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LPLBS Chapter 106


Tenebris, the most powerful of the four ancient apostles.

His dark magic was sometimes against the rules of Heaven.

But sometimes there were things that some people wished for to have, something that is against the logic of the world.

That was the strong power Rudolph and Margarate wanted, and the reversal of time to revive the dead that Theodore hoped for.


Benjamin’s wish to keep her(Yves) by his side.


An unexpected figure greeted Yvone and Theodore, who ran outside at the sound of shouting.

“Benjamin? You…….”

“Why are you coming out with the Emperor? At this hour, in that outfit?”

Benjamin, who was floating in the air, stared at the two with a fierce face.

He seemed to have misunderstood something because Theodore came in disorganized clothes from the palace.

But no-one had the spirit to explain such a thing.


Yvone screamed.

Knights of the Imperial Palace and Chernicia, including Lyndon, were dangling in the air.

And…… Erwin was caught by Benjamin.

“Uhhhhhhh…… Mo, Mom….”

Erwin, who had a tearful voice and a scared expression, burst into tears.

“What the hell are you doing!”

There was something flapping in Benjamin’s opposite hand that was not holding Erwin.

At first glance, it looked like a magic scroll, but it was actually the Black Magic Book.

It was something Rudolph had collected for a long time.

By far, these were things that never caught his eyes, so Benjamin didn’t expect the days he would need them.

In essence, dealing with black magic was beyond his competence, so he needed materials unlike when he uses Ferdinand’s magic.

At the time of killing Rudolph and Margarate, he sacrificed the lives of them to the ‘vessel’, where they used to sacrifice children they had collected to maintain the ‘vessel’.

When he erased Theodore’s memory, he used Katarina’s blood and mental power as a material.

When he made a scarecrow that spoke and moved like a human being, he willingly sacrificed his blood and three years of life.

But this time, Benjamin’s trick was more powerful and dangerous than anything he’d ever done.

There may be a stronger reaction, but it was also what he wished for more than anything else.

Mental manipulation.

He had been around her for a very long time, but she didn’t recognize him.

So Benjamin was going to manipulate her memory and break her mind and put her next to him.

‘I’m sure it will work.’

She will smile at him, hug him, and whisper words of love.

Even if it was a false mind, Benjamin wanted to own her completely.

But this dangerous dark art required mental strength enough to destroy someone’s mind.

Benjamin could not destroy his spirit, rather than sacrifice his life.

Because the destroyed mind won’t feel anything about her.

So this time he is going to use her child as a material.

Erwin Chernicia.

It was a good fortune to hear from her that not long ago that the little boy had developed his sword magic a while ago.

“Wait a minute, Yves. It’ll be over in a minute.”

“Put Er down right now!”

Yvone pulled out his sword and tried to run at him.

“Be careful, Yves.”

At that moment, Benjamin’s hand, which grabbed Erwin by the back of his neck, was tight.

“Your lovely Er wouldn’t get hurt.”

Yvone paused at the sentence and hardened on the spot like a statue.

On Erwin’s head, the magic pattern that Benjamin was drawing was shining.

“What’s that thing?”

Theodore asked fiercely at Benjamin.

“Well, if you’re curious, provoke me more, Your Majesty.”

Benjamin rolled the corners of his mouth and giggled.

“You never know. Everyone may see an interesting scene.”


Theodore gritted his teeth and glared at him.

He couldn’t move recklessly because he didn’t know the identity of the thing in his hand.

“Benjamin, you, why the hell…….”

Yvone asked in a trembling voice.

“Did you really do everything that Theodore said? Did you attack Brother Brian and made Theodore lose his memory?”

It was a question with such a clear answer that it was ridiculous to ask.

There was a deep sense of betrayal on Yvone’s face.

Benjamin, who found it, twisted his face hideously.

It was her who actually betrayed his heart, and Benjamin could not understand why she looked at him with a betrayed expression.

“……it’s okay. My heart will soon be yours, and your heart will be mine.”

Benjamin held the dark pattern in his hand over the air.

Erwin, who was caught by him, struggled to escape, but the more he did, the stronger the grip on his neck became.

‘He’s trying to use Er as a sacrifice.’

Theodore, who read everything related to Tenebris last night, was able to quickly grasp the opponent’s intention.

However, he did not yet know the type of pattern his opponent was drawing, so he also did not know what he was going to do with Erwin.

‘First of all, I must stop it.’

It was when Theodore was looking for any loophole created by Benjamin’s.

“Benamines Samjon!”

Odelia, who suddenly came out from somewhere, jumped out and shouted at Benjamin.

“Don’t do that to Er!”

It was the moment when Odelia, whose face was covered with tears, used all her strength and power that she didn’t have to scream.


Suddenly, everything around them began to shake with a strong vibration.

