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LPLBS Chapter 86


Benjamin was also a cousin of Ernst, but since they were young, he hadn’t had much contact with him, so their relationship was awkward.

Benjamin’s eyes met with him(Ernst) as he got out of the carriage.

The two men looked at each other blankly.

Benjamin’s expression changed strangely.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”’

While Ernst tilted his head at the unexpected expression, Benjamin shook his head briefly and turned around.

Ernst, in a strange mood, quietly watched Benjamin disappear into the mansion where Yvone would be.

“Samjon. What are you doing?””

“Samjon, let’s play the squirrel warrior.”

Before he knew it, the children who got into a fight flocked to him again.

“Lia is going to play squirrel warrior!”

“Er is going to be Gongjun! And Samjorn is going to be Tturaego (Dragon)!”

“Yeah! Squirrel Yonza will marry Tturaego!”

“No, Yonza should marry Gongjun!”

“Don’t be like that Er. Gonjun is prettier than Tturaego. Isn’t that right, Samjon?”

Ernst smiled, erasing the strange feeling a moment ago in his happy suffering.


Shortly afterwards, the order to subjugate the monsters to three major families was issued.

Chernicia was no exception, of course.

Chernicia was able to be reinstated in the first place because of the overflowing demons, so I had to join the subjugation to fulfill my duty as the Head of Chernicia.

People gathered one after another in front of the Ripel Forest in the north of the capital.


Benjamin, who was riding on the horse, saw me and approached me.

Not long ago, Benjamin, who visited the Chernicia mansion, asked me.

What happened, Yves?

Sorry, Benjamin I’ve been hiding it from you. Actually, I’m a Chernicia…….

You’re not supposed to say that!

Benjamin was more sensitive to the fact that I had returned to Albrecht than to reappear as a Chernicia stateswoman.

Why did you come back?

There was nothing I could do. I was already caught by the Emperor.

Then you should’ve run away!

I’ve never seen Benjamin so excited.

I told you. I’m a Chernicia. It was the only chance to reinstate my family and bring the former glory, so I couldn’t miss it.


It’s a decision that I made after thinking a lot about it for a long time.

Benjamin, who had been silent for a long time, asked in a dim voice.

What about Erwin and Odelia?

What about Er and Lia?

Their real father…….

Er and Lia are Chernicia’s children.

After I put it bluntly that way, Benjamin also added no more words.

Anyway, it was my first time seeing Benjamin since then.

Benjamin wore a blue robe with a brimless blue beret with Ferdinand’s pattern on it.

It was my first time seeing him dressing so formally, so it was somewhat strange.

And then I wondered if it occurred strange to him to see me in formal attire of Chernicia.

“Now it’s really… I can’t even defy it.”


“Just, you look like a Chernicia no matter who denies it.”

At Benjamin’s unexpected words, I tilted my head and smiled.

“I’ll take it as a compliment.”

Having a small conversation with Benjamin, I felt a gaze looking at me from afar.

It was Celine Leobrante.

I stared at the woman who was Brian’s fiancee.

If it wasn’t for Celine, Brian wouldn’t have survived, and Chernicia wouldn’t have been able to rise again like this.

Even if it was possible, it would have taken a long time.

“Lord Celine.”

I approached her and thanked her for her kindness.

“I’ve heard a lot about Lord Celine from Brian. Thank you for protecting Brian.”

“Don’t mention it, Lord Yvone.”

Then she responded to me with a gentle smile.

Celine has golden eyes like Theodore. It also resembles Erwin’s eyes.

“By the way, you look very much like Brian.”

I replied with a short smile at what Celine said in wonder.

“I heard that a lot when I was young.”

A long time ago, I hated the fact that I looked like Brian.

This would have been a similar response for everyone, not just me.

There’s no sister in the world who’ll be happy to hear that she looks like a mischievous boy.

Knights gathered at the entrance of the forest.

However, it would eventually be up to the families of the three major families to conquer the evil.

