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LPLBS Chapter 75


Theodore knew that his personality wasn’t good enough to judge other people’s personality.

But by looking at it, Frederick’s personality seemed to be worse than him.

He hated to admit it, but he, Frederick was successful in luring Yves with that filthy face…….

He made her pregnant, and even put her in a dangerous situation…….

Now he wants to pretend not to know her so that he can be alive?

“You are a piece of trash.”

“Oh, my… Well, I’m telling you the truth. I really don’t know such a woman, I don’t know, hmm…….”

Theodore crossed his arms crookedly with an expression of wanting to hear his explanation.

“Then, why did you show up in this house?”

“Yes, yes?”

“If you really don’t know Yves, why did you show up in this house, and why did you run away with her?”

“He, her name is…… Is Yves?”

Frederick asked, sniffing slightly.

His acting was quite an exciting performance, so Theodore narrowed his eyes.

Frederick sobbed and protested at the glare of the obvious suspicion.

“She, she was, hired in exchange of three billion gold to save me. I saw her first time at the Royal Palace of Caligor. But I didn’t know her name till now.”

“Three billion gold?”

Theodore frowned and asked back.

* * *

On the way back to the capital.

Theodore was feeling much better.

After bullying Frederick and interrogating him, he found out everything about Yves.

First of all, Yves wasn’t that mud-dough’s lover, and the mud-dough Prince had another lover.

He didn’t know why Medusa lied, but there was a misunderstanding anyway.

And Yves showed up in front of him that day…….

Oh, she said she got a request from my father. They’re going to pay her three billion gold to rescue me from the royal family.….

It was because of the request of King of Caligor, who fled.

He let the King escape because he was too lazy to chase him running away like a loach, but he did something more useful than he thought.

‘Was she in so need of money? That she accepted a dangerous request just for three billion gold?’

The Prince was with Yves only for a few short days.

Yves one day suddenly cleared the mansion and prepared to leave after getting three billion golds.

After that, I was sent out of the house, so I don’t know what’s going on.

Then why did you crawl back in here?

Oh, I forgot something….

Frederick remembered what he had left behind, so he visited the lake mansion again and this mess happened.

What did you leave behind?

Oh, I… That…… In your hand…….

On Theodore’s neck, a small acorn necklace, which was left behind by the foolish Prince of Caligor, hung unbecomingly.

Theodore knew that what she had left behind was this acorn necklace and immediately robbed it.

The necklace is said to have been made by her children for the baby of Prince Caligor, who is about to be born.

Yeah, kids.

Not child, but children.

‘There were two children…….’

Theodore felt better that Yves had no contact with the rat, but the next thing that came to mind made Theodore a little depressed.

Frederick said there were two children he met here, a girl and a boy.

Theodore couldn’t bear to ask the Prince how old the boy was.

Anyway, the fact that she has two children…….

“Damn it.”

Even if the girl was his(Theodore) child, Yves had a child with another man*.

[T/N: Theodore thinks the Erwin is older than Odelia and Yves had relationship with another man before him. What a pathetic piece of garbage 😑]

“I don’t care.”

Theodore thought that, chewing out a curse from his mouth.

Yeah, it didn’t matter.

Her child must have resembled her, so there would be one more lovely creature resembling her.

Therefore, such unpleasant emotions, anger and murder toward the father of an unknown child, are all unnecessary.

According to what he had learned from the Prince, she did not have any relationship with any other men after coming to Caligor.

The Prince’s time with Yves was very short, so he might not have figured it out, but it didn’t matter either.

“If I see him, I will just kill him, that’s all.”

Theodore calmed down thinking so.

However, in that close atmosphere, where even a sound touching something could break the silence, the knights who followed him felt like dying.

And when Theodore’s party reached the Royal City of Caligor.

The atmosphere in the castle was terrible.

“What happened while I was gone?”

When he asked with a frown, a knight replied,

“I don’t know how.”

“B, Brián Chernicia…”….”


“He’s gone.”


