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LPLBS Chapter 127


Hermelinda’s old chronic disease was beyond medical treatment.

Among those with a very strong divine power, they used their power to heal the disease.

So the Emperor even came forward and asked the temple directly, but no one gave her divine power.

Because there was pressure from Leobrante.

“Your Majesty, I’m afraid you have to give up on your baby…….”

At that moment, Hermelinda threatened the doctor with her eyes glaring fiercely.

“If you say give up one more time, I will take it as a sign that you want to give up your life.”

“Huh……! I, I’m sorry, Your Majesty.”

Hermelinda’s stubbornness eventually led the doctor to raise both their hands and feet.

Eventually, Hermelinda died shortly after the birth of Theodore.

Only the young Emperor, who didn’t know his mother’s death yet, remained at the Queen’s Palace in Vienna and burst into tears.


Theodore stared at the scene with an expression of uncertainty not knowing what he was thinking.

Yves glanced at Theodore and held his hand quietly.


For a moment, Theodore burst into exclamations of embarrassment.

“Yves, why…….”

“I told you, I’m not like you.”

Yves answered without looking back at Theodore, staring silently at the front.

“I can’t just pass by someone who needs comfort.”

“Oh, Yves….”

“Don’t be touched. If it were someone else, not you, I would have acted the same way.”

“Yes, yes.”

Theodor nodded vigorously, his cheeks flushing over so slightly.

Yves heard his watery voice, but she pretended not to know.

A little more time has passed in the blink of an.

Theodore is now old enough to walk, run and talk.

He ran around the palace carrying a large dragon doll presented by the Emperor.

“Oh, your Highness. Run a little slower……!”

“I can’t. I’m Tturaego. Did you see the Tturaego flying slowly?”

“But you are not flying right now, but running, right?”

“Do you want to be hit by Tturaego’s fire?”

The young Theodore pretended to be a dragon with a scary look on his face.

Theodore became a little embarrassed and looked at Yves’ countenance.

Yves looked at the scene with a serious face.

“No way……. It can’t be…….”

She muttered to herself, but Theodore only tilted his head because he could not understand what she meant.

Then he glanced at the hand she held.

His heart was pounding.

His heart almost leaped out of his chest.

Her hands holding him were so firm and warm.

It was the hand that held him when she was young.

The hand was a little rough because of the callus from holding the sword, but it was still a small and cute hand that held his hand.

Theodore couldn’t bear to know if it was okay to give strength to the hands they held together, so he just shook weakly with his hands relaxed.

His hands seemed to be getting sweaty.

‘What if Yves takes her hand off because she’s uncomfortable?’

Little by little, he opened his hands so slightly that she did not notice it to maintain a pleasant temperature and humidity in his hands.

It was the time when his heart was beating and his face was hot.


Yves burst into exclamations as she clenched her hands.

As he turned his eyes after her, a lot of time had already passed.

The scene of Empress* Margarate joining Rudolph and offering Ernst as a sacrifice was in progress.

[T/N: Both Hermelinda, Theodore’s mother and Margarate, Ernst’s mother were Empress. I suppose Margarate became Empress after Hermelinda died.]

“Oh, my God, Ernst…….”

Empress Margarate’s belly was flat enough not to think as pregnant yet.

But she had no qualms about sacrificing the little life in the stomach.

Yves, who let go of Theodore’s hand, was about to leap forward with her sword immediately.

“No, Yves!”

Theodore grabbed her by the wrist and immediately loosened the hold carefully.

“Why not?”

Yves asked why not, as if she didn’t care much about him holding her hand.

“We are in a different dimension and are surrounded by a transparent wall. So it’s hard to approach…….”

“You found Tenebris’ Holy Treasure to change the past. It’s not like there’s no way out.”

“That’s true, but…….”

Theodore hesitated for a moment on how to explain it.

Then he explained it carefully.

“You don’t know how the future will change if you change the past. I mean… …What if it messes with Erwin and Odelia’s birth…….”

Theodore blurred the end of his words, which made Yves pause and harden her face.

This is because she understood what Theodore was trying to say.

The past they change will surely affect the future in some way.

And when the future changes…… The fate of unborn lives will be twisted.

Maybe a future without Erwin and Odelia will unfold.

The thought of it gave her the creeps.

Despite so many painful pasts that she doesn’t want to repeat, nothing was more painful than the assumption that she might not see Erwin and Odelia.

Because Erwin and Odelia were the greatest happiness in her life.


Time went on and on, while Yves stood stunned.

Young Yves, who came to the palace, played with Ernst in the palace’s garden.

And one summer day.

On a big tree, Yves met Theodore.

“Ah……! Yves! You and I…!”

It was when Theodore, who was impressed by this pleasant past unfolding before them, forgot the topic for a while and was delighted.

“Did you really hide dead people above my head?”

Yves asked with a look of disgust.

“Huh? No, they were killed before…….”

Theodore protested in a slightly unjust voice, but Yves just shook her head.

The good moments between Theodore and Yves have passed.

Theodore was just happy to see the scene again, but Yves was just expressionless.

Looking at her, Theodore could not dare to express joy at those nostalgic scenes.

Then when the moment of Chernicia’s fall came, her face hardened.

Little Yves was crying in front of the Chernicia mansion which was burning.


Theodore glanced at Yves and held her hand carefully.

Then she looked back at Theodore, frowning.

Theodor quickly let go of his hand as if her eyes were asking, “What is it?”

“Oh, I’m, sorry. by mistake…”

Actually, he wanted to comfort her too…….

Why was he not good at comforting…….

‘No, I’m not worthy. I’m not qualified.’

Theodore immediately corrected his mind.

The people of Empress Margarate cut her hair.

The stunned look on her face at the severed hair was no stranger to Theodore.

He remembered when she had that look again.

Theodore once again realized that he was not entitled to comfort her.

‘Why am I so stupid and incompetent, even when she needs comfort.’

Time flew by even as Theodore blamed himself.

Then they reunited again.

“I often think of you. It’s a human instinct to think of pretty things.”

“Since those ghosts from Ferdinand have been erased, can I love you now? Will you love me too?”

“I love you, Yves.”

Theodore whispered endless sweet shoals of love to her.

But he lost his memory in a moment’s fall.

And he didn’t recognize her any more.

“Armin, you say. What’s the matter?”

“Get lost right now.”

Without recognizing her, he threatened her by thrusting a sword into the nape of her neck.

He even called women to the palace because he was annoyed and even laughed and played with them in front of her.

He knew she liked him, but he still did it to show her.

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