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LPLBS Chapter 123


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Then there he saw Ferdinand, The Agent of Heaven with blue hair.

As soon as he found him, Theodore felt a surge of hatred inside himself.

The bastard Ferdinand.

He was annoyed that he had to hear that name even here.

Leobrante, Ferdinand, he didn’t want to see them at all.

It was when Theodore, who couldn’t stand the discomfort, was about to move to another place.


Theodore stopped there and frowned.

‘What’s with him?’

His face hardened when he noticed the new fact.

‘He’s looking at Yves with the same eyes as me.’

He felt ominous.

Benjamin also always looked at Yves with those eyes.

Then eventually, he went crazy, trying to restrain Yves with Erwin as a hostage.

‘No, Erwin should be safe in the Chernicia mansion by now…….’

Theodor, who tried to reassure himself, closed his eyes tightly and uttered a low swear word.

“Damn it.”

He missed Erwin.

He wanted to see the lovely gesture, how his eyelashes shook and he blinked.

He missed Odelia, too.

He wanted to see Odelia’s clear smile, which brightens the surroundings with a big smile.

And Yves…

He missed Yves, who the children resembled after and loved them.

It’s not like her past life with the same soul as Yves, but the Yves who shared the same time with him…….

He missed even the cold appearance of her cursing at him for being trash. So Theodore breathed out his breath silently to suppress his tears.

Yves, I miss you so much…….

* * *

How long has it been?

When Theodore’s body hair grew considerably longer.

It occurred to Theodore that maybe he was being punished.

The punishment for making Yves shed tears from her pretty eyes, he could no longer return to his original world and time.

The punishment of watching him making love with another man with the same face and soul as her, he felt lonely and shabby.

In front of Yves, who doesn’t have any old memories with him, the punishment of having to suffer alone without being able to tell her that there were such times when they were together.

Every night, when he woke up in the morning, he hoped to go back to the world where Yves was.

But every morning his hope was cruelly broken and shattered and tattered in the passage of time.

Maybe because it was only a hope.

Yves… he may not see her ever again.

‘No, there must be a way.’

It was when Theodore tried to shake off such ominous thoughts.

“Demons, demons! Lord Tenebris! We are in big trouble!”

The name of the demon in the appearance of a young boy who came to him screaming was Jericho.

Jericho shuddered and shouted.

“The demons, the demons are going crazy!”


The demons were divided into two categories.

High-level demons who can think and speak like Jericho, and low-level demons that move only according to their instincts.

Like humans, higher-level demons dominated lower-level demons, living in harmony with other individuals.

Humans have not classified them as enemies either.

Occasionally, some inferior demons would go out of control.

At that time, the apostles would kill the demons and protect the humans.

However, Jericho was saying that not only those low-level demons but also some high-level demons are going crazy.

“Why in the world…?”

“Fe, Ferdinand! Ferdinand, the man……!”

Jericho cried out, with a vein popping around his neck.

“He did something strange to the demons!”

“Why is he…?”

There was a thought that suddenly crossed the mind of Theodore, who was thinking bitterly.

When he saw Leobrante next to Yves, he was surrounded by all sorts of negative emotions.

Ferdinand, who looked at her with the same eyes of someone who thought the same thing as him.

“Let’s go.”

Theodore immediately moved with Jericho.

And found Leobrante in danger.

“He’s in danger, Lord Tenebris!”

It was the most notorious demon of the advanced level that was attacking the fainted Leobrante.

The demon’s eyes were red and its mouth was wide open.

It wasn’t very good condition.

“Stop right now!”

Theodore commanded the demon in a dismal voice, but the demon who lost control over itself didn’t hear his order.

Theodore saw Leobrante, who was on the verge of being eaten.

He didn’t like the man from the moment he first saw him.

Silly. If the girl I like has another man, I’ll win my love by killing him.

He once thought so.

He thought it was what true love is.

To be honest, Theodore still wanted the man to disappear.

“Shut up, you damn thing. I didn’t like him from the start.”

Theodore approached the demon with a harsh word.

If Leobrante dies, she will cry.

In fact, Chernicia, the woman here, had the same soul as Yves, but she was not entirely the same as Yves.

Yves has a different growth environment, a different memory from Chernicia.

Nevertheless, being part of Yves means she is Yves.

Even if Chernicia cries, Yves, who lives in the time zone he remembers, will not feel the sadness.

Nevertheless, Theodore did not like her crying, who was a part of Yves.

Theodore, who had always done nothing but made Yves cry, threw himself in front of the demon to stop her from crying.

Theodore’s darkness seized Leobrante’s body and took refuge far away.

And while he was focused on it.


The demon roared and attacked Theodore.


The darkness spread quickly, but the demon rushed in undaunted with its unstable body.



Soon, Theodore’s darkness penetrated the demon’s body.



Theodore’s knees touched the floor.

The tattered body collapsed in disgrace.

“It hurts…”

The pain of the flesh reached his soul.

It was so painful and unbearable that he thought he would rather stop breathing right now.

“It hurts, haah…….”

Theodore gasped and asked himself.

If he dies in this body, what happens to his soul?

Can he go back to Yves?

Thinking so, a fear that he had never felt before struck him.

Yves, Erwin, Odelia…….

It means that he won’t be able to see the people he loves anymore.

“Ugh, Hick, haa…”

Thinking like that made him emotional with sadness.

But Yves…… Yves wouldn’t mind staying without him.

No, maybe she’ll like it more if he disappeared.

Because he had always been the one that made her angry and cry…….

And Erwin and Odelia…… They’re young anyway, so they won’t remember him if they grow up a little longer.

Take Er and Lia, too.

Lia will protect you, okay?

Er will cure Azo, okay?

The last time he saw the children, it was in the Chernicia mansion shortly after he came out of Yves’ subconscious mind.

When he recalled the voices of the children, which seemed to have passed the wheel of time, but were still clear, a blurry smile bloomed around his mouth.

Come to think of it, he hasn’t told Yves yet that Erwin seems to have expressed his magical ability too.

Erwin’s magic was warm and lovely, unlike his, which was violent and destructive.

When the child blew his breath at him, he remembered the wound disappearing.

He honed for a long time to heal one of the little wounds left on Yves’ wrists, but Erwin did it so easily.

Perhaps his power will not be able to eliminate only small wounds, but also eliminate all the pain as the child says.

In addition, with the development of maturity at the same time, he will definitely be a much better adult than himself.

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