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LPLBS Chapter 103


Erwin looked around the unfamiliar space where he set foot for the first time.

Obviously, he was thinking about how to scold the man with Odelia in the garden of the mansion a little while ago, but suddenly he came to a strange space.

“Will he really appear here?”

Woong, he will!”

When Erwin asked again with doubts, Odelia grinned and nodded.

Until now, she has always been brought to this strange space regardless of her will, so she was very proud to be here on her own for the first time.

“Trashy Azo is coming, right?”

Woong! Let’s make a trap for him.”


Erwin and Odelia began to create a trap to bully Theodore.

They dug a small hole with their maple leaf like small hands.

“What would we do after this .…”

And they buried chestnuts with spikes in them.

“When Mr. Trashy Azo appears, we will tell him to take off his shoes and pass by here.”

Odelia explained the plan to Erwin.

“Mr. Trashy Azo will be poked by nuts. When Azo cries, Lia and Er can scold him.”

Woong! I won’t give him a ‘hoho’ even if he cries!”

“Let’s give him a ‘hoho’ when we feel it’s okay.”

Erwin and Odelia firmly vowed not to help Theodore even if he cried because he was hurt.

“What if Trashy Azo doesn’t want to take off his shoes? What will we do then?”

“Um…we will bury Azo’s shoes in the ground!”

Odelia, who was briefly troubled by Erwin’s unexpected question, smiled as if she had an idea.

“We will make him step on the mud and tell him to take off his shoes, saying, ‘Oh, it’s dirty.’”

“Wow! Lia, you’re smart!”

Erwin agreed with Odelia, clapping both his hands.

It was at that time.

Thud. Thud.

There was a sudden sound of footsteps from the opposite side.

Erwin and Odelia turned their heads at the same time.

And there, instead of Theodore, they found a man who had a similar appearance to Theodore, but a little different.

“The Chernicia’s children.”

The man’s red eyes turned to the children.

“Who is Mr. Azo?”

“What are you two doing here?”

Instead of answering the children’s questions, the man asked something else.

“We made a trap.”

“We are going to scold Trashy Azo.”

“Trashy Azo made Mom sad.”

“So Lia and Er are going to take revenge for Mom.”

The innocent children answered the man’s questions without any doubts.

The man looked at the little trap the children made.

“You won’t catch a rabbit with that.”

“Really! But there are so many chestnuts!”

“You’d better dig a deeper hole.”


“You can use tools.”


“Can’t Chernicia’s children use a sword?”

Erwin and Odelia, who tilted their heads in puzzlement, began to rebuild the trap with the advice of the man.

When Erwin hit the ground with a branch, a greenish sword pattern appeared on the ground, making a big hole.

“Wow, Er did it!”

Odelia was amazed at the hole that reached her waist.

The two children picked up more spiky chestnuts, filled the trap, and covered them with broad leaves.

The man glanced at the trap filled chestnut that was clearly visible through the leaves.

It was clear that anyone with normal vision would never be caught in such a crude trap, but he added no more words.

Erwin and Odelia hid behind a wooden post near the trap and waited for Theodore.

“Lia, when is Trashy Azo coming?”

Woong, wait here a little. He will come soon.”

“When is it soon?”

Woong, wait a minute…….”

But Theodore didn’t show up.

Erwin and Odelia, who were waiting for him for a long time, yawned, and soon put their heads together and fell asleep.


The man stood in front of the sleeping children.

A lethargic gaze reached Odelia.

‘I’m sure I didn’t see it wrong.’

The man slowly reached for Odelia.

‘For me, the most perfect offering.’

Soon, black energy flowed out of Odelia’s body, and began to be absorbed by the man’s fingertips.

Black magic. It was a quality black magic that could not be compared to the dirty magic that has been devoted to him so far.

It was when the man was busy in absorbing Odelia’s dark magic with a very focused expression.

His body was pushed back with a tingling expression.

“What are you doing, Azo?”

Erwin woke up and stared at him.

“What did you do to Lia?”

The man slowly lowered his gaze.

A group of golden lights was spreading from Erwin’s fingertips.


The man’s expression frowned when he noticed its identity.

‘It’s getting on my nerves.’

Originally, the man had enough power to easily subdue such a small child, but it was not possible because he had not yet fully revived.

“Well, that’s enough.”

The man murmured softly, feeling the absorbed black magic swaying in his body.

Then he flashed his red eyes at Erwin and Odelia.

In an instant, the bodies of the two children bounced out of space and time.

“Oh, you two were here! Why are your clothes so dirty?”

Laura was looking at the children with a gaze that was clearly implying they were making trouble. The children raised their heads in surprise at the familiar voice.


“Where the hell have you been hiding? I’ve been looking for you two for a long time.”

“Er and Lia were going to scold the bad Azo!”

Erwin and Odelia protested a little unjustly, but unfortunately Laura let it slip.

“Yes, yes. Let’s go ahead and wash up. It’s already lunch time.”

The lips of the two children puckered out.

In the children’s simple minds, the existence of a strange uncle was completely forgotten.

* * *

A few days ago, Benjamin’s anxiety, which soared to the fullest after Theodore’s soldiers came to his mansion, reached its peak.

He sent Yves a brief letter of greeting immediately that day, but he did not get any reply even after one day, two days, and three days.

‘Don’t tell me, did the Emperor already say something strange to her?’

Unable to wait, Benjamin decided to visit her in person.

‘First, I’ll go find her…… By the way, what can I say to her?’

In the carriage that was rattling forward, Benjamin was quietly lost in thought.

Long ago, it was none other than Benjamin in his childhood who killed Rudolph and Margarate.

Ferdinand’s successor, he knew roughly what the two of them were doing since he was very young age.

Ancient Darkness, the Resurrection of Tenebris-!

To that end, they created a ‘vessel’ to revive the spirit of Tenebris, and sacrificed people to it to maintain the ‘vessel’.

The best prey to be sacrificed were young innocent children protected by the Lord Brighim.

The young children, less than ten years old, who awakened the power of the apostles, fell victim to the resurrection of Tenebris.

People thought that the lack of a child expressing divine power in the Leobrante family was just a loss of power…….

‘It was all their work, too.’

Benjamin didn’t know how great the ‘vessel’ they were hiding and lovingly protecting was.

Rudolph told him that he would be able to meet the ‘vessel’ when he grew up, but he wasn’t particularly interested.

He probably hasn’t been interested in black magic all his life.

Until, Yves Lleywellyn, a cute little girl who suddenly appeared in the mansion one day.

If they didn’t try to hurt the child.

Chernicia protects a child under the age of ten.

She was a perfect sacrifice to be sacrificed to the ‘vessel’.

But Benjamin didn’t want that pretty child to get hurt.

So he killed two people.

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