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LPLBS Chapter 129


At that time, her voice strained his ears.


And then he’ll definitely…….

“If that really happens, I’ll have to rip the seed I’ve sown with my own hands.”

Theodore replied with a cruel smile.


For a moment, Theodore’s eyes widened with surprise.

“No, wait, I…….”

Theodore looked back at Yves urgently.

He finally realized that what he said might sound like he wanted to kill their child.

“Yves, I…… I didn’t mean that at all…….”

Theodore hurriedly grabbed Yves’ sleeve and made excuses.

“That’s not what I meant. It’s really not like that. I’ll accept your, our child…… I can’t say that to Er and Lia.….”

Yves stared at Theodore, who was rambling.

“I don’t really mean that, but I, you, you, don’t…….”


She cut off Theodore’s words in a low voice.

“I don’t think I actually know you properly.”

Theodore looked at her blankly.

“I once thought I knew you the best in the world, but you, who lost your memory, were a person I didn’t know at all.”


“You were a person who could be as cruel as you want if necessary, and you were cruel to me in reality…….”

It was the first time she talked about her feelings first.

Theodore listened to her with his mouth clamped so hard that not a slightest breath could come out.

“I thought you were really going to kill my baby.”


Until now, Theodore had been overwhelmed by the mere fact that she was alive, so he couldn’t think deeply about why she left him.

He just thought that.

Yves left because she didn’t like him.

Tired of him not remembering her, disappointed, angry, she left.

But it wasn’t.

She left to protect.

From him, to protect her children.

So that he couldn’t hurt the children.


Erwin and Odelia’s faces passed before his eyes.

The words she said hurt him devastatingly, but Theodore dared not even deserve to be hurt.

“At that time, all I thought was to protect my baby from you. I was going to wait for your memories to come back, but it was more important to protect my baby than you who had changed.”

“Yves, I….”

“Although it is a forgotten memory, it is the fruit of the time when I once loved you and was loved by you.”

She managed to speak again, but because her voice continued immediately, Theodore had to close his mouth again.

“Although you have changed like this, it is also proof that there was a moment when you loved me as if you forever would.”

Yves… …though she hated him.

She was hurt and sad as much as he was.

“Because that baby is a baby with the man I loved in my memory.”

Nevertheless, she was saying that she loved him.

At the same time, she was making a perfect distinction.

“The man I loved disappeared together as your memory disappeared, but the traces of love came to me.”

His self before he lost his memory, and his self after he lost his memory.

“But, that was all a misunderstanding.”

Yves smiled and burst into a blank laugh.

But Theodore knew it was all his karma that caused that misunderstanding.

So he couldn’t even laugh along with her.

“… What do you mean you’re going to ‘rip it off’? What does that mean?”

Yves’ expression was tingling with consternation.

But Theodore, drunk with his own emotions, was smiling foolishly without recognizing her fear.

“No matter how much cruel you are…… There are actions in the world that can be done and actions that cannot be done.”

“I don’t have that morality. So stop worrying about unnecessary things…….”

He was even feeling proud.

Theodore could understand his feelings better than anyone else.

Because that’s who he was in the past…….

On the subject that shocked Yves, he considered her expression as overwhelmed by his confession.

Thinking she’d be thrilled to hear that.

“……that crazy bastard.”

Theodore looked at himself in the past and bit back at the curse.


Yves knocked Theodore out with his pillow.

And ran out quickly.

Theodore, who was watching the scene for a while, suddenly grabbed the sword from his waist and rushed toward himself in the past, who fainted.


“That crazy bastard needs a hard beating!”

“What, what?

Yves panicked and tried to catch him, but Theodore rushed at him and beat him faster.

“What are you doing?”


Theodore asked Yves in a tearful voice.

“How can you be so nice and hit my head with a cotton pillow?”

“It has its own death flag on it…….”

“I can’t see this bastard breathing and living like this.”

Theodore smashed the back of his head with the sword in his hand.

Naturally, his beating was ineffective because he was in a different dimension.

But at some point…….


There was a dull sound.

From the back of Theodore’s head, who fainted.



Theodore and Yves looked at the drops of blood sprinkled on the pillow.

“Are you crazy? He’s bleeding!”

It was Yves who shouted first.

“……this bastard deserved it.”

However, Theodore sneered at himself, who fainted as if he were in a very good condition.

“You’re so nice. You should have put a knife in my chest.”


Then Yves squinted her eyes and stared at Theodore.

“Yes, I understand. From now on, if you make me angry, I’ll pull out a knife first.”

“No, I’m not asking you to kill me…… That punk…….”

“That’s you, isn’t it?”


Theodore, who had been galling the whole time, paused at the words.

“Don’t think you two are different.”

“……I’m sorry, Yves.”

He was depressed again and his shoulders sagged.

After that, the event where Theodore, who went crazy after Yves left, unfolded.

It seemed crazy the whole time, but this is when he was really looking like a madman.

Theodore was worried that Yves’ impression on him would go down more when she saw that.

Fortunately, Yves already knew so well that he was a madman that her impression didn’t go down much…….

However, she murmured as she watched the scene with a subdued look.

“That’s ridiculous.”


“You loved me as much as I loved you, and we loved each other so much.”

Yves turned slowly and looked at Theodore.

“But, the little misunderstanding that had to be turned like this…….”

And she asked him.

“Why did you hurt me so much when you loved me so much?”


As soon as he saw her expression, Theodore opened his lips small and groaned like he was in pain.

A hue of sorrow rose over Yves’ face.

Yves had a sad face.

“There were so many pretty, shiny, and good moments while spending time with you, but the fact that all of them turned into painful memories…….”


“The fact that I can no longer smile at the memory when I loved you…… I don’t quite understand.”

Yves murmured as if she really could not understand.

Her doubts were lodged in Theodore’s heart.

Why did he hurt her so much?

Theodore also couldn’t understand himself in the past.

It was sad at the same time.

The fact that she still remembers the past with him as beautiful, and that she considers it an irreversible time again.….

So the fact that all this was his fault…….

“I’m sorry, Yves…….”


Yves stared at Theodore’s face at the apology.

“I’m so sorry…….”

The green eyes that contained Theodore’s face were getting wet little by little.


Tears streamed down her fine cheeks.


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