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LPLBS Chapter 131


Time passed more and more and more until the time when Yves settled in Arbela.

‘Still… I’m glad Yves didn’t have a hard time.’

Theodore sniffed his red nose and felt so relieved.

Then, when Yves was suffering from labour pain, tears poured out of his eyes again and he didn’t know what to do.

“Yv, Yves…….”

She was in pain.

“Wh, what? Yo, you…….”

Yves looked at him astonished and said to him who seemed restless.

“Theodore, you are really crazy.”

“I’m, I’m sorry….”

And soon after, a cute cry of “wah, wah!” rang through the room.


Theodore burst into a brief exclamation at the sight of Yves crying while holding the babies in her arms.

“It’s Er and Lia…….”

Theodore was moved to heart.

It felt strange to see Er and Lia’s babyhood that he didn’t know.

“I know. It’s Er and Lia.”

Yves also looked at the scene with a gentle gaze.

Soon after, she called Benjamin and hid Odelia’s hair color.

And she hid Lia’s hair color not because she didn’t want to see the black hair that looked like Theodore…….

‘She did it because she was afraid I’d find out that she was my child.’

She left him because she was afraid he’d hurt her baby.….

He said that to make her misunderstand…….

But… But……! Mommy doesn’t like Lia’s black hair!

He remembered Odelia, who cried and said something like that.


Theodore called her carefully.

“Lia thinks you don’t like her black hair.”


“Actually, the last time I cut Lia’s hair because it turned black…… Lia cried saying that Mom shouldn’t know…….”

Yves’ expression grew darker and darker as he spoke.

“Lia was… thinking so…….”

Suddenly, she felt bad.

When Lia’s hair first turned black, she remembered being so surprised that she pressed the child to know what happened.

She shouldn’t have done that.

Lia must have been more surprised than she was…….

How much more was the child surprised? She must be more surprised than she, an adult…….

“It’s my fault.”

Yves muttered with a white face.

There were often times when he disciplined the children strictly and was harsh to children’s tears, but she didn’t know it would hurt them so much that they would cry alone.

How much that little body must have cried…….

It broke her heart when she imagined the children crying.

“You can go and comfort her.”

Theodore carefully consoled her.

But he didn’t feel well either.

Odelia had to hide it because…… It’s because of him.

‘It’s because of me. Lia cried because of me.’

In the end, all the sins were his.

‘Yves was sad, Lia cried…… It’s all because of me.’

Theodore felt the hope of being forgiven by her diminish like a tiny dot.

‘I’m really… I’m not even as good as a dog.’

Meanwhile, time has come to an end.

* * *

Meanwhile, Erwin and Odelia, who were sulking and pouting were digging a deeper trap for Theodore.

“Bad Mr. Azo!”

“We have to scold Azo!”

“Squirrel, you should help us.”

Erwin, Odelia, and Jericho, the three of them set a trap for Theodore.

More, more deeply.

‘Who’s going to get caught in this poor trap?’

Jericho grumbled inside, but moved hard to pick up the chestnuts.


‘I can’t believe she was able to open the doorway of time and space. She really isn’t a normal girl.’

His eyes were on Odelia.

Unlike her cute little appearance, she had great power.

He may have three tails if he annoyed them for nothing.

Meanwhile, Odelia murmured in a melancholy voice.

“Squirrel, Er, didn’t Mr. Azo just go away because we dug a trap for him before?”

“Oh, that..?”

Erwin, who was digging holes here and there, paused at the words.

Come to think of it…… It was strange.

Theodore, who had blushing cheeks with a stupid look on his face since the first encounter with their mother, did not give in to their cute appearance and just left.

“Then, what should we do…….”

Erwin drooped his shoulders along Odelia.

“Trash Azo, must not like Er anymore…….”

The children were quick-witted and could distinguish between who liked them and who hated them.

Theodore certainly liked them.

But maybe he doesn’t like them anymore.

“Mr. Azo must have found out that Lia and Er set a trap for him to bully him.”

The children became depressed and stopped digging traps and doodled on the ground.

It was then.

The presence of a person was felt in front of them.


The children hid themselves behind a tree in surprise.

Jericho also hid himself with the children.

“Who is it? Is it Trash Azo?”

“Shh! Er! What if Mr. Azo hears our voices?”


Ervin quickly covered his mouth with both hands.

Then they held their breaths and listened to the sound of footsteps.

* * *

Theodore and Yvonne reached the end of time and entered the ‘doorway’ of time and space.

Now that he was assimilated with Tenebris’ memory, he can understand where this is.

This space was like a ‘passageway’ that can help people cross dimension.

“If we pass the passageway, we will be able to return to the original dimension.”

Theodore explained to Yves.

Yves, who was walking silently listening to the explanation, suddenly stopped walking.

“Hey, what is that?”

There was something strange where her finger was pointed.


There were suspicious and clumsy traps that weren’t there last time.

Theodore, who was looking at it with a quizzical face, found small figures hiding behind a tree in the distance.

There were two small children and a squirrel.

“Er, what if Mr. Azo gets hurt and cries?”

“If he cries, we’ll show up and scold him then. Why did he make Mom angry?”

“What if Mr. Azo doesn’t cry?”

They could hear the small whispers of children all the way here.

That means, maybe these suspicious and clumsy traps…….

‘Did they make it for me?’

Theodore became serious and looked at the cute trap the children had made.

A small hole filled with chestnut that was so small that no one could suffer from it was blatantly showing up.

However, it was a trap that showed the efforts of children who made it by picking up chestnuts, mushrooms and branches from here and there.

‘If I don’t get caught…… Er and Lia will be disappointed.’

Theodore thought so with a serious look.

“Don’t tell me that Er and Lia…….”


Looking back at Yves with a serious look on his face, Theodore put his finger over his lips and signaled her to lower the volume.


Yves looked at him in puzzlement.

Theodore made a rustling sound with his feet.

He could see the figures hiding behind the tree hardened and became nervous.

Theodore had a small smile around his mouth.

He glanced at the little trap the children had created.

Then, he lifted one foot and stepped on the trap.

His feet fell under the leaves that had covered the small hole.


Adding anguished moan was a bonus.

“Who set such a trap…….”

Theodore moved his feet in the trap, allowing more chestnut to stick to his shoes.

“Oh? I just heard Trash Azo!”

“Mr. Azo, did you fell on the trap?”

The children poked their heads out of the tree.


The children’s eyes grew wide open.


They wondered what the situation was, but they found Yvonne watching the scene with her arms crossed.

“Mommy! I missed you!”

“Are you okay?”

“Did you kill all the demons?”

Erwin and Odelia ran towards Yvonne.

Yvone hugged the children one by one and kissed them on the cheek.

“Er, Lia.”

Erwin and Odelia were glad to see her, so they clung to her arms and began chattering.

Theodore watched the scene from afar with a chestnut stuck on his right foot.

Is it because he watched both Erwin and Odelia being born and raised in the passage of time?

He felt especially moved and affectionate towards the children.

“What have you both been doing here?”

“We’ve been waiting for Mommy!”

“Really? Didn’t you set up a scary trap to bully him?”

“Yes, yes…?”

For a moment, Erwin and Odelia looked surprised.

“Li, Lia didn’t…….”

“Eh, Er didn’t…….”

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