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LPLBS Chapter 113


It was a calm but sad voice.

But Yves laughed, saying so.

Theodore was choked up by the pretty smile.

“……I’m sorry.”

A cracked voice broke out suddenly.

“I’m, I’m so sorry, Yves.”


“Because I don’t remember you… For forgetting you like a fool, for hurting you. And……”

Theodore didn’t know.

The fact that she, who was always bright and brave, could cry so hard.

He had no idea.

“…for making you cry.”

Theodore couldn’t bear the fact that he made her cry, so he bit the tender flesh in his mouth.

His mouth burst and a fishy smell of blood went through my throat.

“I’m sorry, Yves. I’ll never…….”

It was the moment when he clenched his teeth and reached for her.

“But you won’t remember me.”

Yves, with her face that suddenly disappeared, said so.

Theodore paused and stiffened on the spot.

“You won’t remember me after all. Until I finally leave your side exhausted.”

At first glance, her resentful eyes stared at Theodore.

“You will make me cry again.”


“Isn’t it right, Theo?”

Theodore could not say anything.

It’s true.

He didn’t, he didn’t remember her.

Until she eventually got tired, couldn’t stand him and left.

“So, don’t apologize to me.”

It was a sadly wet voice, unlike a harsh voice.

“I don’t want to be miserable in front of you anymore.”

The last word reverberated in his ear.

Yves just moved away from him.

Theodore, who was left behind, could not catch her.

It would be more right to say that he couldn’t hold onto her.

Her unconsciousness, wrapped in a hard outer skin, is so fragile.

She’s so thin and pathetic, and she’s crying because she’s in such tremendous pain.

He found out that all he gave her was love, hurt, tears and misery, and these had turned out to be the only thing he had left for her.

Once again he found out that the past Theodore, the Emperor of Albrecht, was a fool.

The urge to strangle him from the past, once again, began to eat him.

* * *

“Ernest has become a demon?”

I frowned and asked back at the incredible news that Lyndon had delivered.

“It wasn’t just a demon, it was like a King of demons. Every time Prince Ernst waved his hands, demons jumped out from here and there.”

“……did you happen to see something wrong? It’s just not like Ernst, but someone else.”

“No, it must have been Prince Ernst.”

Lyndon replied with a very serious look.

“The demonized Prince Ernst took over the palace. The palace is full of demons now.”

“What the hell is that nonsense?”

“I know it’s hard to believe. However, it is difficult to respond with the power of our Knights alone. His Majesty is away……. Therefore, we need the help of the patriarchs who have been protected by the God of Briheem.”

“Sir Lyndon!”

Eventually, I raised my voice because I couldn’t hold it in.

Ernst, the tearful little friend of mine became a demon?

It’s not just a demon, he has become like a King of demons?

He ruled over the demons and took over the palace?

“It’s a hard story for me, too. First of all, we should meet His Highness Ernst.”

Celine said in a calm voice.

Meanwhile, the horse carrying us arrived steadily in front of the palace.

Under the dark sky, the demons surrounding the palace threatened us by revealing their teeth.

I immediately jumped through it with a sword, and Celine following after me.

* * *

Tenebris was a little annoyed by Jericho, who was still not coming back.

‘What the hell is he doing?’

He couldn’t wait, and when he frowned, black smoke bloomed in the air.

The black smoke immediately created the image of Jericho.

Jericho, in the shape of a black squirrel, was playing with the children wearing a doll dress.

Tenebris, who found it, kicked his tongue in bewilderment.

‘Why are you looking so ugly?’

The children with Jericho were the ones he had seen the other day.

Children of Chernicia he met in the ‘Channel’ of time and space.

‘What can they do with Jericho’s power?’

It was probably the girl who opened the channel.

Even in the world before he went to sleep, it was hard to see a mage who was good enough to open a channel.

In addition, the boy next to the girl was also a child strong enough to overpower him, albeit in an incomplete state.

Tenebris knew better than anyone else that age was not important to those who were protected by the God of Briheem.

“Do I have to step up in person? What a bother…….”

It was when he was muttering annoyingly.


His eyes suddenly grew round.

Not far away, a familiar energy was felt.

“This is…”

Tenebris sprang up from his seat as if possessed.

The refreshing energy, which he couldn’t forget even the moment he closed his eyes, encroached deep into his lungs.

It is her.

Chernicia, the leader of the land.

It was her energy.


The door to the throne room burst open.

In between, a woman ran in, covered in the blood of demons.


Silver hair that flutters gently, green eyes that is like fresh spring.

The moment he saw her, Tenebris was in a state of intense shock.

Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud!

His heart began to beat fast.


‘No, Chernicia is gone.’

You know, I’m only telling you.

‘That’s not Chernicia I remember.’

Haha, Tenebris. You’re blushing right now. You look like a tomato.

‘Just like her, a descendant of Chernicia…….’

There was a flood of confusion.

Meanwhile, the emerald on the swordhilt on Yvone’s waist began to turn black and emit black smoke.

The same reaction occurred in Celine’s brooch that followed.

“Lord Celine, this…….”

“Darkness…… It’s the deepest and most dangerous darkness!”

Clink, clink!

The emerald and brooch fell to the floor and broke, and the black smoke from it was absorbed into Tenebris’ body.

The skin reflected through the collar of the shirt that was loosely worn, the forearms under the rolled sleeves, the exposed neck and temples sprang up with blood.

“I have to kill them, damn it.”

His eyes flushed red, unable to overcome the confusion.

Dozens of black spines bloomed around him.


It was the moment when they were about to pour out all at once toward Yvone.


Tenebris’ body froze at the cry from inside him.

[Don’t hurt Yvone!]

There was a stronger cry than before.

At that moment, the black spines scattered.

“This voice is…….”

Tenebris, with his red eyes turn redder, chewed his lower lip.

“Isn’t he the petty human Prince who was consumed by me to resurrect me from the vessel?”

It was only when he muttered in a dismal voice and understood who it was that he felt so unpleasant for being interrupted by such an existence.

“What are you talking about?”


A human woman, who didn’t know where she was approaching, was holding a sword at the back of his neck.

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