A shadow fell over the bright sky.

Looking up at the sky, the moon was slowly covering the sun, as if eating it.

“Hey, what is this…….”

Everyone, even Benjamin, was bewildered by the bizarre phenomenon.

“Benjamin Ferdinand!”

At that small distraction, Theodore jumped at Benjamin.


As a result, Benjamin’s grip on the child he was holding loosened.

Yvone catched the falling child’s body by leaping quickly.

And at the same time.

A pattern drawn in the air struck Theodore and Benjamin at once.

It wasn’t long before the two people disappeared.

* * *


It was a fresh voice like the smell of grass on a summer day.

[Sleeping late again? Come on, get up. Let’s become a grasshopper today.]

It was a sweet and soft voice as if soaked in honey.

[Why did you do that? Why did you do that?….]

It was an unforgettable voice because he loved it for a long time.

[Poor Tenebris. Now your soul can’t even die.]

It was a voice that cried for him.

[Let’s go to sleep. It’s going to be a long sleep.]

Listening to a damp and sad lullaby, he fell asleep.


And it was time to wake up again.

T/N: Sorry for the short chapter. Some readers asked me why I said the FL is ungrateful? Then I would like you to imagine being in Benjamin’s shoes. Imagine that you did something for someone. Even vomiting blood and almost sacrificing your life for that person, just so that she can be happy. But one day suddenly, she became cold to you. Making you stand at the gate of her house. Just because a scumbag told her that you are a scumbag. How would you feel at that time?

It’s not that Benjamin forced Yves to fall in that situation. If it wasn’t for Benjamin, she would have died long ago at the hands of Ferdinand’s Head and the Empress. It was her fault for getting entangled with Theodore, falling in love with him, getting pregnant and escaping in the end. How is it Benjamin’s fault? Benjamin only helped her escape. If Benjamin didn’t help her, she wouldn’t even be able to escape so far, going to another country and raising her kids lavishly.

And if it comes to trying to kill Brian, if you all forgot, Theodore also planned to beat Brian and hang him at the front gate of the palace of Caligor and lure Yves out. And it was also that reason that Theodore also started searching for Brian in the first place. Just because he didn’t take action doesn’t mean he didn’t want to. Theodore is also someone who doesn’t deserve Yves, as much as Benjamin.

I’m not siding with anyone, just telling the truth. If you ask me, I will never want Theodore and Yves to end up together. I don’t want her to end up with anyone. She alone is enough to raise her kids. So the author didn’t need to burn so much wood just so that they could be together.

Sorry for all the rambling, the things I said are just my opinion. Hope no one minds.

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9 thoughts on “LPLBS Chapter 106”

  1. Es cierto, concuerdo contigo! ambos dejan mucho que desear, pero el que más sacrificó cosas fue Benjamín, al menos eso hizo y el otro casi nada 🤣🤣

    1. Ungrateful?? should she be grateful to the guy that cause the man she love to forget about her? it all started when benjamin erased the ML’s memories which alone can be the reason to the FL’s anger. At least the ML only intended to use black magic because he couldn’t bare to see the FL die but what about benjamin its like he himself is black magic and now he wanted to use the child of the woman he claimed he “love” as a sacrifice to be with her. forget about his personality he is a demon

  2. For me, it’s kinda hard to be grateful to the person who caused the person you love so much to forget and hate you. I can understand if you don’t like the ML given his weird personality, but Benjamin was the true source of both the MC’s suffering so why call her ungrateful? She was oblivious but happy with the ML before Benjamin did all that to the both of them. I’m just curious with your way of thinking. 🙂

  3. Theodore has a trashy personality but he never did anything to hurt her before he was manipulated by Benjamin
    Benjamin’s obsession with the MC is what caused majority of her problems, if he had never messed with Theodore, they would be living happily albeit obliviously and his family killed hers and because he helped her due to his psychotic mentality does not mean she should be grateful
    They all have their issues, but Benjamin is the biggest Villain here

    1. THIS!!!!! ALL OF THIS!!!!!!
      Just because the psycho is in love with you doesn’t mean you should love him back! All of these excuses are the same ones used by abusers in domestic vi@lence situations as well to create a false narrative invalidating the victim’s self autonomy and blame the victim. It’s an easy trap to fall into.

  4. Snow and Rain drops

    How is she being ungrateful to Benjamin? He isolated her from every one else as children due to his obsession. He saved her, due to his obsession. Sacrificing his blood and life? He never told her about the cost of making a scarecrow and made it seem simpler. Yves was happy with Theo until Ben erased his memory and she suffered from it.

    Yves cannot read his mind. He didn’t tell her anything and tried to sabotage behind the scenes so she would depend on him. And now he wants to kill her child. She is in no way ungrateful.

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