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HWAMSO Chapter 16


‘I’ll probably go to the dressing shop and jewellery shop first and get her dresses and accessories.’ For the time being, just about 50 sets as soon as possible.’

Sihon moved quickly, making plans for a week later. The Dukes of Blair and his entourage were able to proceed to the garden with the approval of the Marquis of Amaranth.

He soon arrived at the main gate, where the duke was waiting with his waggon. Maeve, who had come to her senses late, chased them around that time.

“stop! You can’t take her out!”

… … No, there was ambiguity in the phrase “I have come to my senses.” Because Maeve, who had lost her dignity and was running frantically, was half insane.

Maeve had only one thought: stop a filthy illegitimate child from escaping her grasp and ruining her precious daughter’s reputation.

She lives in the same mansion before she even marries him, no matter how engaged she is. What ridiculous rumours about Arwen’s premarital cohabitation circulate in society? It was already a long time away.

Sihon does not live with Lydia in the duke’s house, but lends her a new mansion and servants, which Maeve misunderstands because she does not know the background.

“Can’t you hear what I’m saying?” Right now, close the door! “This is the hostess’ request!”

However, the subordinates had no way of objecting to the decision made by the marquis, the head of the household. Even if the hostess issues a new order against it.

Maeve eventually stopped them on her own, without the assistance of her subordinates.

‘You’re a persistent man.’

Sihon, who was irritated, wrinkled his brow openly.

“It wouldn’t be a good idea to interrupt me.” It’s just that I despise being slow at work.”

Maeve’s eyes widened in surprise at the man’s persistent warning (in fact, he was also a prospective son-in-law).

“Duke Blair, what impoliteness! The marquis has complete control over the child. My rights are greater than yours.”

“I’m not a slave, and you’re discussing rights.” Your predicament is none of my concern. If you are unhappy with the current situation, consult with your husband. To be honest, if you have an idea, you know how things are going now, don’t you?”

“Nonsense. That’s insane. He couldn’t do that without first consulting with me.”

“…… Madam, the master has given the Duke permission to take the young lady.”

The butler bowed his head and spoke to Maeve, who had gone insane.

While the duke’s knights stopped Maeve, Sihon carefully placed Lydia in the waggon first.

The attendants then moved in unison. Some disinfected her injured area and applied bandages as first aid. Others wrapped cushioning materials around her head and waist and secured them to their seats to keep them from swaying while travelling.

Sihon entered the waggon after confirming that the attendants had completed the maintenance. Before leaving, he returned his gaze to Maeve, who had an angry expression on her face.

He had a lot to say, but now that he thinks about it, Sihon was natural.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you something.” I’d like to apologise to Lady Arwen for the error I made yesterday. I was in a rush to serve dinner and didn’t realise my fiancée had a peach allergy. It was an accident caused by a lack of preparation, and it was not intentional. Don’t worry, I will not fail to look after your precious daughter while she is staying at the Duke’s house.”

“What does it matter now…?”

It was an abrupt change of subject to bring up what happened during last night’s dinner while arguing about taking the young lady.

Not only Maeve, but also the duke’s attendants were puzzled.

First of all, Sihon was lying.

The Duke of Blair did not serve a dish with peaches last night. He remembered it vividly because the duchess, Rachel, had ordered it with great care.

But why does he have to lie to say something like that? It had to be because the master had his own thoughts, but he didn’t understand them. Of course, the knights were so skilled at this that they were unsurprised by Sihon’s sudden action.

As a result, Maeve didn’t noticed the fact that Duke Blair had lied.

Maeve, who was perplexed by the topic change, noticed a strange feeling in Sihon’s words.

“No, wait a minute. ‘Peach allergy,’ you say? Wait a minute, Duke Blair……”

As Maeve was desperately trying to catch up to him, Sihon relentlessly closed the door of the carriage.

“Goodbye, then. Lady Child abuser.”


Sihon lightly knocked on the wagon’s wall, and the coach immediately took off. The knights on horseback then arrived.

Maeve, who was covered in dirt and dust from the horses, called to them, but the sound of hooves drowned her out.

