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HWAMSO Chapter 6


Does she feel sad for the mistress she serves or for the couple who are unable to connect like a normal couple?

Arwen never wore a dress with a wide back or a sleeveless dress, he observed as he gave the matter some thought.

Sihon remembered this and a thought sprung into his head once more.

Perhaps the bride was aware of the scars that would be visible once she took off her clothes.

However, learning the details of that day’s events came far later.

Even if he really misunderstood, it’s too late to mention it. He also took great care not to reveal that he was aware of the information she concealed.

Crucially, the relationship between the two of them was still awkward.

Anyway, it’s been a long time since they’ve been together as an imaginary couple.

Sihon believed there was no reason to be concerned about her or make any changes at this point.

Throughout their marriage, they felt the same way.

They’ve been married for 4 years until he had his last tea time with his wife.

* * *

Was it really shocking to try to adopt my nephew as an adopted child without consulting?

The wife, who had given up on getting closer at some point, asked for a conversation after a long time. And rarely, she expressed her resentment and brought up some unexpected stories.

You may have only known me as the daughter of a marquis Amaranth, but I am merely a pretender, and I hold bad feelings towards that family because I was abused as a child by the marquis.

When she revealed the surprising truth to Sihon, he knew something wasn’t right.

He was hesitant to approach her since she was the young marquess Amaranth, but now he can’t believe she wasn’t who he thought she was.

I was startled at the fact that the premise I had firmly believed in was denied.

Where the hell did it go wrong? The more I looked back, the more terrifying it became.

Naturally, the young marquess Amaranth would be hesitant to join the Duke of Blair.

Although she appears to be making an effort to get closer to her husband, this is likely merely a formal act done to keep up with her appearance.

….. I made a bad guess.

But what if the basic premise of ‘The bride is the daughter of the Marquis of Amaranth’ is wrong?

It is concluded that the above assumption is also incorrect.

It is determined that the above assumption is also incorrect.

In other words, he had portrayed a woman who didn’t feel anything for him as pompous and frigid.

He didn’t even bother to notice it for a moment, as the other person tried to chat to him and approach him.

‘A fool, an idiot, a bastard who doesn’t even know anything.’

Is this why you say prejudice is scary? He was terrified of his own ignorance and self-righteousness.

On the other hand, it was embarrassing.

Sihon was unfaithful to his marriage. He didn’t cheat, but he neglected his wife.

And he chose a successor in accordance with his own ideals for the family. She was aware that if he adopted his nephew as an adoptive child, the Duchess’s position would be compromised.

He did not respect her, but she did not go on the rampage.

She calmly asked for an even conversation and revealed secrets, she disclosed a secret that might become a weakness.

If Sihon is a despicable man, he might use her true identity as an excuse to annul the marriage and further threaten the Marquis of Amaranth.

The fact that she said it while taking such a risk was probably because she wanted to believe in her husband, who was only a shell.

Sihon meekly admitted his mistake. Even though it was late, he gradually made the decision to fix the faults.

Did you mention that Madame Leona, Vanessa’s mother, wandered the in duke’s property?

It was crucial to determine whether the son was behaving so haughtily as if he had already taken over as the Blair family’s leader.

If that’s the case, we should go back on our choice to adopt him and tell Madame Leona to act morally.

And while he was still alive with his eyes wide open, he would replace all of the staff members who had shown the Duchess disrespect because he had chosen the relative’s child as his successor.

 Above all re-establishing his bond with his wife was of utmost importance. Naturally, you won’t be able to empathise with someone you’ve been unwilling to do so with from a long time.

However, you will eventually improve if you acknowledge that you have developed a false prejudice and work to change it.

A twenty-seven-year-old Duke and a twenty-four-year-old Duchess.

The two were still young. There are many days left to live. So, it will be enough to make up for it.

Sihon tried to open his mouth after thinking for a short time.

‘I’m sorry for being prejudiced towards you until now. If there is something we have in mind, let’s take it all out and talk about it. Although I admit that I did wrong, I would like to clear up the part where there was a misunderstanding.’

But before he could even finish on to those words, a terrible pain erupted. He was unable to breathe and began twisting due to the immense pain as if his stomach and intestines were on fire.

