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LPLBS Chapter 111


“It’s a secret, but Lia is actually a squirrel. A magical squirrel.”

Odelia whispered in his ear.


Jericho’s body hardened and his eyes widened.

“Are you surprised? Lia can spout fire and fly in the sky. Because Lia is a Yonza squirrel.”

The story of Jericho, a squirrel warrior that is popular within the children recently, was made and sprayed by her in Jericho’s face.

This was because his only hobby, who was waiting for the resurrection of Tenebris for a long time, to make various tales and spread them among people.

In the story he made, Jericho, a squirrel warrior, naturally couldn’t shoot fire and fly in the sky.

Because he’s a squirrel.

“Yonza needs a Buhayo (Underling). So Lia will make you as a special Buhayo (Underling).”

“Wow, Lia, do you have a Buhayo (Underling)?”

Woong, this squirrel is Lia’s Buhayo (Underling)!”

Suddenly Jericho became Odelia’s Buhayo (Underling).

“Squirrel! Go and pick up some acorns for Lia!”

“What? What’s acorn?”

Ung, acorns, doesn’t the squirrel know what acorn is?”

Odelia’s face, which had been sweet all along, became as ugly as Erwin’s a while ago.

“How can a squirrel not know what acorn is?”

Odelia looked at Jericho in horror.

“Could it be you really are not a squirrel?”

“It’s because it smells fishy.”

“Oh, no, squirrel don’t know acorn…….”

“Hurry up and go pick up acorns! Go, go!”

It was Spring and it was hard to find acorns.

Odelia, who made him do what he couldn’t do, made it a little bit unfair to Jericho. But he could only nod gently, saying he knew what acorn is now.

‘I’ll make some fake acorns out of black magic and catch the girl. And then I’ll take her to Tenebris. It’s a perfect plan.’

Jericho thought, walking to a nearby tree and pretending to find an acorn.

“Did you find any acorns?”

“Oh, yes, yes! I found an acorn!”

Jericho made a fake acorn and ran to Odelia.

Then suddenly, he tripped over a large stone and fell on the ground.


The fake acorn he made with black magic rolled around.

And then-


The acorn burst with a loud noise. In front of Yves’s beloved flower plant.



For a moment, the expressions disappeared from the faces of the two children.

“The flower tree that Mommy cares so much about is gone…….”

“That squirrel destroyed it…….”

Erwin and Odelia’s cold eyes turned to Jericho.

Jericho shrank his neck at the creepy stare.

The murderous energy of the children was so hideous and vicious that he could not believe that two three-year-olds emitted it.

Jericho knew only one person who could exude such a vicious energy.

‘It’s just… it’s like Tenebris!’

In particular, their expression looked exactly like him when he raises one eyebrow as if he is in a bad mood.

It was when Erwin and Odelia folded their arms and were thinking about what to do with this rude squirrel that destroyed the flower tree that their mother loved.

They heard people arriving from outside.

With Yvone at the forefront, Brian and Celine behind, and knights from two families following them together.

“Oh, Mommy’s back!”

“Mommy came back?”

Erwin and Odelia immediately ran to Yvone and hugged her thighs.

“Were you too well-behaved?”

“Lia and Er protected the mansion!”

“Er and Lia didn’t cry. We were very well-behaved.”

“Lia and Er are good kids.”

At that time, the children’s expressions and speech were very flattering contrary to how they had been looking at Jericho a while ago.

Jericho was shocked by the two-faced aspect of the children, acting like the world’s best angels in front of Yvone.

“Yes, you two didn’t cry and stayed bravely at the mansion without your mother. Our Er and Lia are really amazing.”

Yvone patted the children on the head.

Then the children burst into laughter.

It was a very lovely, cute and harmless laugh.

‘They aren’t being vicious anymore…… These two kids have double personalities.’

Jericho’s complexion grew worse at their appearance.

It was when.

“Oh, this is a demon!”

Celine, who found Jericho, shouted with her eyes wide open.

Then people’s eyes turned to Jericho all at once.

Jericho was stiffened by the gaze that fell on him.

“It’s a demon? Not a squirrel?”

“There are no squirrels in the Chernicia mansion, Yvone.”

Yvone and Brian each said a word.

“I can feel the black magic from him.”

“Then do I kill him?”

Jericho became increasingly scared hearing the conversation.

“Mommy, Mommy.”

It was none other than Odelia who saved Jericho from the crisis.

“Don’t kill him. Isn’t he so cute?”

Odelia looked at Yvone with very cute and lovely eyes and asked.

“Squirrel, it’s Lia’s Buhayo (Underling)…….”

“But Lia, they say this squirrel is a demon. It could be dangerous if you put it next to you for no reason.”

“But he’s a good squirrel, and he can speak well too. Right, good squirrel?”

Jericho nodded quickly.

It was when Yvone crossed her arms and looked at Jericho.

“Lord Yvone!”

Lyndon came over with a serious look on his face.

“Sir Lynden?”

“Oh, Lord Celine is with you too. Just at the right time.”

“What’s going on? No, first of all, did you find His Majesty?”

Lyndon’s expression sank at her question.

“I couldn’t find His Majesty anywhere. The same goes for Ferdinand’s Head.”

“Have you met the priests? Benjamin was holding a book of black magic. It must be related to dark magic.”

“Yes, first of all, I asked for cooperation from the priests who recently entered the empire.”


“Don’t worry too much. He’s not someone who’ll die so easily.”

Lyndon hastily added to Yvone’s worried expression.

“His Majesty is the one who even started a war on the western continent to find Lord Yvone. Like this, Lord Yvone has returned, and so he won’t die easily even if it’s possible.”

Yvone’s expression improved a little, perhaps because the words were strangely persuasive.

“More than that…… the Imperial Palace has now been occupied.”

“What? Occupied?”

“The Imperial Palace is now occupied by demons…….”


At the words, people looked around the sky toward the palace in unison.

It was still covered with sinister black clouds.

“Yes, the demons. And, the…… leader of the demons…….”

Lynden, who was continuing to talk, paused when she found Erwin and Odelia eavesdropping with sparkling eyes.

“First of all, can the two Lords go to the palace with me? I’ll give you a detailed explanation on the way.”

“Yes, I will go.”

Yvone and Celine nodded at the same time.

Yvone looked back at Jericho and looked worried.

“Then this demon…….”

“Are you going to kill the squirrel?”

Odelia held Jericho in her arms with her eyes open.

“Er will be with Lia! Er will teach it a lesson if it bothers Lia!”

Erwin also sided with Odelia, swinging his small arms.

“Look at this!”

Erwin grabbed Jericho’s tail.


Then Jericho let out a strange scream, which was never a squirrel’s scream.

“Er also has a sword like Yonza.”

Erwin took out his sword and shouted.

Then his sword was covered with a green light.


Although Erwin is still three years old, the child who inherited Chernicia’s power has stronger power than 20 skilled knights combined who have trained for more than a decade.

Besides, Erwin has been training hard since he came to the Empire…….

“Brother Brian, I’ll go to the palace with Celine, so please take care of the mansion and the children. Please keep an eye on that squirrel, too.”

“Yes, I will. Take care of yourself too.”

Brian nodded with a firm look on his face.

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