It was when I was about to put on gloves and look at the sword around the waist once more.

From the back, I heard people murmuring. As I turned around, I saw a man appearing majestically in the distance.

I frowned at the figure gradually getting closer.

Theodore, dressed as a peacock, appeared here personally on a black horse.

‘What? No one said that Theodore was coming today.’

I looked at Benjamin and Celine in bewilderment.

They also looked perplexed as if they had not heard of Theodore’s appearance here.

“As an Emperor, I came to protect the well-being of the Empire’s people.”

Without anyone asking, Theodore said, raising his chin proudly.

Because he was especially dressed up, his handsome face was shining more than ever.

‘Since when have you been such a saint?’

A bewildered gaze gathered on Theodore.

Everyone here is probably thinking the same thing.

“We’d better move in pairs.”

Theodore arbitrarily drove Benjamin and Celine into a group and tied him and me in a group.

No one dared to come forward and refute the Emperor’s request.

Since I decided to stand as Chernicia’s Head, I was prepared that I could not prevent myself from colliding with him publicly, so I nodded meekly.

I went into the woods with Theodore, who was riding on his horse by my side.

I wasn’t too worried. Because I’ve already dealt with the demons once in Arbela.



Theodore then spoke to me.

“Don’t be angry. I….”


But I ignored his call and pulled the reins of the horse.

“Finally, you’re angry…….”

I could hear him grinning and muttering bitterly.

Theodore seemed to want to believe that I was angry with him.

If I really had to tell the truth, I don’t even want to get angry with him anymore and waste my feelings on him.

“Yves, please listen to me…….”

It was too late to chase me and explain whatever his reasoning was.


A demon suddenly appeared from beyond the bushes on the other side.

I immediately pulled a sword from my waist.

“Wait, get away……!”

Then Theodore leaped into the air and rushed to the demon without giving me a moment to act.


The tip of the sword with a blue hilt penetrated the body of the demon.


The demon died with an unpleasant scream.

The demon’s companion, who noticed the disturbance of the forest at the sound, gathered here one by one.


I pulled out the sword that had been embedded into the body of the demon, and charged it to the rushing demons.

It was this time.


Suddenly, a group of golden lights bloomed here and there, and gradually transformed into the form of daggers.

Several swords of light surrounding the forest flashed sharply and flew in with the intentions to kill all the evil things.

Kugwa, Kugwa!


A gust of wind blew with a terrible roar.

The wind was so powerful that even my body was about to be swept away, I managed to hold out by putting a sword on the dirt floor.


Theodore hugged me from behind and grabbed me.

“Are you okay?”

Theodore, with a pale face, asked me.

I immediately knocked his hand out.

“Touching inappropriately is forbidden, Your Majesty.”


His hand fell weakly.

I looked around in silence.

Not only were the bodies of the demons were swept away by his attack scattered here and there, but the floor was cracked and the forest was destroyed.

I was a little puzzled by the amazing power.

When I encountered him at the Royal Castle of Caligor, I realized that he had let me slide by using one tenth of his power.

“I’m sorry, Yves.”

Theodore cautiously spoke to me again.

“But those crazy things are attacking you, who is vulnerable…….”

“What do you mean vulnerable?”

I cut off Theodore mumbling excuses and replied coldly.

“Excuse me. But I am the sharpest sword of Albrecht, appointed by Your Majesty himself.”

“Uh, yes.”

Theodore nodded quietly, and then smiled loosely.

“But you’re the one who I always want to protect.”

“Please don’t talk nonsense.”

The affectionate whisper made me laugh.

“Your Majesty wants to protect someone else.”


“I heard that Your Majesty even had a pre-existing engagement with the Ferdinand’s Lady years ago.”


At that moment, Theodore’s face died of laughter.

“The name Your Majesty has been calling me, Yves. I did my own research because I was curious about her.”

I broke out his dreams and said, separating ‘Yves’ from me.

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