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LPLBS Chapter 108


Inside the Albrecht Palace.

A man, who was once Prince Ernst, was now a completely different being, walked down the hall.

Long black hair reaching the toes, blood-red eyes.

At first glance, the facial features of Ernst remained, but he still felt like a completely different person. Perhaps because of the cold expression on his face that Ernst would never have.

Thud. Thud.

Hundreds of black thorns made of thin black thread bloomed around him as he walked slowly through the palace.

“Huh? Prince Ernst?”

“Is it Prince Ernst?”

“The Prince is a little…….”

Those who worked in Ernst’s palace found him walking and wondered and tried to approach him.

“What’s wrong with the Prince’s hair…… Ahh!”


However, because the black thorns that flew towards them in an instant pierced their body easily, they immediately turned mute.

The desperate screams of the dying covered the palace.

Tenebris walked indifferently in the chaos.

Black smoke billowed up from the ground within his reach.

The black smoke clumped together and turned into a small squirrel shape.

“Lord Tenebris!”

The black squirrel chanted in a frivolous voice, chasing after Tenebris.

“Oh, you just woke up, but why are you walking so fast? Lord Tenebris. Lord Tenebris!”

However, Tenebris did not look back at the sound of calling him anxiously, but just walked indifferently.

Katarina was among the people running around in a sudden uproar.

“Oh my…! Lord Tenebris!”

Katarina, who found the resurrected Tenebris, ran to him and prostrated herself.

“Now, now, I, I, save…….”

The moment Katarina’s hand touched the hem of his robe.


The black thorn penetrated Katarina’s body at once.

Tenebris wrinkled his eyes irritably and soon moved forward.

Knights and the servants of the Imperial Palace were helpless.

Finally, it was Theodore’s palace where Tenebris’s steps reached.

Occupying the Imperial Palace without Theodore, he sat on the throne of the Emperor with a bored look.

A black squirrel-shaped demon that ran with a gasp took a large breath stopping in front of him.

“Oh, my.…. Lord Tenebris, this is Jericho, waiting for you to wake up again…….”

“Why do you look like that?”

When Tenebris asked obnoxiously, Jericho replied, wagging his coveted fluffy tail.

“These days, I’m called the most popular animal on the continent.”

Jericho’s body, which was like a black squirrel, slowly turned into the colour of a real squirrel.

Jericho proudly raised his chin to explain his achievements while Tenebris was asleep.

Sadly, however, Tenebris was not interested in him.

Instead, he asked something else.

The owner of a name who was choking on solitude in his long sleep and became a fallen being, but could not forget.

“What about Chernicia?”


Lovely silver hair that sparkled in the moonlight.

Pretty green eyes that bent in the shape of a crescent every time she smiled.

Chernicia, the guide of the land.

“Where is she?”

* * *

Meanwhile, Theodore fell alone in an unfamiliar space.

“Where are we? Damn it.”

Nothing could be seen in the whole white space.

“Are we in time-space again…….”

Theodore muttered with a grave look on his face.

It was an instinctual reaction to save Erwin, so he rushed to Benjamin when he saw the gap, but fell into a strange place.

It could be confirmed that Erwin was out of Benjamin’s hands, but it was not known what happened after that.

“With Yves together, Er will be safe.”

Theodore muttered to himself as if he were sure.

At this time, he saw a beautiful face in the distance.

“Huh? Yves……!”

It was Yves.

But Yves was not alone.

She was with another guy.

“Who’s that?”

Theodore walked towards them, frowning obnoxiously.

It was then.


Yves slapped the man across the face with her right hand.

The man’s head turned to the other side because of the force.

Theodore’s expression, which recognized the man’s face, turned dumbfounded.

The man who was slapped by Yves was none other than…….

‘That’s me, isn’t it?’

Theodore, it was himself.

‘What is this?’

Theodor narrowed his eyes and looked at the man slapped by Yves.

Black hair, golden eyes, sculptural beautiful features.

By all accounts, it was Theodore himself.

He was sure.

He could be the only one who was so handsome.

‘No way. Is there another thing made by dark magic to mimic me?’

Theodore couldn’t resist and ran forward at the moment such doubts suddenly arose.

“Get away from her!”

He shouted after the man being slapped by Yves and pushed away the sobbing man.

“Yves! That’s a fake! I’m real!”

Then Yves looked at Theodore with a fearful look.

“What’s this?”

Her pretty green eyes were stained with consternation.

Her expression was like, ‘There are two Theodors! It’s so terrible!’ She had that kind of look.

At that time, he heard a whimpering cry from below.


The man who was pushed out by Theodore a while ago was crying on the floor.

“Yve, Yves, huh…… in the……..”

The man gently raised his head, holding the cheek that was slapped by Yves a moment ago in one hand.

The long eyelashes, wet with tears, trembled.

“I’m, I’m sorry. I’m a cockroach……. Hah hic….”

The man was crying.

Blinking and crying in the prettiest angle possible.

“But I’m, uh, the most handsome cockroach in the world, so I mean, don’t hate me too much, hic, don’t hate me, Yves…….”

“He’s playing the beauty game, isn’t he?”’

Theodore’s face quickly turned ugly.

“Don’t be fooled, Yves! He’s pretending to cry even though he’s not hurt!”

“Who are you?”

The man who found Theodore denying his presence strongly snapped back, grinding his teeth.

“Why do you look exactly like me? Did you use some dark magic?”

The man held the cheek while trying to imitate Theodore.

Theodor easily ignored him and pulled Yves’s hand gently.

“Think, Yves. There’s no way it’s going to hurt because he is hit by your lovely hand like this.”

Then he kissed the back of her hand.

Then the man who was crying below shouted at Theodore, glaring at him with scornful eyes.

“What do you know! And can you get your dirty muzzle out of Yves’s hands right now?”

“Look at that, Yves. That sly fellow is glaring at me with open eyes. He’s obviously not hurt at all.”

“Hmm, uh… Oh, no, Yves……. Ugh….”

The man immediately cried at Theodore’s criticism.

‘What a loser.’

Theodore laughed at the man inside.

He looked even uglier from crying like a child.


At this time, Yves frowned as she looked at her hand held by Theodore.

Then, with a strong pull, she shook off his hand.

“Now, did you say ‘soft’ to the Head of Chernicia?”

“Uh, Yves……?”

For a moment, he felt a gust of green light appearing in her palm.


She waved it at Theodore’s face.

It was the hand that dealt with the sword.

The slapped cheek hurt to the point of tears.

“Ugh, Yve, Yves…….”

But Theodore endured the pain and said to Yves.

“Yes, you should rather hit me. Because that’s a fake.”

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