The woman’s big, green eyes, which were fixed on him as he was dying, shook slightly.

He initially believed it would be acceptable if someone who shared tea with him suddenly vomited blood and collapsed.

But if she didn’t do it herself, she didn’t have the reaction she should have had. For example, ask if it’s okay, or rush to call in employees and doctors.

If not, she was the one who poisoned him, thus that was the case.

I had a tonne of questions I wanted to ask the woman, who was lost in thought of what to do.

Are you really the one who poisoned me?

Then why did you try to poison me, and what are you plotting?

Did you hate me enough to want to kill me?

Was your marriage with me so terrible?

No matter how dissatisfied you are, did you have to deal with it only in such an extreme way?

Sihon put his hand in the interior pocket of his coat as he was about to pass away, using all of his last strength. He then grabbed something cold made of glass while rattling.

It was the heirloom of the Duke of Blair, ‘Resetting Hour’, prepared just in case.

The legendary hourglass that was given to Cassius, the first head of the Duke of Blair, as a present by the Queen of Fairies in appreciation for guarding the fairy woodland against demonic forces from the underworld.

Each time you reversed ‘Resetting Hour’, you could turn back the time to few years earlier. However, there were limitations when using it.

Only the head of the family can use it, and only when the Duke of Blair is facing an existential crisis.

The life span of the queen was initially transformed to passing time and placed in the hourglass as “100 years.”

Among them, I do not know exactly how many years the duke’s ancestors turned back to the time. However, it is evident from a number of records that the Duke of Blair overcame the extinction crisis in past by using this heirloom.

Please, I hope there is still time left to return in the heirloom.

And I wish I could go back to the time before I married her.

After much hoping, Sihon returned to six years ago.

* * *

Sihon had mixed feelings.

The relief and joy of returning from the side of death.

It was disturbing to observe that the family was facing extinction-level danger.

Anger and hatred for the woman who tried to kill him.

Finally, the question ‘why the hell?’

After returning, Sihon had trouble sleeping for several days.

As of now, six years before the incident, the full story of ‘the incident’ is unknown.

That is the only memory he has before the return. It won’t help to question your present fiancée, who has no memory of the incident, “why did you do that?”

All he can do right now is speculate few things.

If Sihon had simply died, ‘Resetting Hour’ would not have worked. That means that after his death, the Duke of Blair would be destroyed.

It is a serious problem for the head of house to die without an heir.

However, at that time, Sihon revealed to the parties and some loyalists that he would adopt his nephew, Vanessa, as an adopted child. Even if he dies, it will not cut the cost off since the successor has been decided….

By any chance, what happened to Vanessa?

I’m not sure. Perhaps she had replaced Vanessa with another child who was easier to manage while still managing the Duke of Blair

If she felt threatened by her position being shaken and was angry at Madame Leona who pretended to be a Duchess, this ‘motive’ is enough.

But at the same time, I was puzzled.

Why would a person who was so obsessed with protecting her position divulged a secret that could be her weakness?

I made a mistake by failing to realise that she would poison me.

Perhaps she wanted to change my heart, but she was forced to be honest because she was holding onto the idea that he was her spouse.

But the more I examined it, the contradictory it seemed to get.

She wouldn’t have chosen the extreme option of “poisoning” if she had wanted to improve their relationship in the first place.

Also, while she was talking, she was just expressionless without any sign of appealing to her partner. As if someone who has nothing to lose.

Rather, he said, ‘You are neither lowly nor defiled. There is nothing wrong with you being born as an illegitimate child.’

Of course, she thought he would despise and hate her if she told him the secret.

He suspected that she might have said it on purpose to draw criticism from the other person, even though it may have been an illogical.

My husband doesn’t care about me and thinks I’m filthy. There’s no need to feel bad about killing someone like that.

To relieve the guilt of killing her husband.

But at the time, she would not have expected it that he doesn’t hate her, that he, who should have died, will be resurrected back in time.

There was a bit of foul play, but that was her defeat.

The ‘real’ Marquis of Arwen Amaranth, the Young Lady, is already dead. And the Marquis of Amaranth concealed this and kept the engagement by turning the illegitimate child into a marquis daughter.

What an unscrupulous scam.


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