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LPLBS Chapter 125


The ‘vessel’ called Ernst, what was contained in it was the thoughts of the Ancient Apostle that was divided into seven fragments and scattered throughout the world…….

Even though he was aware of it, he knew that the thought was his own piece in the past, but there was no hesitation in thinking that it should be removed.

If he doesn’t…… Eventually, that special fragment will destroy Yves, Erwin, Odelia, and the world that Yves loves.


Theodore muttered in a tearful voice, unable to overcome the rising emotions.

“Yves, I miss you…….”

However, no one heard the voice that hit the wall of the dimension.

The sound of grass bugs in the air on a hot summer day scattered.

The afterimage of a young woman who was sleeping softly against the backdrop of the fresh summer.

The lovely laughter that used to burst out when she was in a good mood.

…….all scattered together.

Then what remained in the soul was himself left alone in an unknown dimension.

* * *

Theodore wished he hadn’t seen it.

“What happened, Cherney?”

The man who always smiled affectionately at her complained to the point that his eyes were red.

“Obviously, all that remained of Tenebris’ body was a mindless soul!”

Theodore was trapped beyond the dimension and saw the conflict between Chernicia and Leobrante.

“Be honest. Did you steal it?”

“So what?”

Chernicia snapped back.

That’s how she was supposed to be…… Was she such a person who looked at the other person with contempt?

“Why…? Do you still like him? You heard him trying to kill me.…!”

“That’s enough!”

She interrupted Leobrante and shouted.

“How are you going to continue the relationship that led to the life of Tenebris being gone?”

The relationship was threatened.

Their relationship was false.

As soon as he found out, his body tingled as if he had been hit in the back of his head with a huge hammer.

“So, you’ve never really loved me before?”

“Yes, not once. Who I really like, you know it yourself. That’s why you’ve been conscious of him.”

Leobrante was light, Tenebris was darkness.

Darkness was known to be the strongest of the four apostles…….

For darkness to exist, there had to be light.

It was the arrangement of God of Brighim to prevent the possible explosion of darkness.

So Leobrante was the leash and the sole controller holding Tenebris’ power.

Leobrante, who was the first to notice the fact, used it as an excuse to threaten Chernicia to maintain their fake relationship.

So even the kind things you see in front of him…… They were all false and staged.

She had to endure the relationship for Tenebris, for Theodore.

Theodore hated his mother’s family from a young age as long as he can remember.

It was so even though it was his mother’s family.


Maybe this is why there was a natural rejection of the name.

The apostles, who once had a great reputation around the world, also disappeared over time.

The first thing that disappeared was the Guide of Earth, followed by the Sky and then Light.

However, the first person to turn her back on the world chose reincarnation*, not extinction.

[T/N: The word in the RAWS was ‘Circulation’ (순환). But I used reincarnation/rebirth for better understanding since Chernicia did reincarnate/rebirth.]

Sadly, the Guide of Light and the Agent of Heaven, who did not know the fact, gained rest through extinction.

All the apostles who protected the people according to the will of the God of Brighim left.

However, in the world where the apostles disappeared, there were people who honoured them.

Theodore watched the world change in a long flow of time alone.

People built an empire on the land where the apostles left.

It was the Ancient Imperial Palace of Albrecht.



Theodore’s eyes trembled.

It was a nostalgic voice.

It was a voice that he would never forget.

It was a voice that he loved so much that he dreamed of for a long time while suffocating in solitude in a dimension far away from her.


Turning to the place where the sound came from, there was Yves.

Not the woman who has the same soul as Yves but can’t share the same memory as her.

Yves that he knows.

Yves that he remembers.

Always straightforward, good and just.

At the same time, he wanted to protect her because she was soft and lovely.

He was proud, but sometimes tearful.

His beloved…… It was that Yves.


Theodore ran for Yves.

The closer he got to her, the more overwhelmed he felt in his heart.

It was really Yves.

It was really Yves.


Theodore, who was running happily, stopped suddenly and looked at his face.

He wanted to run right away and be held in that arms.

But Theodore couldn’t because he knew better than anyone that she hated him.

‘Come on. Even if I think about it again and again…… The fact that Eve hates me doesn’t dull me.’

His heart ached bitterly.

As Theodore was limping in front of her, swallowing his tearful heart.

Yves asked the question first.

“What happened? Where am I?”

“Oh, this is…… Ancient Albrecht Palace.”


A look of surprise spread across her face.

“Look over there. People are building a golden palace.”

Yves’ eyes, who turned her head along the direction Theodore pointed, grew round.

In their time, the very golden palace, which remained as an ancient relic, was built by people in ancient costumes.

“That’s ridiculous. How did you… I’m sure it was just a while ago…….”

“A while ago?”

Theodore asked, cutting off her words.

“Yes, you were definitely fighting with Tenebris in your throne room a little while ago.”

“Wait, Yves. So, you arrived here a while ago?”

“What are you talking about?”

Yves frowned slightly.

Then she soon explained her situation.

“I felt the shaking of the ground the moment Tenebris disappeared a while ago. And I was swept away by the disturbance and lost my consciousness. And when I opened my eyes again, I was here.”


“I noticed you when I was surprised because I couldn’t see anyone in the strange space.”


A low sigh broke out between Theodore’s lips.

‘Yves came here a little while ago.’

The passage of time twisted and both came to the ancient times, but there was a slight difference in the point.

‘What a relief.’

A relief smile bloomed on Theodore’s lips.

‘It’s a relief that Yves wasn’t the one who alone in the long flow of time like me, and she ran into me straight away.’

Theodore truly thought so.

Until he opened his eyes to meet Yves in a world ruled by the Ancient Apostles, he was so lonely and sad that he fell alone in a secluded place.

For decades or hundreds of years, he had to endure staying alone where no one knew him.

Without a small promise that he will meet the people he misses again.

He didn’t know that it would be so painful that no one shares the same memory as him.

So he thought it was fortunate that Yves didn’t experience that deep loneliness.

T/N: That explains my previous question. Now the 2nd and 3rd question came.

Does anyone think that Chernicia is gross? For sleeping and flirting with someone in front of the person she loves? Who the hell even gave her the Idea that drowning Tenebris in jealousy would be better than sending him love?

And does anyone hate the God of Brighim? Raise your hand if you do.🤚

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