Theodore’s face became as hideous as the atmosphere in the castle.

“Release all the knights and find Brián Chernicia, right now.”

* * *

I sat by the window and looked down at the city.

The Emperor’s knights were bustling about the streets.

‘They’re looking for Brian.’

The unexpected meeting with Brian made me missed the time to leave Caligor.

Theodore must be back by now, so the port is already sealed off.

My thoughts gradually deepened.

My dear Chernicia, and Theodore, who will break my peace.

Nothing was easy to decide and I just spent time in thought.

On the other hand, unlike me, who was deepening my anxiety alone, the children were chatting excitedly, clinging to Brian.

“So, is Samjon (Uncle) Lia’s Oppa (Brother)?”

Odelia asked, clinging to Brian’s left arm.

“No, Er is Lia’s Oppa (Brother), not Samjon (Uncle)!”

Erwin clung to Brian’s right arm and shouted.

“No! Er is not Lia’s Oppa (Brother)!”

“Why not?”

“Because Lia is bigger than Er. Er is small Brother. Er isn’t Lia’s Oppa* (Brother)!”

[T/N: Oppa means big brother. Lia is saying since she is older than Er, so Er can’t be her big brother. I’m not sure who is older between them, since it was never mentioned.]

“But Er wants to be Oppa (Brother)….”


“Because Er wants to protect Lia!”

Erwin and Odelia had a conversation with Brian in the middle.

Brian, listening to the conversation silently, smiled and stroked Erwin’s head.

“That’s a great idea, Erwin.”


Erwin closed his eyes and laughed at Brian’s praise.

“Lia too, Lia too, please say Lia is cool too!”

Odelia, who saw Brian praising Erwin, stretched out her arms and told Brian to pat her.

“Yeah, Lia is cool, too.”


This time, Odelia smiled with the same expression as Erwin just now.

As I watched them quietly, a calm smile bloomed over my face, which had been seriously hardened.

‘Yes, the most precious things to me are Er and Lia.’

I slowly closed my eyes and then opened them.

Finally, after making a decision, I called Brian.

“Brother Brian.”

Brian, who had been playing with the children the whole time at a low call, turned around.

“I’ve decided.”

Brian managed to leave Erwin and Odelia to Laura, who wouldn’t stay away from me, and came up to me.

I told him what I thought the whole time.

Brian’s green eyes, which resemble me, gradually deepened.


Brian nodded his head and said.

“I respect your choice, Yvone.”

T/N: Sorry for the short chapter. Extra chapter will be released today for fulfilling the Kofi goal, but it will be a little late. I was thinking of releasing extra chapters only when the goal is fulfilled since my schedule is tight. What do you think? Please let me know in the comment.

A reader complained that she/he didn’t like how I Romanised a letter then (translate) it. I would like to clear the misunderstanding. They aren’t actually Roman words but Korean. And they are translated like this because they were like this in the RAWS. The author tried to make the words said by the children to sound cute, so they wrote the slightly mispronunciations of the word and then the original pronunciation beside it in the bracket. Like, Samchon actually means uncle not Samjon. But I kept Samjon and wrote the original translation beside it to make it sound cuter. This is what the previous translator did, so I’m just following her.

Sorry if my explanation doesn’t make any sense. I’m thankful that someone pointed out my mistakes. Please don’t hesitate to do so in the future.

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  1. I usually see translators used your methods to translate babbles, like kid’s pronunciation (real words) so im okay with it

  2. Honey~ you doing great in the translations. I love it 🫶 and I understand just fine. Some people are a bit slower honey, don’t take it to heart. You doing great.

  3. at first, the baby talk was a little confusing, since it is baby talk in korean language. but later, i understood what you were trying to convey. especially when they say “samjon”, since i was only familiar with that word lol. it confirmed my suspicions.

    maybe as an alternative, you can make the baby talk similar to english, like “hewo(hero)”? im okay with the way it is tho, since conjuring up baby words looks difficult.

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