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LPLBS Chapter 105


Theodore raised his head at the sound of the birds chirping.

The sunlight coming in through a large window informed everyone that the day had dawned.


He closed the book aloud.

His eyes were bloodshot because he read all night.

Pat. Pat.

His fingertips patted the thick book cover.

“To make a ‘vessel’, you need a pure soul and a piece of Tenebris soul…….”

He glanced down and looked down at the things he had arranged on the white paper.

[There are seven (or eight) soul fragments in the Empire.

1.House of Albrecht – The Empress’s Necklace

2. House of Chernicia -The Emerald Sword.

3. House of Ferdinand – ???

4. House of Leobrante – ???

5-7. West continent – Kerbel’s crown, Caligor’s mirror and Arisbe’s ring.]

He looked through the books and wrote down what was presumed to contain the fragmented soul of Tenebris.

“But it was definitely a fake…….”

Theodore frowned as he recalled the Tenebris’s crown he had seen in the Kingdom of Kerbel.

Maybe someone swapped for a fake a long time ago.

If so, where is the real thing?

Tap. Tap. Tap…. Tap. Tap!

The movement of the fingertips tapping on the cover of the book became faster.

“To awaken the soul, the ‘vessel’ must have already been prepared…… Maybe it’s already…….”

Theodore, who was muttering all the way while, paused and stared at his font.

Oh, that seemed like a pretty crazy idea, but…….


Theodore rose from his seat and immediately visited Katarina.

And asked bluntly.

“Were you trying to resurrect Tenebris?”


Katarina’s eyes became round and her body hardened without saying anything.

Theodore’s eyes were filled with the sight.

“That’s mean it’s true.”

It was clear that she couldn’t answer. If what Theodore said wasn’t true, she would have said no.

‘Damn it. Who the hell?’

But this was a question that Katarina couldn’t answer.

However, Theodore himself can judge here…….

Odelia is in danger.

If there’s really a bunch of people preparing to revive Tenebris, Odelia is in danger.

The moment he realized it, Theodore ran his horse towards Chernicia.

* * *

At an early hour Theodore came.

“Well, My Lord…… The guest is….”

It was a time when I hadn’t even woken up properly. Because, it wasn’t even time for any guests to come.


“His Majesty…”

When I asked in wonder, the servant answered while taking a careful glance at me.

He seemed to be worried that I wouldn’t let the Emperor in the mansion, just as I did with Benjamin and sent him away.

“Well, to ask His Majesty to go away…… I can’t do it myself.….”

I sighed and put on a thin cardigan.

“Yes, I’m going.”

There was a subtle anger in the step toward the outside.

I thought, of course, Theodore would have come to talk rubbish again.

You’re so selfish, you don’t talk, you don’t change, this kind of talk.

‘Didn’t I tell you not to come without an appointment?’

‘Isn’t it enough that I listened to your story that came out of nowhere?’

‘If I force myself to forgive, will you be satisfied?’

‘What kind of dog did you promise to be?’

‘You’re a hopeless case.’

‘Rather than expecting you to be a good dog, I’ll be best friends with cockroaches.’

When I met him, I decided to shoot him like that.


But the expression on Theodore’s face was unusual, so I pushed the words I was going to say down my throat and looked at him.

His hair was disheveled and his face pale, as if he had ridden a horse in a hurry.

“What’s going on?”

“Lia, where is she?”

He looked over my shoulder with his usual relaxed face.

“Suddenly, why are you searching for Lia…….”

Then, before I finished speaking, he ran into the open gate.

Staring dumbfounded, I realized that he was not even dressed properly.

It was strange to think that when he usually came to meet me, I pretended I didn’t see, but I could notice that he was dressed up lavishly from head to toe.

But his appearance now was astonishing compared to that. Even the shoes he was wearing now were not for going out.

“What’s going on?”

I followed in his footsteps, wondering.

“Lia! Lia!”

Odelia, who had been playing in the garden since the early hours of the morning, jumped out hearing his voice.

“Huh? Mr. Ajo?”


Theodore, who found Odelia, stopped there, and soon fell down, bumping his knees on the floor.

“I’m glad…”

The relieved voice made me wonder even more.

‘What? Did he had a nightmare alone?’

“What’s wrong with you?”

As I approached him carefully, I grabbed him by the shoulder and asked.

Then he looked back at me and said.

“Wait, I need to talk to you, Yves.”


“I won’t tell you anything that bothers you. It’s not another story, it’s about the safety of the children. I won’t bring up anything you don’t like…….”

He added quickly, in case I would refuse to talk again.


I nodded meekly.

“Lindon, keep the children safe.”

Theodore ordered his knights to follow the children before I could stop it.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The Emperor’s knight responded with a nod and stared at me.

He was asking for my permission because I was the owner of the mansion, even though there were the Emperor’s knights.

“Are you saying the mansion is dangerous?”

“First of all, do as I say.”

I felt uncomfortable, but I left his knights to look after the children.

* * *

“So, there’s a group that is trying to revive the ancient darkness?”


“And Lia is in danger?”


I raised one eyebrow at the absurd answer, but Theodore replied with a serious face.

“Wait, I don’t understand anything at all right now.”

“They need strong dark magic to revive the ancient darkness. And Lia meets the requirements.”


“Lia can use black magic.”

Theodore explained to me step by step what he found, who didn’t believe a thing he said.

Meeting Lia three times in space beyond time and space through the relics of Tenebris.

The dark magic pattern he found at the fingertips of Odelia when he last visited the mansion.

And Odelia’s hair, which was dyed black at the end.

“So, Yves. Until Lia’s safety is secured, the palace…….”

It was when I was listening to Theodore talking while glancing hesitantly at me.



“Er! Lia!”

A sudden scream and shout came from outside.

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