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HWAMSO Chapter 18


Lydia pursed her lips for a while and revealed her true feelings.

“I was very careful to tell you. I am in a position where I am indebted to the Duke unilaterally. In addition, I am an outsider who will break up the group and will leave later. That doesn’t mean I have a lot of confidence in the Duke. If there was a conflict between me and the duke’s people, it appeared that the duke would favour his people. Even if you don’t believe I created a ‘self-made play,’ you should ask me quietly.”

If she had been a ‘real’ young marquess, she could have protested, even using her ‘status’ as a weapon.

But it wasn’t Lydia. She’s just a powerless illegitimate child.

That was the truth he didn’t know yet, but I knew.

“But it’s all right now. Because the Duke acknowledged and apologised.  Thank you for your straightforward apology. It would not have been easy to admit their own people’s flaws.”

Lydia didn’t mind ending the conversation now that he had apologised.

However, Sihon unexpectedly brought up the posthumous issue.

“I’ve identified those who conspired to plan. When I reprimanded any of the employees who had been assigned to prepare the meal, they came out on their own. I’m not sure if it’s stupid or brazen, but it makes things easier.”


“Anyway, I intend to do whatever you want.” If you want an apology from the people involved, I will tell them to apologise. If you want me to punish them in the Duke’s, fine. If you don’t believe me, I’ll hand them over to the security forces. “What would you like me to do?”

“I will not accept their apologies.  I don’t want to take it.”

“Yeah. If you receive an apology that you don’t like, it will only make you feel worse. Even if I forced them, there must be some guys who would rather be beheaded. They are shameless and unscrupulous.”

“I don’t even want to hand it over to the security forces.” If the Marquis of Amaranth finds out, they’ll ask for restitution and try to take me to the marquis. “How did I get out of it?”

“It is. However, they must be punished. They should pay the price for their actions.”

“Then, Duke Blair, please take care of the inside.”

“okay. I’ll let you know how I dispose of it once it’s resolved.”

The discussion moved quickly because everyone was more honest and was trusting each other more than before.

“Then you should take a break.” “For the time being, don’t think about it.”

Sihon tried to leave after the conversation, asking for absolute stability.

Lydia attempted to stand, but he shook his head as if everything was fine.

At first glance, he appears to be caring for the patient, hoping that she will not overdo it.

Lydia, on the other hand, had the impression that he was postponing bringing up a topic.

However, no matter how much rest was required for the time being, they still had something that could not be postponed.

That was their agreement a month ago.

‘He would help her escape the Marquis of Amaranth, and she would show him how to break the marriage without breaking the imperial order,’ they agreed.

Now that he had kept his promise, it was Lydia’s turn.

Lydia called Sihon’s, who was about to leave.

“Wait a second, Duke. “I have something to tell you right now.”

Sihon looked back and tilted his head when Lydia called.

Lydia’s lips opened the instant their gazes met.

“I am not Arwen Amaranth.”

The day Sihon reached out to me, I decided to reveal the truth when the time came.

Lydia stated this calmly without any hesitation.

“The genuine young marquess of Amaranth died six years ago, and I am the illegitimate child of the marquis who was brought up to marry the Duke on her behalf.”

The girl’s face, who had put everything down, was dark, but she appeared more at ease than ever.

Lydia’s words were never something to take lightly and spill on the way out.

Sihon came to a halt as he approached the doorway. Then he turned around and returned to Lydia.

The man’s purple eyes were nailed to her, gradually narrowing the distance.

It’s as if nothing but her exists right now.

When Lydia returned, she said, ‘I know how to break off the engagement without any problems.  I’ll give you the card,’ she said, and Sihon had already guessed what she was attempting to give him.

Lydia couldn’t imagine it at the time, but the regressive Sihon was aware of who she was and what her background was.

‘I was really nothing to you.’

‘As I’ve previously stated, I’m not making you feel uncomfortable. You just don’t like my father and my family.’

‘Even if I was in a position where I was abused, far from being favoured by a marquis. Actually, I’m Lydia, the marquis’s illegitimate child. I am not the young marquess Arwen Amaranth, nor am I your alleged wife.’

The shocking truth that the proud woman confessed in desperation before poisoning her husband without thinking about the possibility of ‘return.’

