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LPLBS Chapter 67


Curly silver hair and green eyes

‘Why does all Chernicia look like that…….’

The man looks like Yves.

“You are late.”

Theodore responded briefly, showing signs of displeasure.

Although it was a long way from the Albrecht Empire to the western continent, it would not have taken this long with the wizards.

“Sorry, Your Majesty. While the time was delayed due to the malfunction of the magicians, there was an attack.”


“Yes, fortunately, Leobrante’s Head, who was there with us, helped me…….”

Theodore’s face stiffened.

“How dare you, who…”

Theodore wasn’t the only one with a stiff expression.

Lyndon was also furious with a grave look.

“What do you mean by attacking someone who is moving under the order of His Majesty*! You can’t let it go, Your Majesty!”

[T/N: I changed this sentence a bit. The RAWS had ‘moving under the yellow light’. I suppose it means moving under the watchful eyes of Theodore (Theodore’s eyes are yellow by the way) so I changed it to the current sentence.]

It would have been better if it was the work of a simple bandit.

However, which fearless bandit dared to attack those who were moving under the yellow light?

And the magicians malfunctioned.

The wizards at the palace weren’t stupid enough to make such a ridiculous mistake.


‘There’s a group trying to stop Chernicia from coming here as if winning a lottery.’

Theodore commanded Lyndon, with the slightest possibility in mind.

“Deliver my order to Armin. Prepare someone to investigate the matter thoroughly and quietly.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Lyndon nodded and headed out.

Theodore, who was looking at the back of Lyndon, looked back at Brian again.

“You probably know why I called you here.”

“I heard you’re going to discuss Chernicia’s reinstatement.”

“Yes, do you remember? Decades ago, when Chernicia fell.”

Theodore recalled a long time ago, when Chernicia fell due to treason.

His father, who was the Emperor, was always sick in bed because he was not feeling well, and Ernst’s biological mother, Empress Margarate, stood by him.

At that time, Chernicia’s Head, who came to visit the Emperor, suddenly made a revolt in the imperial palace.

Gunter thrust the sword given by the Emperor into the Emperor’s abdomen. in the presence of countless people.

There were many witnesses, and Gunter was caught red-handed and summarily sentenced.

And on the same day, Chernicia was also removed from the history books.

It was none other than Empress Margarate who commanded it on behalf of the Emperor, who was stabbed to death.

Empress Margarate brought Chernicia down with little mercy.

One of the three major families that had supported Albrecht in the history of the Empire for a long time had revolted against the Emperor, but no one could refute it.

As such, Gunter’s crime was clear.

“There was a long way to go to erase the disgrace, but the situation has changed since four years ago.”

Four years ago, however, after the flood of demons, one by one people started missing the three ancient heroes.

It was a natural result that Chernicia’s name emerged together.

“Now is the best time to discuss Chernicia’s reinstatement in terms of timing.”

Theodore said with an oblique smile on his lips.

Brian, who was listening to him silently, carefully opened his mouth.

“But, Your Majesty, I…… couldn’t express my talent with the sword.”

Of course, Chernicia used to be a hero who saved the continent from the demons, but what people now want is…….

‘What people need is not just Chernicia’s name, but a hero to defeat the devil.’

Therefore, Brian Chernicia, who failed to express his talent in swordsmanship, could not be the Chernicia that people want.

But Theodore said with a smile, as if it were no problem at all.

“It’s okay. Yves, no, I have Yvonne.”


“She’s alive, man. I saw her.”


Brien’s eyes grew round.

Theodore said, looking softly at his green eyes, which were trembling slightly.

“So I called you here. Because I need you to find her.”

* * *

Laura handed me a letter that came to the mansion.

The sender had the name of Lord Arbela on it.

Thank you for your letter.

I think we should meet and talk about the details.

We have a promised Marmul Conquest day a little later, so let’s meet at the Lord’s castle that day.

I read the article, calculating in my mind the date of my visit to the Lord’s castle.

Then, I paused after discovering the hopeless content that followed.

It is said that the Albrecht Imperial Army postponed leaving the western continent.

Please take good care of yourself

My eyes shook for a moment.

‘Theodor is not leaving?’

I know Theodore well.

I may not know him better than anyone, but I know better than most people.

On that day, the golden eyes that stopped and grew large when they saw me in the corridor of the Royal Castle of Caligor.

I’m sure he has recognized me.

A face like Yves Lleywellyn, hidden under the robe, who ran away leaving a profuse challenge.

‘He’ll try to investigate my identity once he’s suspicious.’

I chewed the tender flesh in my mouth and stiffened my expression.

