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LPLBS Chapter 130


Theodore looked at her tears with a shocked face.

Isn’t she the one who cried so sadly in her subconscious mind but didn’t cry in front of me for a moment?

Except then when she couldn’t stop Ernst’s sacrifice.

She’s… In tears…

It’s not anybody else, it’s because of him.….

“Yv, Yves…….”


Yves quickly wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.

She looked embarrassed as if she didn’t know why she was crying.

“Sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…… I’m sorry, Yves. I, uh, uh…….”

Eventually, Theodor broke his promise not to cry in front of her and cried.

Drip. Drop.

Tears streaming down his hot eyes moistened his face.

She told him that he didn’t deserve to cry, so he didn’t dare cry in front of her.

However, he couldn’t control the tears that burst out.

“Yves, I’ll do well in the future…….”

Yves looked at Theodore, who was crying sadly.

“No, I can’t.”

Then she spoke in a firm voice.

“I know you really loved me. However, you and I can’t go back to the way it was anymore.”

It was a voice like such a hard, thick wall, with no tiny gap.

“Trust has already been broken.”


The firm voice was now saying that there was no more faith between the two.

“How can I trust you? What if you lose your memory again?”

“Oh, no. Never again…….”

Theodore closed his eyes tightly and shook his head.

The words made him burst into tears again.

But Yves looked at him straight and said, without a slightest change in her face.

“If that happens again, I won’t be the only one who gets hurt anymore.”

It was no longer just the two of them.

Between them were Erwin and Odelia.

“If I trust you and you change again, then Er and Lia will be hurt too. And I can never stand it.”

If she had been alone, she might have accepted his heart once again even with the anxiety.

As she said, if he loses his memory again and do something crazy to her, then she was really determined to put a knife in his chest.

She could tell from the past that he loved her so much.

It could also be seen that this all started with a sad accident caused by someone’s malice.

But even so, the slightest bit of injustice blossomed.

If only he hadn’t lost his memory.

If Benjamin’s malice hadn’t reached him.

If she had…… She wouldn’t have had such a painful past.

She wouldn’t have cried because she was upset and alone.

She wouldn’t have looked at his back lonely.

She could have made a more stable home for Er and Lia.

However, it was all a useless assumption.

It was Theodore who hurt her in the end, even though it was the malice of others.

There was some disagreement and misunderstanding between them. However, it was all his words and actions that directly hurt her.

“How can I believe that you won’t hurt Er and Lia the way you did to me?”

“Yves, I…… I am……”

At her question, Theodore stammered with despair.

Theodore knew for the first time that she was such a heartless person.

She asked him in a voice that had no room for further reflection.

How can she believe him that he won’t hurt Er and Lia.


No Yves.

How can I… How can I do that to Er and Lia.

It’s really, really.….

Theodore wanted to make an excuse.

But he knew that the word would not serve any defense because he had already done it once.

Nothing seemed to change her mind now.

“I’ll be nice…….”

“The only time you’re being nice is when you are in front of me after all.”

She spoke calmly.

“So I’m just going to think that the man I loved disappeared with you as your memory disappeared.”

Her voice, saying so, was warm and gentle unlike ever before.

As if to treat him before he lost his memory.

So Theodore was more heartbroken.

If she’d rather… if she’d shot back at him coldly…….

“I’d think that you died in the accident while falling down.”

Her love is now dead for him.

Theodore realized once again that he could not go back to that time.

“I’m sorry, Yves. I’m, I’m so sorry…….”

Despair fell upon him.

“I, I…….”

“Yes, I forgive you.”

Yves said with a bitter smile.


Theodore gasped for breath at the words.

“But I can’t love you anymore.”

She added in a rather sad voice.

Forgive me, but I can’t love you.

“I know. How rare it is to have such an accident.”


“It’s a difficult accident to have once in a lifetime. Yeah, maybe it won’t happen again.”


“But I’m still scared. I can’t easily forget the cold eyes and unfamiliar voice you showed me after you lost your memory.”


“Maybe every time I see you, I will keep thinking of that moment. And it will unnecessarily consume my feelings, left me worrying about accidents that will not happen.”

Her tone was as gentle as persuading a child.

“So, I can’t.”

Theodore cried even more and looked at her face in dismay.

“Don’t cry.”

“I’m, I’m sorry….”

At her words, Theodore apologised and rubbed the back of his hand around his eyes.

Yves stared at the figure quietly and said in a sorry voice.

“It’s not because I don’t want to watch you cry.”

“Oh, uh…?”

“It’s because I get a little upset when you cry.”


“I hated you so much, and I thought I’d never forgive you.”


“It’s a little difficult for me.”

She found it more difficult than she thought she would hate and curse someone all her life.

It was all the more so, knowing that someone was genuinely sorry for her.

“I’m sorry…”

Theodore bit his lower lip to hold back his tears.

Why is Yves so nice and sweet?

She even forgive him, who is hard to forgive…….

Yes, I forgive you. But I can’t love you.

When the words she said with a sad voice a moment ago reflected in his mind again, Theodore was once again heartbroken.

It was so painful to know that she couldn’t love him anymore.

Even though he had already known since reuniting that she did not love him, the sharp pain had not dulled at all.

And there was one realization that came to mind together whenever he felt such a fact.

It’s so painful and sad to see her who doesn’t love him anymore…….

How much more was she hurt until she became dull looking at him who didn’t love her….….

When it occurred to him, Theodore was even more heartbroken.

The fact that he had no shame in front of her gave him strength to his lips, which he bit to hold back his tears.

Nevertheless, the sound of crying that leaked out without being able to stop it came out pitifully.

Yves didn’t stop him. Because her heart, which was robbed, was worn out too generously to accept him completely.

So she couldn’t soothe him who was crying.


Yves turned away from Theodore, whose shoulders were shaking too much for crying.

Then she heard him crying for a while before it died down little by little.

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