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LPLBS Chapter 124


And Odelia……. Lovely Odelia as if she had copied Yves.

The last time he saw her, he remembered her hair was dyed black.

Actually, it was not blackened, it turned into its original color…….

He wished Odelia could show her black hair without crying.

It might be possible if he disappears.

Maybe Yves hid Odelia’s black hair…… Because of him.

In the world where he disappeared, he imagined Yves whispering to Odelia, “Your hair is pretty like the night sky, Lia.”

The child will surely be delighted and ask if it is true.

Then Yves will gently bend her eyes and kiss her black hair.

When he thought of the beautiful picture, a faint smile that did not match the situation bloomed around Theodore’s mouth.


Blood ran down his lips.

Theodore realized that his body was slowly dying.

He wanted to see the children growing up as adults.

It’s okay if he wasn’t recognized by the children as their father, it’s okay not to be bound with them and be a part of their family forever…….

He just wants to see Er and Lia grow up…….

He was already regretting it.

Tears welled up when he thought he’d never see them.

‘Yves has been raising the children by herself until now…….’

The vision turned blurry.

‘I’m sure she’ll continue to raise them well.’

Erwin, Odelia, and…… Yves.

Only the faces of the people he loves were clearly drawn over the blurred vision.

They won’t have time to feel his absence or anything. Because…


His heart trembled.

This is because he remembered the scene he saw the other day when he had made a foolish scene in front of her mansion.

Don’t go to Samjon’s house. Live with Lia, okay?

Higher! raise Er up higher!

The roar of children’s laughter.

Erwin, Odelia, Yves and Ernst.

Will you take responsibility if they become spoiled?

There’s nothing I can do if I have to.

Looking at them from a distance, he already felt it and knew it.

He had no place between them.

“He’s crying. He hasn’t died yet.”

Suddenly, a voice was heard which he didn’t want to hear.

Theodore gave his eyes strength.

Then he saw Ferdinand looking down at him beyond the blurred vision.

“Why are you doing this?….”

“Huh? You can still talk?”

Ferdinand tilted his head, and soon attacked Theodore with a blue magic from his fingertips.


Theodore vomited dark red blood once again.

“It’s annoying.”

He clicked his tongue annoyingly and muttered.

“Leobrante, I tried to kill the bastard who stole Cherney, but you ruined everything.”

‘Hey, crazy….’

Theodore tried to say something to him, but there was no voice.

“You ruined it, so you have to take responsibility.”

‘What are you doing?…’

Ferdinand was smiling.

Gradually, he lost his strength.

His eyes dimmed.

That’s how Theodore closed his eyes.

And when he came to his senses again.

Tuk, tuk, tuk-

Theodore lifted his eyelids to the hot feeling that fell on his face.

He lay with his head on someone’s lap, and the owner of that knee looked down at him…….


Yves, no, Chernicia was crying.

“Really, Tenebris? Did you, did you use demons to hurt people?”

She was crying loudly and sadly.

“Why did you do that? Why, why did you do that…….”

Does she hate him now?

Yeah, she does.

Because she would think he (Theodore) hurt him (Leobrante).

He should have been a little faster.

In the end, he made her cry again.

“I’m going to break your soul. They said they’re going to break it into seven pieces and spread them across the continent.”

Theodore reached out to wipe her tears.

“Pity Tenebris. Now your soul cannot even die.”

No, he thought he reached out.

“But, I, I don’t like it. I can’t watch you not getting eternal rest and be fragmented in the world.”

His body hasn’t moved a bit since a while ago, except for the slow blinking eyelids.

“So I’m going to separate your ‘real’ soul. I won’t let them break your soul.”

She spoke resolutely with a wet face.


At that moment, with a strange feeling, Theodore was separated from the body of Tenebris, where he lived.

“People will call you ‘The Eighth Fragment.'”


“You’re the real soul.”

Chernicia hugged Tenebris’ body and looked at Theodore.

Theodore in a state of soul that doesn’t exactly have a body.

“The only thing left in your body is your thoughts, so broken thoughts will never hurt you.”

‘What are you talking about?’

Theodore mouthed, but his voice did not come out against an unknown wall.

Reaching for her in surprise, he belatedly realized that his hand had penetrated her body.

The dimension where he was and the dimension where she stayed became in different flows.

“Let’s go to sleep. It’s a long sleep.”

‘Wait a minute, Yves! Yves…!’

Chernicia touched Tenebris’ head quietly, whispering to the body where only the thoughts were left.


Her words were filled with affection.

“It’s okay. You won’t be lonely. So that you don’t wake up alone, I…….”

‘What are you talking about? What are you going to do now?’

Her voice died away, so he couldn’t hear her well.

He heard people coming.


She smiled at Theodore for the last time.

“……so you must recognize me.”


For a moment, he felt a distant emotion.

Theodore still remembers the first time he saw her.

It was a normal afternoon when Empress Margarate was not in a good mood to deal with the guests she received.

At the garden of the Imperial Palace, he met a girl.

Yvonne Chernicia.

A girl who was so pretty that he thought she might have been a forest fairy for a moment.

The moment he saw that face, his heart fluttered…….

He fell in love with the girl he met by chance.

Theodore thought it was, like, fate.

And it’s only now that he has the answer.

Maybe he was born to love Yves.

To find her across countless time and space, to love her again.

Maybe that’s why he was born.

Those who arrived later broke the soul of Tenebris, who had only his own thoughts left.

The soul, which had only thoughts left, was broken into seven fragments, and in the meantime, the fragments of the broken soul were spread throughout the world.

That dusty crumble of souls will now become the product of black magic, which will be defined as evil.

Theodore saw Tenebris’ fragmentation of his own.

I didn’t expect she’d give my eighth fragment to a human and make him reborn.

Actually, when Tenebris was referring to the eighth fragment, he had a rough idea.

The blurry memory of the body gradually revived and brought conviction.

He did not enter the body of Tenebris and occupy it.

He was awakened from his body in the past beyond time and space.

So the real soul of Tenebris was himself.

T/N: From today to next Friday, two chapters will be released per day! The mass release will be done for fulfilling the Goal!

By the way, I have a question. In the end, who did Chernicia love actually? (Oh wow, I’m the tlor and I don’t know the answer myself 😱😶)

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