He was surprised to hear it through her mouth again, despite knowing it.

I can’t believe it happened.

Kyle Amaranth’s arrogance, who committed such a heinous fraud, filled me with rage.

Sihon sighed softly as he took a seat next to the bed.

Lydia’s eyes widened, as if surprised by his calmer than expected reaction.

“I’m not surprised.”

“Because it was odd, your treatment in the marquis should have been so unfortunate.” It’s not just that I didn’t consider that possibility at all. “


Lydia was easily persuaded when Sihon explained his reasoning calmly.

Nonetheless, I couldn’t help but notice that the opponent was unusually quiet.

Lydia had considered several scenarios before finally revealing the ‘truth’ with her own mouth.

For example, resentment of the marquis Amaranth, who committed a fraud, or sympathy for a noble girl who is unhappy for some reason, but discovers she is an illegitimate child and despises her for being dirty.

Furthermore, he urged us to seek an audience with the emperor immediately to request a breakup, and so on.

Sihon, on the other hand, asked an unexpected question.

“And what is your name?”


Lydia was embarrassed by an unexpected situation.

She never expected him to ask such questions as they were about to call off their engagement.

To be honest, I was perplexed as to why he was so interested in that. I have no doubt that Sihon is digging something out of me with bad intentions.

However, I was either not honourable enough to conceal it or I did not live a special life.

Lydia paused and responded indecisively.

“This is Lydia.”

“Can you tell me your last name?”



Sihon, who asked with a slight tilt of his head, narrowed his brow at the unequivocal response, ‘there is no last name.’

Lydia appeared even more surprised when she admitted, ‘Arwen is dead, and I, an illegitimate child, took over her role.’ I’m not sure if it’s all her feelings.

Lydia confided calmly.

“I’m an illegitimate child. I couldn’t have dared to follow the surname of the marquis.”

“Still, I’m sure I have a mother……”


“No. I shouldn’t have said that. I apologise if I offended you.”

“It’s all right.”

Duke Stephen Blair and Marquis Rachel Silane are a noble married couple. And Duke Sihon Blair was born to be their heir.

He came from a ‘normal family,’ which was regarded as the most ideal in the Empire.

Given that it is uncommon for nobles to refuse to marry and thus fail to do their best, or to have a child between a man and a woman who are not married.

A person who was born and raised with everything he needs would not understand it. There are parents who despise their children because they do not love them, and there are family relationships that are so bad that people want to give up.

He does not appear to be malicious in her opinion.

That’s why Lydia wasn’t too bothered by bringing up uncomfortable topics.

Sihon, as expected, continued to ask questions about her.

About the days when she lived as ‘Lydia,’ rather than Arwen, the unwelcome character she played.

Nonetheless, he appeared to be curious about the type of person he had been engaged to for months.

“When is your birthday?”

“My birthday is in May, but I’m not sure when.”

“What did you do before coming to Marquis?”

“Well, I just kept quiet in the Marquis of Amaranth.” I earn a living by doing housework or assisting neighbours with their chores. “I don’t think I have any special interests.”

“Was there anyone who would be mean to live apart from their father?”

“Because we were a family of a single mother and one daughter, it wasn’t as good looking as it was.” Nonetheless, no one was misbehaving because I was the marquis’ Amaranth’s daughter.”

“I’m relieved.”

It wasn’t a bad feeling to have someone look at me like that.

To be honest, this is the first time in six years that a ‘fake Arwen’ has been returned to ‘Lydia.’

It had been a long time since someone had treated Lydia with kindness rather than contempt.

Lydia carefully evoked the subject that Sihon was unable to bring up.

“You don’t have to be considerate or kind to me because I’m pitiful. When I decided to hold the Duke’s hand in the first place, I was prepared to reveal my identity and vanish. So don’t feel pressed. Even now, I can meet with His Majesty the Emperor and inform him of the fraud committed by Marquis.”

It would have been a story I would have welcomed if I were a Sihon who despised the Marquis of Amaranth.

Even the cold-blooded Duke Blair must have been cautious when he said, ‘Let’s go through the divorce proceedings,’ to a patient who had almost died a week before and survived.

So I brought it up to lighten his load, but somehow Sihon’s reaction was lukewarm.

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