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HWAMSO Chapter 20


Only the woman who has been Lydia’s mother for the past 12 years knows the truth.

Sihon was suspicious of the woman’s relationship with Lydia because the mother did not give her child a last name or tell her when her birthday was.

However, by the time he returned and planted a person in the Marquis of Amaranth to investigate, the woman’s whereabouts were already unknown.

The woman vanished just as Lydia was about to enter the Marquis of Amaranth. I’m not sure if she went missing on purpose or if she was taken by someone.

Sihon placed more emphasis on the latter possibility. Whether it was to keep the people involved quiet because the marquis feared secrets would be revealed, or because the marquise’s wife, who was furious at the marquis’ fraud as much as she loved her real daughter, tried to retaliate by kidnapping her out of rage.

I threw a bait at Marchioness Maeve Amaranth not long ago, so a bite should come soon.

Sihon was looking forward to seeing the Marchioness’s next act, which was now groaning as she grumbled about the memories of when the child was born.

* * * 

“Is there anything else you want to eat, Madam?”

“Ah, yes. I can’t think of anything because you take such good care of every meal.”

“If you want to redecorate your room, I’ll bring you a furniture craftsman or get you a pamphlet.”

“Thank you, no, thank you.”

“Please let me know if you have a favourite flower.” I’ll tell them to put it in the garden or a glass greenhouse right away, madam.”

“I’ll tell them to put it in the garden or a glass greenhouse right away, madam.”

“All right……” I’ll let you know as soon as I think of it.”

Lydia’s face flushed as the maids made a gentle suggestion.

A large mansion with lisianthus of various colours blooming in a splendid and harmonious manner, with frills attached to the petals.

A month has passed since she began living in the ‘Lisianthus Mansion,’ which was given to her as a gift.

Meanwhile, the housekeepers took care of Lydia.

It’s not just that she doesn’t show hostility to her and does her job formally, but it’s also possible that she’s been urged to take good care of their guests and that she’s a critically ill patient who requires complete stability.

Lydia had initially assumed this.

So I was just thankful to Sihon and the employees who looked after their comfort.

It was a deadline-driven life, but it was the first time I had received such warm attention and care from someone.

Lydia was uneasy at all times, not only during her abuse as a fake double in the Marquis of Amaranth, but also during her previous years in the Marquis.

She had a compelling reason to mature as soon as possible.

It was because she had to support her sick mother.

Tess Bennett, her mother, was beautiful but lame. I was not in a situation to earn a living while working on a farm or as a maid. Lydia was ultimately responsible for household chores and economic activities.

But now I feel like I can lean on someone and act foolishly for my age. To be honest, it was so good that it made me cry.

However, after discovering that there was another layer to the employees’ attitudes, I couldn’t help but enjoy their kindness.

First of all, at some point, my title changed from ‘lady’ to ‘madam’.

Lydia, perplexed by herself, carefully questioned the maid. Why are you addressing me in this manner?

The maid then revealed an unexpected fact to me.

First and foremost, this mansion’s name is not his, but hers.

Second, Sihon referred to her as “wife” rather than “fiancee” or “guest” to the employees.

Lydia was taken aback by the unexpected fact. What kind of nonsense is this? I couldn’t understand Sihon’s innermost thoughts.

There was, in fact, a slight misunderstanding here.       

No other than that, Sihon has memories from before his return that others are unaware of. Sihon had recognised Lydia as his wife for four years, no matter how indifferent and bad the end was during the marriage.

So naturally, the term ‘wife’ comes to his mouth.

That’s exactly what happened. ‘Are you doing well with my wife without any inconvenience?’ Sihon asked the maid here a while ago.

He only referred to her as his wife because she was his wife.

The clock is referred to as the clock, and the book is referred to as the book.

However, this was interpreted differently by employees who were unaware of his situation.

The number of exchanges has recently increased, and he appears to be concerned about the marquis of Amaranth’s daughter, so perhaps Duke Blair fell in love.

As a result, they expected the couple to marry soon.

What kind of insane man gives his fortune to a woman who is not in a relationship and addresses her by a title that he would normally call during marriage?

Sihon realised his error when the maid’s shocked reaction occurred, but there was no other option.

I can’t say I called her that because I’ve been married to her for four years.

Lydia was as perplexed as the employees. They now consider me to be a member of the same party.

