speak well in front of the children.

Fortunately, Erwin and Odelia were in the room right next door with a thick wall separating us, but bad language might become a habit at any time.

Anyway, after a moment of pouring down anger, Brian looked at me with a serious look.

“If you don’t want to, I won’t force you. Although it’s the matter of Chernicia’s reinstatement, but I’d…… rather, hope for your happiness.”

Brian said so and waited patiently for me to make a decision.

Maybe it’s my only chance to revive Chernicia, and return to Chernicia as a member of this great family.

So I couldn’t decide anything easily.

And after a long time of contemplation.

“Brother Brian. I’ve decided.”

After making up my mind, I called Brian and said,

“Brother will go back to the Empire with the Emperor. And ask the Emperor to proceed with the family’s reinstatement.”

“But, it’s hard for me to be the Head of Chernicia. I told you, I can only from marry Celine, because I don’t have sword magic…….”

Brian replied in a skeptical tone.

He was right.

In the end, if I don’t go, I won’t be able to fundamentally revive the family.

But the image of my Chernicia, which was collapsing in flames, gleamed before my eyes.

For surviving alone like a coward, I had to grow up in the mistreatment of Rudolph and Katarina.

The sadness of the time when the shiny silver hair that had fallen down to my waist was cut off still remained and made me resent them more.

What I lost that day was not my hair, because I know they would grow back over time.

It was my Chernicia, who accepted and raised a poor illegitimate child like me, who was abandoned by her mother and father who gave birth to her, because she was a vile seed they didn’t want.

My Chernicia, the one who embraced me with love, the one who taught me love.

What I lost that day was my Chernicia, who supported me as a child.

Just as they embraced me without turning away, now I will rise again without turning away from Chernicia.

That was my decision.

“I know. So if you go to the Empire first, I’ll follow you.”


“On the day of the appointment ceremony, it will be me, not you, who will go out in front of the Emperor as the New Head of Chernicia. But don’t let anyone know about my existence until then. Even to the Emperor.”

At that, Brian looked at me for a moment.

Then he nodded slowly.

I don’t think I have to explain him why, as if he knows everything.

“Yes, I respect your choice, Yvone.”

I’ll be the Head of Chernicia. And to do so, the meeting between me and Theodore was indispensable.

It was impossible not to come up to the position of leading one of the three major families and encounter him, the Emperor.

Now there was no lingering attachment for him.

Even if I were to reunited with Theodore, I know my heart wouldn’t waver.

‘I don’t want to be caught running away like this.’

I was miserable enough to stay beside him who had already lost his memory. Enough to choose to leave my side after all.

I didn’t want to look shabby in front of him anymore.

There is nothing I can do with useless pride.

No one wants to welcome a reunion with their ex-lover who broke up badly.

I wanted to face him on an equal footing to some extent.

Since Erwin expressed his sword magic anyway, I needed a fence to protect my family’s peace.

And Chernicia is going to be the strongest and toughest shield of all.

Before I met Brian, I had already put a little prank on the boarding list.

Originally, I was going to confuse Theodore so that he wouldn’t know my destination and then leave the continent on another ship departing in the afternoon.

But I changed my mind.

I’m going back to Albrecht, to the place, where once my Chernicia was in its full glory.

* * *

After Theodore’s Imperial Army left Caligor completely.

I returned to Albrecht with the children, leaving a time gap between us.

I spent my time leisurely with the children, staying in a new mansion in Brian’s name.

Albrecht as a whole has been buzzing for some time with stories about the restoration of Chernicia survivors and its New Head.

And finally on the day of the inauguration ceremony of the New Head.

I dressed up on behalf of Brian and got on the horse.

Erwin and Odelia twinkled their eyes as they watched the day in green conquest.

“Wow! Mom looks so pretty today!”

“Er wants to go with Mom!”

“Lia too! Lia too!”

It took some time to coax and leave behind the children who wanted to follow.


Galop. Galop

The white mare, which the Emperor had given to the New Head as a present, picked me up and headed for the Imperial Palace.

On my way, people around the streets sprinkled flowers at me and cheered enthusiastically.

When I arrived in front of the main gate of the palace, the guards opened the door.

Slowly, I passed through the main gate of the palace.

I walked through here holding Theodore’s hand a long time ago, and eventually had to get out of here on my own feet.

I stopped walking in front of the splendid looking Imperial Palace.

It was a moment when I casually looked around, the scene that happened more than four years ago started to hover in front of my vision as I got off the horse.


Suddenly, the sound of laughter that I didn’t want to hear came to mind like an auditory hallucination.

Hahaha, Theo, Don’t do that, people will see.


But Sir Yves…….

When Katarina snuggled up to him and complained a few words, Theodore opened his eyes and fiercely glared and yell at me.

Yves Lleywellyn, where are you looking at? You dare to stare at my fiance and make her uncomfortable?

I’m sorry. Sorry…

While apologizing, I had to keep my eyes down because of my position as a close aide escort of the Emperor.

The shabby afterimage of the past bothered me like that, and then disappeared immediately as soon as I blinked.

‘Oh, damn it.’

I was a little annoyed.

After a long time, I thought I had forgotten everything, but as soon as I stepped on this bloody palace, unpleasant memories flooded in.

I’m sure I had a lot of good memories, but why does my mind is filled with only bad things first? Is it because I’m so sensitive to this place?

I turned around, recovering my throbbing and ragged feelings.

After passing through the long corridor, I entered the corridor where the Emperor’s throne was connected.

Each passing road had memories of the past everywhere.

The shyness of my first love, who had just realized that I loved him,

The excitement of the first relationship where I secretly met eyes with while making love and giggled,

The anxiety that I turned away from, sticking persistently behind him who had forgotten me.

Even the sorrow of staring at him foolishly as he walked with another woman.

Nothing was forgotten and revived, it was still rich in my memory.


I shook off the old afterimage by slowly closing and opening my eyes.

I shook it off, saying it was only my first love, which was ridiculously trivial, that I was confused for a while.

When I arrived at the Emperor’s throne room, I saw Theodore sitting crookedly on the golden throne of the upper seat.

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