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LPLBS Chapter 102


Theodore immediately visited Katarina.

After being questioned overnight in prison, Katarina collapsed with a grotesque scream.

Theodore had attached a person to treat her, because she was not yet supposed to die.

When he opened the door, Katarina, who was sitting on the prison bed, saw Theodore entering and trembled.

Theodore strode and grabbed Katarina by the collar.

“What you made suddenly exploded and a person was injured.”

Then he asked in a frightening voice.

“What were you going to do with it?”

He was glad it exploded in the palace, if the same thing had happened when he was with the children…….

The hair all over his body stood up as a chill ran down his spine.

Just the thought of it was terrible.

“Oh, no. I don’t– I don’t–….”

“Answer me right now!”

“Huh, it’s designed to respond to black magic…….”

“Black magic?”

Theodore frowned at the unexpected word.

‘Was there any presence of dark magic in that place a while ago? Around me?’

The only people there were me, Ernst, and the knights who had been following him for a long time.

Although Theodore himself was told a joke that black hair was a phenomenon of ancient darkness since he was young…….


Theodore paused and stiffened his expression.

Suddenly, he was reminded of the magic pattern on Odelia’s finger that he saw in Chernicia’s mansion.

Fortunately, nothing happened to the children, but…….

‘Maybe the children really were in danger.’

As soon as he thought of that, a cold sweat flowed down his forehead.

“Why did you make it like that?”

The voice questioning Katarina was fierce.

“You, if you don’t answer…….”

However, despite the cool threat, Katarina only closed her eyes with her whole body stiffened.



There was a brief silence.

Theodore could tell intuitively.

There was a ban on Katarina for not being able to speak about the scarecrow and reveal anything related to it.

That, too, must be done by a very powerful person who didn’t hesitate to do anything.

There was a sudden panic in his heart.

* * *

After Theodore went back to the castle from crying buckets of tears and making a fuss in front of me, I reflected on the conversation I had with him one by one whenever I had time.

It was all a lie. I made a deal with her to find you.

And her pregnancy, it’s a lie that I had to make up to infiltrate Ferdinand.

He said everything that hurt me was a lie.

He said that everything I saw was false in the time when I had to endure and despair.

As he said, I became angry even if the things that hurt me were false or not.

The words Theodore left behind caused a stir in my dull feelings.

Like a stone thrown over the surface of the calm lake.

I didn’t forget you because of that kind of accident.

Benjamin Ferdinand, and Katarina Ferdinand. They did it. To separate you and me, with the help of black magic…….

The more I pondered on the conversation, the more my head ached.

“Is Mom in a bad mood?”

“How about Er will give you a kiss?”

Odelia and Erwin, who quickly noticed my condition, hung on both my arms and acted cute.

Looking at the children rubbing their cheeks in my arms, I suddenly remembered Theodore’s afterimage of being a good dog.

Children resemble me, but at the same time Theodore.

I always wanted to deny it, but sometimes I hesitate when I find such similar parts.

“Thank you, Er.”

Erwin kissed me on the right cheek.

Then Odelia couldn’t resist and jumped.

“Lia is going to kiss you on the cheek, too!”

Odelia kissed me twice on my left cheek.

Then she raised her chin to Erwin and smiled triumphantly.

Erwin, who was jealous of this, got angry.

I was able to let go of my worries and burst into a small smile at the innocent and naughty appearance of the children.

* * *

“Er, do you think Mommy is in a bad mood?”

Odelia whispered to Erwin, glancing at her mother’s expression as she walked side by side with Uncle Brian in the distance.

“Oh, I think it’s because of Mr. Azo.”

Erwin nodded and frowned.

“Let’s scold Mr. Azo!”

“Bad Azo, just let me meet you again, I’m going to scold you!”

Although he helped Lia, he was still a bad person who made their mother feel bad.

Erwin and Odelia began to scold Theodore.

However, Theodore, who visited the Chernicia mansion almost every day and made their mother feel bad, didn’t come for a few days.

It seemed that it was because Mommy chased him away fiercely, thought the children.

“But why isn’t Mr. Azo coming today? Er wants to scold him.”

“You know, you know, Er. Lia met the Azo before!”

“Huh? How?”

“Lia doesn’t know about it either…….”

Odelia looked down at her palms and repeatedly folded and unfolded them.

Obviously, when she puts on strength like this, it feels strange…….

“Uh, uh…!”

Odelia stared at Erwin with her eyes wide open at the strange energy felt from her fingertips.

“What’s wrong, Lia?”

“Hold Lia’s hand!”

“Woong, what?

It was the moment Erwin grabbed Odelia’s hand by surprise.

The bodies of the two children, who had been playing in the garden a while ago, disappeared somewhere.

* * *

For a long while, Theodore was embedded in an imperial library and engaged in researching ancient literature.

Something he didn’t know was targeting him, Yves, and their children.

Just like that.


The hand turning the pages of the thick literature book gradually became faster.

[One of the four ancient apostles, Tenebris, the dark enforcer, was lost in the war against the Allies.]

[The spirit of Tenebris was sealed and scattered in seven pieces.]

[Four of them were scattered to the Albrecht Imperial Family and three major families, and the remaining three were scattered to the three kingdoms of the western continent.]

And the eighth unrecorded piece of soul…….

The letters were erased after that.

‘What the hell?’

Theodore flicked an irritatingly finger across the page, raising one eyebrow.

Then he found what he was curious about.

On the page he opened, there was a monstrous black mirror that looked like a curse ritual.

[It is also called the mirror of Tenebris, or the mirror of time.]

It was the same mirror that made him and Odelia meet.

[It is presumed to be one of the sealed properties of the shattered Tenebris soul.]


Theodore narrowed his eyes for a moment and stared at the book he was holding.

‘No way, is that it?’

The information was so poor that he was choked up.

However, Theodore did not immediately close the book, but patiently turned the page and read more.

However, the book contained only useless contents and information, such as a way to wake up the ancient darkness.

It was when he was annoyed and tried to close the book like this.

[For the revival of Tenebris, a person need a ‘goblet’ to gather the ‘soul’.]

The inadvertent opening of the page drew his attention.

[And to wake up the ‘soul’ contained in the ‘goblet’…….]

“……… need strong dark magic.”

Theodore’s voice, reciting the next sentence written above the book, became low.

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