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LPLBS Chapter 72


Theodore remained alone in the lake mansion for a while and followed Yves’s trail on the mansion.

Her traces were evident in the messy mansion as she, the landlord left in a hurry.

For example, the clothes found inside the mansion that she didn’t pack seemed to fit her body well.

Like the hair that was found on the bed and the comb that she supposedly used.

Or a big tree overlooking the lake, where he is up now.

Hey Theodore. Would you like to visit Chernicia next time? I’ll let my sisters know how nice you are!

A long time ago, when she was young, she stayed at the Imperial Palace for about a month.

Just before leaving the Imperial Palace, little Yvone chattered in a lark-like lovely voice, saying she would invite him to the Chernicia mansion.

There’s a big lake in Chernicia.

A lake?

Yes, yes! If you climb up the tree in front of the lake and look down, you can see ducks and fish swimming!

Yvone clapped her hands and said in a rather excited voice.

Yvone, who talked about the Chernicia mansion, seemed happier than ever.

Theodore could tell at once how much she loved Chernicia.

There’s a big golden fish, and it’s pretty, like your eyes. So when I get back, I’ll name the fish Theo.

Am I becoming a fish?

Yvone shook her head at Theodore, who tilted his head.

No, it’s not that…….

Then, she said, folding her eyes beautifully in the shape of a crescent moon.

It’s the biggest and prettiest fish. Just like you.

Theodore lost his words for a moment and stared at her blankly.

He felt like he was possessed for a moment by that pretty face with a big smile.

Soon Theodore, who had come to his senses, smiled softly and hung his pinky on her finger.

All right. Please send me an invitation, Yvonne.

And it ended up being an unfulfilled promise.

“Here too, I can see the lake.”

Theodore moved his little finger, which was much bigger and thicker than those days.

He especially missed the warmth of her small fingers, which were entangled with him. A cold wind blew over his chest at the memory.

There was a large tree in the lake mansion where the witch of Arbela stayed.

When you climb up the tree and look down, you can see ducks and fish swimming by the lake.

Theodore strained his eyes to find the golden fish, but he couldn’t see it.

“Why is there no golden fish?”

Theodore murmured in a brooding voice.

But he didn’t know that Yvonne, who had just settled here many years ago, caught a golden fish with a harpoon and grilled it with Laura as soon as she found it.

“Your Majesty!”

A voice was heard looking for him below.

Lyndon and other members of the Emperor’s escort belatedly followed him and arrived at the lake mansion.

Theodore glanced down at them with indifferent eyes.

“You’re late.”

Then he looked up again.

He looked at the little fruit he had been rolling in his hand for a while.

The small, hard brown fruit was none other than an acorn.

This acorn shouldn’t be found in this season.

However, he saw it just a few days ago.

It was something he picked up in this mansion a while ago.

The acorn fruit was threaded through a small hole.

It was like a necklace that a kid would make.

Look. It’s a Dotori (Acorn)!

The moment he remembered the little girl who was talking to him with an acorn, he felt more confident in his mind.

‘There was Yves here.’

Theodore whispered in his head.

And the child.

Who would have been with Yves?

Did you know was pregnant before she died?

For a moment Theodore’s handsome face was distorted.

Ernst was a weak coward, but he didn’t have a habit of lying around.

Knowing that, Theodore couldn’t turn a blind eye to the words spoken by him.

Sometimes when he thought of it, it stung like a thorn in his throat.

Really, did Yves have a child?

And… did she give birth and raise her children here?

Maybe the little girl he saw, she…….

‘So, why does she keep appearing in front of me? Because she’s Yves’s child?’

It was a reasonable inference.

By the way, if it’s really like it…….

‘Who’s the father of the child?’

The question that was forced to follow bothered him even more.

If Ernst’s words are true, it was winter four years ago that Yves was pregnant.

And the child who would have been born after ten months staying in her stomach, would be about three years old by now.

Theodore recalled Odelia, who looked just like Yves.

‘She speaks pretty well.’

Theodore was usually not interested in children.

A few encounters made it difficult to estimate the age of the little girl who resembled Yves.

‘She looks like about three years old.’

Therefore, it was an incantation that could not be answered even if he agonised alone.

If Ernst’s words are true…….

‘Is she my child?’

Thinking that it might be his and Yves’ child, his heart was overwhelmed for a moment, but immediately stretched like a deflated ball, when he recalled the child’s words.

Lia’s dad is Derek!

The child said so in a particularly clear tone.

When the innocent voice came to mind, Theodore felt a sudden sense of destructive nature.

Also, at the same time, he dared to ask himself if he had the right to be gloomy.

To be honest, whether her child was his child or another man’s, Theodore was in a position to be pleased with none.

Miss Katarina had my child. She should be treated as a royalty and specially escorted by you.

The expression that turned white at the words remained a deep regret in him which will never be forgotten for the rest of his life.

He didn’t want to hurt her.

There was a situation of its own, and it was done for a reason.

However, there was little room for rebuttal of what he said and did, knowing she would be hurt.

Furthermore, Ernst said she was diagnosed by a doctor the day, when he informed Yves of the false pregnancy of Katarina.

So she was told the cruel lie by him, shortly after she found out that she was pregnant.

When Theodore thought of it, he had the urge to tear himself to death several times a day.

What did Yves think, standing next to a man who doesn’t remember her?

How did Yves feel, when she saw him whispering love to another woman?

Several times, he ran out during the night and vomited because he was disgusted by the things he did while he lost his memory.

At the end, Theodore wailed loudly, hurting himself.

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