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LPLBS Chapter 28



Then Yves slowly blinked her eyes. Theodore swallowed his breath involuntarily as the dense eyelashes hanging from her eyelids swayed up and down.

“Yes, then.”

Yves bowed her head and went back. Seeing the back of the woman who retreated so easily, Theodore felt irritated. So he thought of her all day long, even after Yves disappeared from his sight. Finally, Theodore, unable to bear it, went to Yves Llewellyn’s dormitory that evening.

But there was a guest who had found her before him. It was none other than his thorny half-brother Ernst.

“Ernst? What are you doing here?”

“Ah, Brother Theodore.”

Ernst, who had been afraid of Theodore since childhood, was surprised at his appearance. Then, he secretly hid something behind him, Theodore’s eyes narrowed at his behaviour.

“Yves is hurt, so I’m here to get her some medicine.”


Belatedly, Theo saw a small vial in Ernst’s hand.

Theodore laughed out loud. If you spilled hot tea, you should have seen a doctor right away for treatment. Even now, instead of looking for a doctor, he’s trying to use the ointment? Scars that have already taken place will be difficult to get rid of.

“It’s stupid. It’s not a wound that can be healed with some ointment.”

Theodore took Ernst’s vial and threw it on the floor.

“Why didn’t she call the doctor? She made the mistake of pouring tea like an idiot.”

Ernst was timidly offended by his sarcastic remarks.

“What do you mean, brother? Brother’s fiancée did that.”


“What kind of doctor at the Imperial Palace would treat that wound when she was being punished in the name of the Emperor?”

Theodore was at a loss for words at the moment when Ernst’s voice filled with bitter resentment.

[I accidentally spilled tea.]

Yves’s calm voice echoed in his ears. He did not know…… Katarina, he didn’t think that clever woman would have used corporal punishment in this way.




Theodore stared intently at Yves, who was sitting on the bed. The indifferent green eyes glanced at him and then looked away.

Because of me…she was hurt.

The words “I’m sorry” lingered in the bottom of his throat, but they didn’t come out. So instead of saying sorry, he said bluntly. “Give me your arm. I can cure it. It’ll be better than seeing the doctor.”

“It’s okay.”

Theodore was furious at the second ‘it’s okay’ that came out of her mouth.

“I’m telling you to put out that arm right now!”

“Ha, brother, if you say that, Yves will be scared.… .”

“Yves? Since when did you call the Emperor’s escort by such frivolous names?”

“yes…… yes…… ? Ah, that, that… … … .”

Ernst shrank his shoulders at Theodore’s sharp eyes.

“It’s stupid.” Theodore laughed at Ernst like that.

“This woman is not the Yvonne Chernicia you played with as a child.”


At those words, Ernst’s face turned to contemplation.

“Ah…. .”

He looked at Theodore and Yves alternately, feeling lost.

“What are you saying suddenly…”

“I think you foolishly mistake this woman for someone else.”

Theodore thought that Ernst, who couldn’t tell the difference between Yvonne and that woman, was really stupid.

But it’s understandable. Because she resembles Yvonne enough to dazzle even me.

How many men did that woman possess? Theodore felt sorry for the foolish half-brother who had been possessed by Yves Llewellyn, and at the same time felt a sense of displeasure.

“It’s enough gossip that the Emperor’s escort is a woman. Go back. Don’t let the scandal get out of hands.”

“Ah… Yes… .”

Ernst kept glancing at Yves before leaving.

There was no expression on Yves’s face. Suppressing his mood, Theodore spoke again in a rather kind tone.

“Give me your arm again. I’ll heal you.”

She silently looked at him and said: “Isn’t it better to go to Miss Katarina rather than me?”


“She was crying that she had to redo her dress.”

“Why suddenly…”

“I have a sword-wielding body anyway, so I don’t mind getting hurt.”


Theodore’s anger soared because he was doing her a favor, but she kept refusing.

“It’s not a big deal… .”


Theodore suddenly grabbed her arm.

“I told you to go away, but you were the one who stayed around without turning it off.”

“Your Majesty?”

“Even though I told you to disappear from my sight like that, you were persistent…… ! But, why! why….!”

After making him so bothered, he was mad at her for turning a blind eye to him now. He was so angry that he wondered why he should be so angry. There’s nothing to be bothered about anymore, so why shouldn’t he kick her out? Maybe he was seeing her as Yvonne like Ernst. Even though he tried to deny it, did he eventually fall for this face? No. This woman was not Yvonne.

I’ve never heard of a woman by the name of Yvonne Chernicia. However, there is something important hidden in Ferdinand related to Chernicia. There seems to be a secret in the archives that only the headmaster can enter. It is difficult to access. I have a spell, but my strength is weak. It’s just speculation, but I think Ferdinand is probably behind the fall of Chernicia. If Rudolph Ferdinand had really intervened, and if Benjamin, who became head of the household after his death, had known about it, they would never have kept Chernicia’s young daughter alive. So I think it would be better to hope that there is no trace of that woman here.

It was written in a letter from Katarina. Maybe Rudolph Ferdinand and Benjamin Ferdinand harmed Yvonne. And Yves Llewellyn….

And Yves Llewellyn, there’s no trace of her before in Ferdinand. I heard from an old servant that the previous owner picked it up one day, but I think it has something to do with the black magic he practiced…It’s suspicious, right? Maybe she has something to do with the fall of Chernicia and the disappearance of Yvonne Chernicia. Benjamin is going out for a long time soon, so I’ll look for what you’re looking for. I’ll write to you again in the near future.

Yvonne’s trail was about to be caught. There were not many days left until he found her. But, why did he keep worrying about a mysterious woman who imitated Yvonne? Or was this the power of black magic?

Yves Llewellyn. What the hell was this woman trying to do around him? Did Benjamin Ferdinand really send her?

What the hell…… Ah!

Suddenly, Theodore pulled Yves’s head close and kissed her without warning. It was quite impulsive. She was startled and grunted. In the meantime, her arms were very natural as she slightly twisted her head so that the tip of their noses did not collide.

He had only pretended to kiss in front of people, but this woman seemed to have kissed a lot, unlike himself, that this was his real first kiss. So Theodore was even more angry. He kissed her roughly and then pulled his lips apart, and he looked at her with his red eyes. She had a very sad expression on her face, and Theodore gasped for breath with a very strange feeling. She reached out her hand to him. While he was being distracted by the wound on her wrist, her fingertips traced his eyes, brushed his cheeks, and caressed his damp lips.


Then, when he heard her voice calling out his name, Theodore became conscious.

“D*mn it.”

Theodore cursed and kissed her again. Then Yves spread her arms out and wrapped around his neck. Theodore was confused by the way she responded to him more and the way she felt so adept.

“Yves Llewellyn.”

And at the end of that kiss, he pushed her away and laughed bitterly.

“Did you want something like this to hide that you were a woman and hover around me?”

“Theo…… ?”

“Don’t call my name recklessly.”

“Oh, it’s not like that… … .”

“Did you want to become the Emperor’s mistress? It’s not like you dared to become an Empress for the subject.”

Yves’ lips clenched again at his ridicule.

“I think I know a little bit now. Why did I, who lost my memory, leave something like you by my side? Did you deceive me with those eyes?”

Theodore glanced at her slowly sinking eyes and the pale lips that he had kissed just a moment ago.

“But what should I do? I don’t want to waste my time for someone like you.”


“Dirty and ugly.”

And then, with a look of contempt, he walked out.

But in reality, it was not her that he despised, but himself. He felt dirty because he got excited about a woman other than Yvonne.

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Translated by: Rain of snow

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