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LPLBS Chapter 58



“Where is your family, Mr. Azo?”


“Lis is waiting for Er and mother…. Are you talking again, Mr. Azo?”

Seeing Odelia tilting her head curiously,Theodore’s heart pounded for no reason.


Theodore was about to say something in a throaty voice.

“Huh? Mr Azo, Lia’s body is weird.”

Odelia’s body was becoming transparent.

She blinked her eyes and looked down at her hands, which were fading away.


Startled, Theodore stretched out his arms to grab the child.

But his hands penetrated the child’s body.

Eventually, Odelia disappeared, and at the same time, Theodore’s body was also thrown out of the mirror.


Theodore took a deep breath and looked around him.

The place he was in was the palace of the kingdom of Caligor, which he occupied this morning, and the place he was sitting on was the throne of King Caligor.

‘What just happened….?’

Theodore frowned at the strange phenomenon he had just experienced.

‘Did I dream because I miss Yves so much?’

It was time for him to ponder.

“Your Majesty! Are you alright?”

Lyndon, who had just opened the door, found him and approached him with a fuss.

“What happened?”

“Suddenly you disappeared for a moment. Where have you been?”


“It’s a big deal. It seems that the people of Caligor truly regard Your Majesty as a manifestation of ancient darkness.”

Lyndon talked about what had happened during his absence, but Theodore heeded no mind.

He couldn’t comprehend what he had just gone through, because his head ached.

Then Theodore found the mirror lying on the floor.

When he bent down to pick it up, only his face was reflected on the black glass plate. Like an ordinary mirror.


Theodore, who had been staring at the mirror for a while, called out to Lyndon in a low voice.

“Investigate the Jelriko.”




Looking at Lyndon, who was bewildered, Theodore asked with a grim face.

“You don’t know the squirrel warrior Jelriko?”



Erwin jumped out of my arms and started rummaging through the room. While Erwin was looking inside the blanket and under the bed, the closet door snapped open.

And between them, Odelia stuck her head out.

“Huh? I came back.”


Erwin ran towards the closet and hugged Odelia tightly.

“Why are you hiding here?”


Odelia found me and ran to me with a wide smile.

“Lia, were you playing hide and seek?”

“Hide and seek? What’s that?”

Odelia tilted her head at the difficult word.

Then, Erwin, who suddenly approached her side, explained in a confident voice.

“I know hide and seek. It’s hiding.”

“How does Er know?”

“I saw it in a children’s book.”


Odelia nodded her head in admiration towards Erwin.

She then said as she waved her arms towards me.

“Mother, Lia met a very handsome uncle.”

“Handsome uncle?”

“Yes, handsome Mr Azo.”

Odelia said, pointing to the closet she just came out of.

The closet was small enough for a small child to barely fit in.

It must have been that Odelia saw something in her imagination. Kids were like this sometimes.

“Really handsome. Mr Azo doesn’t know about Jelriko….”

“Lea, this is ba ba. It’s from the window.”

Erwin waved a leaf to divert Odelia’s attention.

However, Odelia was busy explaining about ‘the handsome uncle’.

“Mr Azo’s hair… … … … … .”

“Lia. It’s shiny.”

“Oh, I told him and Er and mother…”

“Lia, let’s play.”

Erwin grabbed Odelia’s small hand and pulled her. It was a normal appearance I had always seen in the mansion by the lake, so I laughed out loud.

“I have to tell mother about Mr handsome Azo. Don’t disturb me!”

Odelia pouted her lips and shot at Erwin.

Watching silently, I asked in a serious voice.

“Lia, you can’t judge a man by his face alone.”

“Why? Uncle was really good like an Angel…”

“The more handsome a man is, the more likely he is trash inside.”


“Yes, trash.”

“Oh, handsome uncle is trash.”

Odelia nodded her head vigorously.

“But not too ugly a man.”

“Like Derek or uncle Benjamin?”

“Yeah, like Derek or Benjamin…”

As I was arguing involuntarily, I paused and muffled the end of my words.

The two men were far from ugly.

Not to mention Benjamin, Derek was also popular in the Arbella estate for his handsome face.

“Derek and Benjamin aren’t ugly.”

“Are they like flour dough?”

It was a bad term Theodore always used.

I, who had always been very careful educating children so that they did not resemble Theodore’s personality, exclaimed in amazement.

“Oh my God, Lia! Where did you learn such bad words?”

“Is that a bad word?”

Lia, startled by my cry, squinted her eyes and then slumped her shoulders.

“Lia is a bad kid using bad words… … .”

I shook my head hastily at the sight of Lia who was muttering sadly.

“No, Lia! Lia is not bad! The bad guys are Derek and Benjamin. Because they look like flour dough.”

I had to hide my feelings for both of them.

Originally, I would have been more strict, but it was less than a day that the child ran into the monsters and was still recovering from shock.

“Hehe, right?”

At that moment, Lia smiled bashfully and became strong again.

By the way, I was worried that Odelia’s aesthetic seemed a little tricky.

“By the way, if Derek and Benjamin are not good, who is the handsome man to our Lia?”


Odelia, who was contemplating, turned to her side, and she hugged Erwin tightly and shouted.

“Er! Er is very handsome!”


Then Erwin’s face turned red.

“Er is the best! And he protected Lia against the monster yesterday!”

“That’s not what Er did, it was Yonza (the hero) who did it…… … .”

“No. Before that, Er got mad at the monster. Er is the best the world!”

I looked at the children with a more serious expression than before.

I loved to see two children with two identical faces speaking for each other..

‘Maybe Lia has narcissism.’

She said the handsome Benjamin and Derek were like flour dough which was what Theodore used to say.

I was worried about Lia’s high aesthetic.

“Huh? Lia, why is your hair black?”


I looked up at Erwin’s voice.

This time, my eyes grew so big that they couldn’t even compare to when Lia said something bad a while ago.

It was because Odelia’s hair was dyed black.


I hurriedly grabbed Lia’s shoulder and asked.

“What happened?”


Odelia didn’t know what to do with my question, and then she started crying.

“Lia doesn’t know. Mother, Lia’s hair….”

Lia, who noticed belatedly that her own hair had turned black, stuttered her words, frightened.

“I’m not scolding you, Lia.”

I hugged the crying Lia and patted her on the back.

“Lia, don’t cry. Er will scold mother.”

By her side, Erwin also comforted Lia.

Odelia stopped her weeping quickly, then said to Erwin.

“You scold mother. Er is a bad boy.”


After Lia stopped crying, this time Er began to snort.

Raising twins was very difficult.

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