Lydia, on the other hand, was one of those who would one day leave the Duke of Blair. Is it acceptable to pretend I don’t know anything while accepting their favour and affection? 

Even more concerning was the fact that the employees misinterpreted Lydia’s attitude.

The feeling of gratitude without taking it for granted that the favour will continue, as well as a warm heart to recognise the hard work of the subordinates one by one.

They dared not judge the qualities of the prospective duchess as subordinates, but they had no doubt that Lydia would be a good hostess.

Despite her lack of dignity, wouldn’t this soft lady comfort the lonely Duke Blair?

Even though the servants of the Duke of Blair’s home were still hostile to her and the marquis of Amaranth, everyone in Lydia’s residence liked her.

Initially, Lydia’s mansion employees were chosen from families who had not been harmed by the Marquis of Amaranth.

Lydia became agitated as misunderstandings multiplied. By all means, I sincerely hope that Duke Sihon Blair, the main culprit in all of this, will deal with the situation properly.

But he seemed unwilling to do it for some reason.

Rather, I’m not sure if it adds to the confusion of those around me.

By the time Lydia recovered to some extent and the fractured bone was attached, Sihon spat out as if he was passing by through dinner.

‘Oh, I’m going to the imperial ball in about a month and a half. Practice a few ballroom dances in advance.’

‘What do you mean by that? I’m leaving the aristocratic society.’

‘Well, I don’t know how people work. We’re not going to break up right away. You don’t know, maybe you’ll end up in a good relationship and stay even if it’s not me.’

Sihon kept reminding Lydia of the future, despite the fact that she always remembers the time to step down.

Sihon and Rachel decided to pay a visit to her mansion today.

It was to see how far dance practise had advanced in preparation for the ball, as well as to coordinate the outfit and accessories to be worn that day.

When the two had promised to arrive at 11 a.m., the front door became lively and noisy.

Lydia went to the lobby after learning that the two had arrived from the maid.

* * *

 Whenever they went to a ball, the atmosphere between them was never pleasant.

First and foremost, they did not enjoy the time they spent dancing with their partner because they were not on good terms.

Dancing with an uncomfortable partner is difficult in and of itself, but it became even more difficult when I realised the partner’s face was not so good.

But there was more to it. Lydia’s dancing ability is just terrible.

Lydia stepped on Sihon’s foot every time her movements or the line changed even slightly.

Isn’t it true that I’m not naturally gifted at using my body? Lydia practised diligently in her own way, but her dancing skills did not improve.

Because she is not born with a sense itself, she has no choice but to work with her partner.

Lydia always apologised to Sihon when she made a mistake. Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.

But Sihon’s face hardened and he sighed, but he did not respond. He expressed his displeasure by ignoring it.

Who would be happy if someone we don’t get along with constantly stepped on our toes? Lydia’s tenseness and stiffness increased as a result of Sihon’s disregard.

It was, indeed, a vicious circle. Lydia is tense as she considers her next move, and Sihon is irritated by her stiff expression.

Lydia was even more intimidated by his icy demeanour and repeated gaffes.

However, after months of confusion, the partner dance misunderstanding was finally resolved today.

Softly, lightly, Ta-da! Ta-da! Ugh!”

“Sorry, I’m sorry, sir! Oh my god!”

Lydia quickly jumped one beat in the opposite direction and hit him, overshadowed by the dance instructor who matched the three beats!

That alone is perplexing, but the scene that followed was even more so.

The instructor fell to the floor as a result of the sudden collision, and Lydia, who had also lost her balance, fell on top of him. And until the end, when she smacked the instructor’s chin with her round forehead.

It was a triple collision, to be sure.

Lydia’s ridiculous mistakes continued after that.

After repeating the movement of lightly kicking in place while holding hands with the instructor, she took the clockwise direction in only 10 seconds. Lydia turned clockwise again in the next move, which was now supposed to be counterclockwise, and stomped on the instructor’s foot, which was properly turning counterclockwise.

“No, you just turned clockwise!”

“I understand.”

She was embarrassed by the instructor’s depressed cry, and he even expressed resentment as to why he had to go through such humiliation when he had only worked hard to teach.

Lydia bowed her head and begged forgiveness. Lydia immediately corrected her posture when the instructor pointed it out.

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