Frederick, who was looking forward to hearing the news from the Lord, asked in an anxious voice.

“Why, why do you look like that? Is there something bad going on?”

“The Emperor’s leave is on hold.”


Frederick sprang to his feet in surprise.

Then he whined restlessly like a puppy in need of poo.

“Why, why? Why isn’t the mad Emperor leaving?”


I stared at the letter and thought.

Theodor’s sudden delay in leaving may be one of two reasons.

Either, he is determined to catch the runaway Prince again.

Or he has recognized me, so he wants to catch me, and kill me.

Either of them was unwelcoming news for me.

My brows frowned at the thought that he would somehow break my peace.

Given Theodore’s character of not missing a bite, he will never give up.

‘Then I’ll make you give up.’

It was peace under the guise of death.

I couldn’t let him ruin my peace.

“It’s not right. The mad Emperor must not be leaving to catch us.”

Frederick sat down on the floor and lamented hopelessly.

“Oh, what are we going to do now?”

“It’s chaotic, so please be quiet.”

“How can you say that? We all are in a situation that we’re gonna die”

“If you keep making noise, I’ll risk your neck and make a deal with the Emperor.”


Finally, Frederick closed his mouth when I pushed him fiercely.

It was a time when I was thinking about protecting my peace from Theodore.

“Oh my gosh!”


Erwin and Odelia, who were playing in the garden, came running inside.

The serious expression on my face disappeared in an instant.

I smiled softly and spread my arms at the children rushing to me.

“Er, Lia. Your clothes are messed up.”

Seeing that the soil and grass are smeared on their clothes here and there, it seems they have rolled around the garden excitedly.

It was so cute that I asked with a calm smile.

“What were you doing in the garden?”

“Lia flew like a bird.”


I smiled and stroked Odelia’s head.

“I picked up a lot of Dotori (Acorn).”


Odelia showed me seven acorns, as I tilted my head.

“Oh, it’s really acorns.”

It’s still spring. Why are acorns found here?

I picked up a small acorn, concealing my curiosity.

“I want to make a necklace!”

“That’s a good idea. Laura, can you get me things to make an acorn necklace?”

I felt better when I thought of the two children wearing acorn necklaces side by side.

I made acorn necklaces with my children, counting the days left until the next annihilation.

“Igo (this) is Lia’s, Igo(this) is Er’s, Igo(this) is Laura’s, and Igo(this) is Mom’s…….”

Erwin and Odelia chattered excitedly while making the necklace.

I could feel Frederick’s gaze at the children.

When I glanced at him, he shook his hands as an excuse.

“I, I didn’t look at them with bad intentions. It’s just that the kids are cute…….”

He added, blushing, even though I didn’t bother to ask.

“I’m going to be a father soon, too.”

At that time, a shy smile appeared on his face.

Prince’s unofficial lover, Miss Louisele, is pregnant…….

I nodded, thinking about what Medusa said.

“I heard it from Medusa. Your lover is pregnant.”

“Originally, we would have announced her pregnancy and had a wedding by now.”

Frederick’s face immediately sank gloomily.

“I haven’t even given a gift to my baby. It should have been done by now…….”

Frederick sighed heavily.

Erwin and Odilia, who were making acorn necklaces with brackish hands across his, tilted their heads and looked at him.

“Mr. Azo, is Mr. Milcaru(Flour) Azo sad?”

“Mr. Milcaru(Flour), do you want a Dotori (Acorn)?”

“Oh, thank you.”

Frederick hurriedly recovered his expression and received an acorn necklace handed to him by the children.

Then, suddenly, he asked curiously.

“But why do you call me Mr. Milcaru (Flour)?”

“Mr. Milcaru (Flour)…… Ugh? Because Mom said ‘flour dough’ is a bad word?”

With a big smile, Erwin closed his mouth after the explanation.

Erwin’s pronunciation calling him wasn’t completely right but it still was able to convey its meaning, at least to me.


“Oh, haha….”

Frederick looked puzzled, but I smiled awkwardly and settled the situation.

“Er, Lia. Will you follow your mother for a moment?”

While everyone was tilting their heads, I dragged Erwin and Odelia into the small room.

A little later.

Erwin and Odelia promised with tearful eyes that they would never use the word “flour” again after seeing people.

T/N: Hi everyone! It’s the translator here! I’m very very sorry for not updating one extra chapter. I’m a student and have several part time jobs. I translate in between my break times or when I return home at night, so I wasn’t able to translate more than one. But I promise I will update it today, just a bit late. Hope y’all be patient!

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