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HWAMSO Chapter 22


Lydia, on the other hand, is as lovely as a doll, and she has the image of a ‘finely grown marquise’s daughter,’ so she was simply packaged as a modest styling.

There was even speculation that Lady Arwen had recently left the Marquis of Amaranth and fled into the mansion prepared by her fiancé because she was tired of the marchioness’s twisted motherhood.

‘Can you imagine how frustrating it must have been?’

The chief designers mentally clicked their tongues. On the outside, however, he made a friendly recommendation without showing anything.

“Hmm, because the young lady’s skin is so fair and thin, any dress would look good on her, but I’d like to recommend the dress I designed this time.” It’s a muslin  white dress with the theme of ‘magnolia’, and it goes well with the lady’s delicate and innocent image.”.

“Hmm, how about a see-through dress?” The light pink dress was mostly made of lace, with only the shoulders and arm lines made of organdy fabric, giving it a feminine yet cool vibe. I know you’ve been dressing modestly, but it’d be nice to try something different this time.”

“Even so, transparency at the royal ball! What about the dress I designed? To create a sophisticated look, a satin dress with a pearl-colored background was embroidered with gold thread in a flower pattern, and the neckline and hem of the skirt were highlighted with crystals and pearls.”

“All right, that’s fine. “Which one do you prefer, Arwen?”

Rachel browsed the designer-recommended dresses and sought Lydia’s advice.

Lydia was mesmerised by the nearly thirty dresses pushed into her as if hugged, but she managed to respond.

“They’re all lovely, but I like the white muslin dress I saw the first time the most.”

I bought one of them because I was afraid she would try to buy all of them if I showed signs of being concerned about three or four sets.

Lydia deliberated over her response.

Rachel, on the other hand, was not what Lydia had expected.

“I see. Then let’s order all twenty-eight of the sets we’ve seen thus far.”

“yes? Duchess, wait a minute! I definitely prefer the first dress……”

“Yes. You stated that you like it the most. Doesn’t that imply you like other things as well?”

Lydia was taken aback and tried to talk her down, but Rachel only tilted her head gracefully. As if there is something wrong.

Rachel wasn’t entirely incorrect. I stated that I preferred one of the dresses over the others. There was no logical flaw.

“Well, that’s true…… but it’s too much to buy all at once……”

The issue was that receiving such favours was too taxing for Lydia.

However, the dressing room staff did not waste this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“To say you’d buy every dress I showed you, Duchess Blair has a really unique scale.  The duchess appears to be very fond of her future daughter-in-law. Oh, how I envy you! On a fictional day, when all the mothers are out there nitpicking their daughter-in-law, and Lady Arwen was so lucky! The dresses you ordered will then be delivered with the lady’s measurements in stock and fitted appropriately. What are you doing, guys? “Come on,why  don’t you move?”

The store manager made a big deal about the two women’s friendship while skillfully giving instructions to the employees.

Some employees filled out an order form for twenty-eight dresses at the store manager’s request, while others drove Lydia to the dressing room to take measurements.

Inside, a small commotion broke out among the employees.

“Oh, my God! The waist is so small, eighteen inches!”

“Shh, be quiet! You’re talking too loud!”

“I’m sorry, Lady Arwen. That kid is still new, so she didn’t have enough knowledge.”

Because Lydia had been missing for nearly two months, rumours of a ‘premarital pregnancy’ circulated in the social circles. However, it would have been surprising to learn that the person was far too thin to be the main character of the slanderous rumour.

Except for social gatherings, the capital’s dressing room was where the most rumours circulated. Perhaps, starting with the Rommel-Elijah Dress Shop, the capital would become noisier once more, with testimonies correcting existing rumours.

Lady Arwen’s belly didn’t show at all during her premarital pregnancy, and she was thin.

Sihon also intended this and purposefully brought Lydia and Rachel to the capital’s central shopping district. Despite the fact that the Duke of Blair’s prestige could bring all the chief designers of the capital to the mansion.

* * *

It was to iron out any issues before constructing a bridge between second prince Daniel and Lydia.

However, whether it was good or bad, hearing people talking about acquaintances in front of me didn’t feel very good.

Sihon spoke quietly to the store manager while Lydia was measuring in the dressing room.

Even though I could tell the designers to come and go from the mansion, I took my fiancée to the dressing room to silence those who were gossiping about her seclusion.