Sihon, of course, didn’t want to stop even if he heard her voice.

Lydia escaped from the marquis of Amaranth, who had abused her for six years, since she was twelve.

A new beginning

There are stories about ‘fake becoming real’ all over the world.

It’s the story of a real prince who is tired of royal life and a beggar pickpocket who happens to sneak into the palace and then changes their identities when they look very similar.

In a kingdom where a lovely princess had gone missing, swindlers seeking money took a girl who resembled the princess to a royal couple desperate for the princess, and it turned out that the girl was the real princess.

Lydia surmised that such a story was passed down orally due to the desperate desire of people to live a comfortable life.

Even if you have to live for someone else’s life instead of just for yourself as you are .

What is the lesson of those stories?

Lydia couldn’t figure it out.

It’s not the same, but as someone who has had a similar experience, all she could think was, ‘If you climb a tree that shouldn’t be climbed, you’ll fall and die.’

The first day she was taken as a replacement for a marquis daughter.

Lydia frequently heard the phrase “the thief.”

Lydia was humiliated because she was dragged in a daze, dressed up as instructed, and was over-educated.

‘What in the world did I steal?’

Lydia was cautious of her behaviour because she was staying in an unfamiliar place.

When she was at the Marquis, she never touched anything that wasn’t her.

She swears she will only wear, eat, and use what they first gave Lydia.

After being bullied for unknown reasons, Lydia finally asked a maid who was passing by.

‘Can I ask you a question?’ It’s strange that people here keep chastising me for stealing something, but something is wrong. I didn’t steal anything, let alone mess with other people’s property. And, if I’m a true thief, I’ll have to track down the stolen items. But it isn’t…… I’m not sure why you’re doing it.’ 

“Well, it’s not something you stole.”


‘ The life of a young marquess who died in a pitiful manner. ‘Her place, everything she enjoyed.’

Following that, the maid told me several stories.

The Duke of Blair and the Marquis of Amaranth’s complicated relationship.

However, the marquis’s young lady named Arwen Amaranth recently died.

Nevertheless, the marquis, who wanted to keep the marriage with the Duke of Blair, needed a daughter.

So, he brought an illegitimate child who had been left behind in the countryside of the estate to replace her.

‘You really didn’t know anything. I thought you were an opportunist. How can you take the place of a dead lady in a hurry, no matter how desperate you are to live? Your mother’s perception is also negative. But I’d be embarrassed if you didn’t volunteer for the role because you wanted it. In any case, those who are eager to please Madame will continue to harass you.’

The maid shook her head, as if pitying Lydia, who was being bullied without knowing it.

Lydia got goosebumps when she finally faced the truth.

The clothes I was wearing, the accessories I was wearing, and the room I was living in belonged to the deceased girl.

It would be a lie for her to say she didn’t have a good heart because it was something she had never experienced before, even if she used it without knowing why.

How can we not be harsh when a lower-class child wears colourful dresses and jewellery and lives in a room where the princess could live at an age when he likes and is interested in beautiful things?

However, the story changes if it is not prepared for her and is instead used by a deceased person.

She felt an uneasy feeling as if a pale ghost was clinging to her the moment she found out.

Her entire body, wrapped in a soft gown, appeared to be rotting.

Her glittering jewels she had worn a while ago were covered in dust and had the illusion of weathering.

The stench seemed to emanate from the soft bedding she had craved; ‘how about lying down just once?’

Lydia felt like she wanted to get rid of everything on her body.

However, the noble girl’s dress was too complicated for her to put on and take off by herself.

Putting on several layers of fabric, securing them with a brooch, and stitching them together to complete the look.

She would be unable to deal with the aftermath if she attempted to remove it on her own and was injured.

Lydia eventually adapted to her fabricated life during the day when she was controlled by others.

On the other hand, when no one cared about her, she shuddered at everything about the dead.

That’s why Lydia has been curling up on the floor next to her bed for quite some time.

Lydia was perplexed as to what had gone wrong with the real young marquess who had died.

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