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LPLBS Chapter 101


When Theodore returned to the palace, he heard from knights that they were unable to arrest Benjamin.

“I apologise, Your Majesty. Benjamin Ferdinand was very stubborn…….”

Lyndon, who was waiting in front of the main gate of the Emperor’s palace came to Theodore as soon as he got out of the carriage, making an excuse to him.


Theodore answered in an insensitive voice and moved forward.

When he just nodded frankly, Lyndon, who thought he would get angry, blinked in surprise.

In fact, Theodore had been distracted by the small warmth that had touched his cheek for a while.

He raised his hand very carefully and touched the cheek on which Erwin’s lips touched.

The corners of his mouth curled up.

He had already completely forgotten that Erwin said he didn’t want him to come back.

The sight of Theodore smiling like a madman made Lyndon feel uncomfortable for nothing, but he did not express it.

“Did you meet Lord Yvone…….”

It was when Lyndon was about to ask something because he wanted to stop seeing that burdensome smile.


Suddenly, an unwelcome voice intervened.

Theodore looked back at the one who called him fearlessly.


Seeing Ernst’s face, his forehead crumpled.

Theodore has hated his half-brother for a long time.

“I heard Brother’s ex-fiance came back with your child. Is that true?”

“Why do you care about my work?”

Theodore folded his arms and looked at Ernst.

Katarina is not his ex-fiancée and the child she brought in was of course not his.

However, Theodore was neither Yves nor Lyndon and didn’t have the slightest desire to kindly explain such things to Ernst.

“Make it clear to her. Don’t hurt her.”

Ernst spoke emphatically to Theodore.

Theodore’s eyes narrowed.

That’s why.

This is why Theodore hated Ernst.

“You are behaving as if you’re someone important to Yves.”

It was like that back then too.

When he thought she(Yves) was dead, he(Ernst) came to him(Theodore) and quarreled with him as if she were someone very important to him.

“I’m her friend.”

“What friend?”

Theodore gave a short snort.

“Who looks at a friend like that?”

Ernst squinted at the words.

“Well, what do you mean…….”

“You clearly like Yves.”


Ernst’s expression turned stiff, and soon his face heated up.

Theodore was dumbfounded by his appearance but snorted inside.

‘Did you really think I didn’t know?’

He had been staring at Yves with that kind of eyes since they were very young.

Even Yves, who has no sense, noticed it.

“How dare you, without knowing anything.”

Theodore mumbled, kicking his tongue.

However, his half-brother, who would have stepped down if Theodore threatened this much, resisted exceptionally persistently today and provoked him.

“……It’s you who don’t know anything.”


Theodore stared at Ernst with a ferocious look.

“Yvone is not a kid that doesn’t know what a bad person is and like Brother.”

“Is that so, keep talking.”

As if he wanted to listen, Theodore pulled the corner of his mouth and gestured Ernst to speak more.

Ernst flinched at the gesture, but did not back down and raised his voice.

“It was so hard for Yvone because of Brother and his fiance. It was you who cut her hair or condoned her for bullying your fiance.”

Whenever Ernst picked Theodore’s mistakes one by one, Theodore’s expression, which was harsh, changed even more frighteningly.

“Don’t hurt her again, just leave her alone.”

It seemed to be said with in mind that he visited the Chernicia mansion last time.

“In addition, Brother’s ex-fiancé is back now. With your child.”


Theodore stared at Ernst’s displeased face.

Ernst seemed to have heard nothing but the news of Katarina’s return, and where she is now.

‘You’re slower in hearing the news.’

After the death of Empress Margarate, Ernst’s position in the imperial palace was confusing.

Because of the Emperor who has no descendants, he remained in the imperial palace in name and fulfilled the duties of the imperial family.

It was just funny that a person who was only that much showed his real face to him.

“So, are you here to argue with me?”

“Yes, I’m here to argue. Now let Yves live comfortably…….”

Just then, behind Theodore, knights were carrying Katarina’s Scarecrow.

Ernst stared at it without realizing it.

‘What is that?’

It was an unfamiliar sight enough to draw everyone’s attention.

Because a young boy, who was hard to see in the palace, was carried on a knight’s shoulder and seemed to have fainted.

The child even looked like the Emperor.

“Don’t tell me, that kid…….”

Ernst’s face seemed to turn white, and soon he looked back at Theodore as if he(Theodore) was trash.


Theodore looked back, wondering why he was looking at him like that, and saw Katarina’s scarecrow behind him.

‘So you saw that.’

They said the thing attacked the children, so he was going to put it in prison and investigate.

We didn’t hit him first. He called us bad words, so Lia scolded him for being mean.

Yes, yes. Er and Lia aren’t bad kids. He was bad to us and tried to hit us. So Er and Lia*…….

[T/N: A little confused if I translated it right.]

Erwin and Odelia said that the scarecrow suddenly attacked them.

Fortunately, it seemed to have been overpowered by the children without any problems, but Theodore couldn’t leave anything suspicious around the children.

So he told the knights to bring it to the palace as if it had fainted or died.

“Is that the child that Brother’s ex-fiance brought?”

“Well, it is.”

“But why… It’s like you’re sending him to prison.….”

“That’s right. I’m going to send him to prison.”


Although the appearance was a young boy modeled after him, Theodore knew it wasn’t a human being, so he didn’t feel guilty.

Ernst didn’t seem to think so, though.

“No, no matter how…… No matter how much you don’t like it, how…….”

“Why? You told me to be clear a while ago. So to make sure, I’m going to put him to the prison and torture him. Is there a problem?”

“How could you……!”

“What? Do you want to look like that, too?”

Theodore spoke in a threatening voice.

“But, he’s Brother’s child!”

“No, he’s not.”

“He looks just like Brother….”

“If you feel so sorry for him, you can take him with you and take care of him. After all, you are his uncle.”


“You’re always good at things like that. Playing with my kids. As an uncle.”

It was when Theodore snorted and laughed at Ernst.

The scarecrow, which was lying on the knight’s shoulder like a dead person, suddenly opened his eyes.


It was Ernst who first discovered it.

The moment its golden eyes met Ernst, they turned red.


The Scarecrow burst into laughter. And soon…….


There was a gale with a loud explosion.


Theodore, who barely escaped the damage of the explosion, gritted his teeth and waited for the wind to calm down.

“Are you all right, Your Majesty!”

The knights who came to their senses flocked to him belatedly.

‘How can you protect me like this, tsk.’

Theodore kicked his tongue once.

It was at that time.

“Your Highness the Prince!”

There was a cry from the other side.

“Your Highness the Prince, open your eyes……!”

Ernst, who was caught in the uproar, was bleeding and couldn’t open his eyes.

Katarina’s scarecrow, the main culprit of all this, had disappeared without a trace, as if its original purpose were done.

However, the clothes worn by the scarecrow rolled around in rags.

Theodore’s face was horribly distorted.

‘Damn it. What the hell happened?’

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