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LPLBS Chapter 59

The carriage was going back to the lake house.

Lia’s hair became as short as a baby’s finger.

This is because the tip of the hair that has blackened was cut off.

But back in her clean silver hair, Lia seemed to feel better.

“Er, I’m a squirrel.”

Lia talked to Er by pulling his sleeve slightly.

Then Er looked back at Lia with a serious look and shook his head.

“It’s not a squirrel, it’s Yonza(Hero) Jelriko.”

“Woong, it’s Yonza (Hero) squirrel!”

“It’s not a squirrel, it’s Yonza (Hero) Jelriko!”

“It’s! Yonza (Hero)! Squirrel!”

Lia looked at Er with an expression that she didn’t know what was the difference between the two, and Er sighed and touched her head.

“Oh, Lia keeps saying Yonza (Hero) squirrel.”

“Because it’s a squirrel!”

Eventually, Lia burst into a fit of anger.

“It’s not a squirrel, it’s Yonza (Hero)*!”

[T/N: Children’s talks are so hard! I am not even sure if I did it right.]

Er also spoke out together without losing.

Laura burst into laughter at the sight.

“The Young Master and the Lady are very brave. You might have been surprised by what happened yesterday.”

“I know. That’s a relief.”

It was much better for the children to be a little noisy than to be scared and afraid.

Er, who had been talking with Lia for a long time, rose from his seat and came next to me.

“Mom, Er wants to beat up the monster, too.”

Then he buried his head in my lap and said in a lively tone.

“When Er grows up, Er will beat up monsters and protect Lia and Mom. I’m going to protect Laura, too. Er is now three years old.”

“Oh, does Er want to protect Lia and Mom?”

Er’s idea was cute, so I patted the child’s silver hair and smiled.

Then Er jumped up and clenched his fists.

“Yes! Er will protect you! I’m going to learn from how to fight monsters from Mom!”


I looked at Er’s face and agonized for a moment.

Originally, the children of Chernisia held and swung the sword naturally as if breathing from birth. Even the presence or absence of a sword couldn’t hinder their natural talent.

Although the name Chernisia has been buried in the history from a long time, I wanted to teach my children the same thing I learned from Chernisia.

‘But I won’t force them.’

I nodded towards Er while thinking so.

“Yes, Er. When we return to the mansion, you can start learning from Mom.”

“Yes! Can I learn how to beat monsters too?”

When Lia heard our conversation, she clapped her hands and was excited.

“Lia also want to learn how to beat monsters!”

“Lia, do you want to learn swords with Er?”

“No, Lia wants to learn how to fly and shoot fire with my mouth!”


For a moment I became dumbfounded and forgot what to say.

Laura’s laughter grew beside me.

“But Lia, aren’t you a squirrel?”

“It’s a squirrel that flies in the sky! Lia is a special squirrel!”

But I don’t think it’s a squirrel anymore.….

“Wow! Lia is so amazing!”

Er was more excited than when he was talking about learning the sword.

“When Er learns how to fight monsters, Er will beat monsters with sword and Lia will shoot fire at them and make them grilled chicken.”

“Woong! Lia will shoot fire, so we can beat a lot of monsters!”

Er looked at Lia, who shouted bravely, and asked me with her eyes shining brightly.

“Mom, will you teach Lia, too? How can I fly and shoot fire!”

“……Yes, Lia.”

I couldn’t bear to break the children’s innocence, so I replied with a grin.

“First, I’ll find a teacher who can do it.”

“Can’t Mom teach us?””

“Um… Mom can’t shoot fire…”….”



Er and Lia opened their eyes like a rabbit in surprise.

“I can’t even fly in the sky.”



As I spoke truthfully, the children’s mouths opened this time.

“Mom doesn’t know how fly, mom can’t also shoot fire..….”

Erwin’s voice, that spoke in shock, hovered in the carriage.


The Emperor, who was incessantly waging war left and right, suddenly stopped.

It was the first time in nearly four years that this happened. The Emperor locked himself in a building without traveling through the battlefield.

Theodore, who conquered Caligor, a small kingdom on the western continent, stayed in a library where ancient books from the kingdom were gathered and did not come out from morning to night.

In front of him, who seemed to be studying something, was a black mirror that he had recently stolen from the Prince of Caligor.


Theodore closed the last book he was reading.

When he raised his head while rubbing his stiff eyes, he saw a dark night sky outside the window.

Looking at the night sky, Theodore recalled two voices.

It’s a pretty hair color like the night sky.

Mr. Azo’s hair is as pretty as the night sky!

What a strange thing.

Only two of the people he has met so far said that about his hair.

Theodore was lost in thought, while fiddling with his hair.

‘Who the hell was that girl?’

He met a little girl who looked like Yves in a space that seemed to transcend time and space.

The sudden meeting with the child ended similarly abruptly.

He looked in the mirror several times since then, but nothing happened.

The little girl who looked like Yves didn’t appear again.


Theodor, frowned, stood with the black mirror and came out.

Lyndon, who was standing in the hallway, followed Theodore.

Theodore was headed to the room where Frederick, Prince of Caligor, was confined.

The prince of Caligor, who looked like he had rolled on the mud, was a hostage held in case the King of Caligor, who had fled the royal palace in advance, returned with his soldiers.

“Oh my god!”

Frederick, who was trapped in the room shrank in surprise at the appearance of Theodore.

Theodore trudged toward Frederick while dragging a chair with him.

Then he sat down and stared hard into Frederick’s face.



There was a spooky silence between the two.

Theodore just stared at Frederick silently, and Frederick rolled his eyes away from Theodore’s gaze.


Slowly, Theodore’s lips opened.

“Do you have any ideas about this?”

Theodore asked, shaking the mirror he was holding.

It seemed like a threat to kill him with the mirror if he didn’t answer, so Frederick closed his eyes tightly,


“Sorry, I’m sorry, Your Majesty. But, I really don’t know anything.”

Finally, Frederick sobbed back.

He was intimidated by Theodore, who came at the same time every day and asked the same thing.

“……what a useless fellow.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…….”

Theodore’s eyes narrowed as he stared at Frederick.

‘Come to think of it, was that guy’s name Frederick?’

It was an unpleasant name for some reason.

The more he looked at the Prince, the worse he felt, so Theodore turned his head away.


“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“I will return to Albrecht in three days. Prepare to return to the palace.”

“Your Majesty!”

Lyndon looked at him with delight.

“Well thought! Should I let people know right now?”


Theodore nodded his head with an expressionless face instead of answering.

He had just read the last literature related to ancient relics, and had just searched Caligor’s library for the 20th time.

There will be nothing more to find out here now.

It would be better to return to the empire and resume researching. There’ll be ancient records that haven’t been checked yet.

And when he gets back to the palace, he may find a way somehow.

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