But, no matter how well I intended it, it’s uncomfortable when employees openly argue about the size of my fiancée’s body.

After that, inform the noble customers about the three people’s visit today, but only to the extent of correcting existing rumours. If other words spread beyond that, you must pay the corresponding penalty.

The store manager kept breaking out in cold sweat after the duke threatened to close one of the dressing rooms if he so desired.

Lydia, who emerged from the dressing room after finishing her business, tilted her head at the meaningful scene.

Sihon shrugged as if nothing had happened, then deftly changed the subject.

“May I see some shoes?” It would be preferable if the heels were low and the fabric was soft, because my fiancée’s dancing skills are so good.”

“Why are you talking about that here!”

Lydia lowered her voice, enraged by what Sihon had just said.

Sihon, on the other hand, had no intention of retracting his own words.

“I’m not making fun of you, I mean it sincerely.” There are some people who should never be stepped on. However, if it is impossible to avoid stepping on them, you should wear less painful shoes.”

Of course, I hope you didn’t also step on my feet.

As he swallowed the after words, his face was solemn.

Lydia frowned at his profound words.

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”

“You’ll find out sooner or later.”

Lydia stared at him and demanded an explanation, but Sihon rarely avoided answering questions.

* * *

After leaving the dressing room, the three of them went to a jewellery store, a perfume store, and finally a restaurant. The location they were led to was a large room with a window.

The three of them talked while eating the food served. Although there were three people present, the conversation was led by two women.

Rachel mostly asked Lydia how she was doing, Lydia answered, and Rachel responded again.

“I heard you started studying these days from the maids?”

“Ah yes. Now that I’ve recovered, I’ll gradually try to figure out what I’m capable of.”

“Do you have any special interests?”

“Well, I’m looking into this and that, but I still haven’t found a career path.” It is difficult to consider something as a job and attempt to learn it. I considered enrolling in the academy with the intention of becoming a doctor because Dr. Veronica looked cool. But, aside from the difficulty of studying, there were too many barriers.”

“For instance, what…?”

“That is… Patients say they are sick.”

“yes? Of course, that’s it……”

“Yes, I asked if that was natural, but the doctor said it’s difficult to face dozens of people every day who say, ‘I’m sick. It’s worthwhile, but it drains people’s energy. After hearing it, I thought my mind couldn’t handle it.”

“Ah, I want to cheer for you as much as I can, but that’s a little……” “I don’t believe so.”

“I then considered hiring a domestic violence lawyer. Given that it is a field that no one is afraid to enter, it would be nice to have at least one more person. However, I checked the precedent with the help of the doctor’s relatives, but I thought it would be difficult for me to hold out for similar reasons, so I excluded it again……”

“Oh, my… Yes, you should prioritise your mental health. That’s a good thought.”

“As expected, what I vaguely want to do and what suits my aptitude are not the same thing.  Anyway, after ruling out a few possibilities, I’m now looking into architectural interior design. I’d say I wanted to create a welcoming environment in which people could relax.”

“Indoor interior? This is unusual. People who are interested in architecture typically aspire to work on large-scale projects such as the construction of palaces or temples as their ultimate goal. Anyway, it’s encouraging to see you learning something new and staying motivated. “You are capable of doing anything well.”

“Thank you.”

It was always comfortable when I was with Rachel.

She greeted her warmly and with interest, as if she were watering a potted plant, but she did not express any reservations, even if there was something strange about her.

For example, why would a future duchess want to learn something with a livelihood or career in mind?

Normally, a prospective mother-in-law would be suspicious or disapproving, asking, “Why do you learn such a thing?” but Rachel encouraged me, her eyes shining as if she was simply interested.

Maybe it wasn’t just because Rachel was a nice person. She must be pretending not to know that Lydia will one day end her relationship with Sihon and leave.

No matter how much Rachel adored Lydia, she couldn’t help but be disappointed if the two decided not to marry.

So I just decided to be mindful of the person who was leaving and to be consistent in making memories at this time.

Lydia cast an occasional glance at the calm man and looked at him. If I brought it up, I thought he might have said something troubling.

Sihon, on the other hand, did not appear to be bothered or irritated. Lydia was persuaded. Sihon appears to have given Rachel a rough explanation of the situation.

Lydia, who was tasting sweet pumpkin pasta, frowned and rubbed her wrists unconsciously.

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