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LPLBS Chapter 128


“……you did it on purpose to hurt me.”

“Yves, I….”

“Would you have felt less bad if you didn’t behave like a rambler who would be drunk just seeing a woman?”


Theodore could not answer anything.

Silence passed between the two, but Theodore in the past, who did not recognize her, uttered endless harsh words toward her past self.

Yves, who had been staring at the scene silently, slowly opened her mouth.

“Theo, I hate you.”


Theodore looked back at her at the sudden declaration.

“I hate you so much.”

Unlike her calm voice as if nothing had happened, her face had the expression of an injured person.

“You have taught me love but made me the most miserable woman.”

Where her gaze was pointed was at Theodore’s back, walking with another woman in his arms.

How much painful it is…… Theodore himself knew better than anyone else.

He had to watch her make love to another man every day when he was in the time of the Ancient Apostles she didn’t know. [T/N: Okay, Chernicia is super duper disgusting.🤮]

He gave her the pain that was terrible enough to cut the heart.

“When I’m with you, I feel like I’m the shabbiest person in the world.”

No, Yves.

You are not shabby.

You shine brighter than anyone else.

The words that couldn’t be taken out were buzzing around inside his throat.

“I don’t want to be shabby in front of you anymore.”

For a moment Theodore remembered herself in her subconscious mind.

I don’t want to be miserable in front of you anymore.

The sad, wet word she told him in her subconscious mind overlapped with the calm word she said in front of his eyes.

Yves was shining like the sun to him.

But she said that she becomes shabby when she is in front of him.

And she said that he is the one who makes her shabby.

What she said…… Made Theodore very sad.

But the foolish Theodore in that past did not appreciate Theodore’s sorrow.

In the meantime, his mistakes were constantly being reproduced.

“The Ferdinand’s marriage, I accept it.”

Theodore saw the expression on her face, which sank miserably at the words he had said in the past.

He never knew she was hurt.

But even though he knew…….

He constantly ignored the attraction he felt towards her.

The more his mind was tilting to her, the fiercely he doubted her.

In the meantime, he even felt a slight sense of fullness as he confirmed her heart for him when she was hurt by his words.

His behaviour was disgustingly gross.

“I think I know what it means to be in love at first sight. I think my time is divided into two. The time before and after knowing Katarina.”

He even secretly watched her reaction by talking about such things.

Theodore looked back at Yves with a rather pale complexion.

“Yves, that’s…….”

He really wanted her to know.

Katarina and he were really in a contractual relationship where they were dealing with each other only for their own benefit.

“Hey, look over there. I’m pretending to be friendly with her, but actually…….”

“Yes, I can see it clearly. I can see that you’re just pretending to kiss her.”

Yves stared quietly at Theodore and Katarina, who pretended to kiss each other under the falling snow.


Theodore looked at her with expectation, wondering if the misunderstanding was cleared up to her.


“But that doesn’t mean that the wound I received will disappear.”

Yves replied in an indifferent tone.

“Even if I understand it in my head, I can’t accept it in my heart and forgive you.”


Theodore’s expression dropped down and became gloomy.

At that moment, he was not sad because he was not forgiven by her.

Of course he was sad because of that too, but..….

At first glance, she had a sullen look on her face, but Theodore had already seen her crying many times in her subconsciousness.

He knew how hurt she was by him and how sad she was.

He knew watching the scenes, she was pretending to be fine.

So Theodore’s heart ached.

A while ago, when she declared no, he couldn’t hide his painful expression.

“Theo, may I punish Lord Yves as your fiancée?”

Theodore suddenly came to his senses by Katarina’s voice.

“You may.”

That crazy guy…!

“Thank you, Theo.”

Katarina grinned and pretended to kiss Theodore on the cheek.

It was that damn woman’s premeditated act to make such a scene from the angle where she (Yves) couldn’t see.

And after Theodore left.


Katarina’s unilateral violence ensued.

Theodore couldn’t bear to watch it, so he closed his eyes.

That huge gap between what was told by another person’s mouth and what he witnessed with his own eyes squeezed his heart painfully.

“Yves, I’m sorry……. I’m sorry, I’m, I’m sorry.….”

Theodore muttered, twisting his expression as if he was crying.


Yves did not answer.

She just folded her arms and watched the passing time.

Since then, when he saw himself pouring out abusive language, Theodore wanted to cut off his ears.

However, it was a wish that could not be carried out, and Theodore had to listen to everything with his ears strained.

“I don’t want to see you not being able to take care of your own arm, so disappear from my eyes.”


“I told you to get away from me, but why do you keep hovering around me?”

Knock it off.

“Hiding being a woman and hovering around me, was this what you wanted?”

Please shut up.

“You wanted to be the Emperor’s mistress, didn’t you? I don’t think you would dare to ask for the Empress’s seat on the subject.”

Stop it!

“But what should I do? I don’t want to waste even a single penny to sleep with you.”


“Dirty, ugly.”


Theodore closed his eyes tightly.

Obviously, time was passing at a very rapid pace, but strangely, only the scenes of him hurting her flew into his heart and stuck sharply.

“Yv, Yves…….”




He had to apologize.

Of course she said she couldn’t forgive him, but he still had to apologize.

But that past self who was busy abusing Yves, didn’t even give him a tiny gap to apologise.

“Katarina has my child. You should treat her as a royalty and take special care of her.”

When she ran outside after learning the ‘truth’, she vomited in front of a large tree.

It was a tree of promise that contained memories of her and him a long time ago.

Theodore, you crazy bastard.

After committing such a thing to Yves, he appeared again in front of her without knowing the situation.

He cried and hung on to ask her not to throw her away.

‘How could you be so shameless?’

He thought he was doing this for losing his memory, but even after he regained his memory, he was no different.

That’s why… she gets angry whenever she sees him.

Before they knew it, the night before she left him came.

Yves, who had a stoic expression throughout the whole time with him abusing her, chewed her lower lip and hardened her face when the scene of Theodore kissing her came.


Theodore couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her.

Maybe it’s because the kiss scene with him was disgusting…….

Yeah, maybe that’s what it is…….

“What are you going to do if I have your child?”

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