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HWAMSO Chapter 15


“What do you intend to do if I let Arwen go?”

“I can tolerate a bride-to-be from a respectable family who is capable of playing the role of a duchess. Lady Arwen, on the other hand, is traumatised as a result of her long exposure to violence. I will train her to be a duchess in my own way, in a safe environment.”

“That means she’ll take her bridal class at the Duke of Blair before the wedding.”

Kyle’s mind was racing.

The process was unpleasant, but there was nothing wrong with it objectively.

The Duke of Blair brings his illegitimate child to the bride-to-be at a young age.

Those who muttered, ‘I wonder if Duke Blair will marry the young lady marquess, regardless of the imperial order?’ will also be silenced.

Furthermore, there’s no reason for Maeve to be irritably angry with Lydia after she leaves.

Kyle didn’t like the commotion in the house, aside from being indifferent to an illegitimate child. Who wants loud and gloomy things? But now he could sleep peacefully in a quiet house.

However, there were some reservations about Duke Blair’s actions.

Despite the fact that the opponent is from the enemy’s family, why do you dare to bring your fiancee with you, even when you belong to the marquis of a prestigious family?

Of course, there were circumstances when the two appeared to be getting closer.

Unlike before, when there was little interaction, Sihon frequently invited Lydia to the duke’s residence.

But does the Duke of Blair’s love for my illegitimate child run deep enough to cause such a ruckus?

Even if it wasn’t Lydia, it was difficult to imagine him falling in love with a woman.

Also, what in the world made Duke Blair change his mind? No matter how much a man and a woman’s relationship changed, he could never figure out why.

Nonetheless, Kyle believed Sihon had a soft spot for Lydia.

That is, as a reasonable basis for determining “what kind of man would waste money and time leisurely on a woman he doesn’t care about?”

Yes, he’s a man who doesn’t know how to say nice things and will run with a man who doesn’t have a mood, but there’s no law that says you can’t love someone.

Kyle was sceptical that they had fallen for each other for their own reasons.

For instance, sympathy-based interests like goodwill and salvation.

Lydia falling in love with Duke Blair would not be a bad thing. The more she loves him and wants to be with him, the more she wants to keep that spot.

If Lydia showed signs of foolishness and disobedience to the family’s will, he would have to remind her of her original theme.

We put you in Arwen’s place for the sake of the family, not your own happiness. If you go against our wishes, I have the authority to reveal your true identity to him.

Lydia will inevitably return as a marquise’s puppet when she is most happy, giving birth to cute children, having a harmonious family, and being relieved that everything is complete, and facing the fear that her disgrace will be revealed.

First and foremost, Kyle had planned everything from when Lydia would be brought in to what he would do if the child betrayed him.

The Duke of Blair may not realise it, but Lydia, who had not been educated as a noblewoman, was highly likely to fall in love with him in a foolish way.

It was true that, regardless of her fiance’s personality, he had a good family and a good-looking appearance that men would despise.

It would be beautiful enough to make a villager’s dream come true if he or she were stuck in the countryside.

There was nothing wrong with Kyle’s plans, except that the illegitimate child arrived at the duke’s house earlier than expected.

Kyle rang the bell after organising his thoughts. The butler, who had been waiting outside the door, entered the room.

“Did you call?”

“The Duke of Blair is going to take my daughter. Tell Arwen to prepare to leave.”

* * *

“You vulgar and stupid bitch, you gave up your body to a half-faced man for flirting with you.” Did you not consider that your partner might look at you casually and lightly before beginning a relationship? That is why you cannot be a proper lady!”

As if dealing with a bad girl, an overbearing and sharp attitude.

“‘Lady Arwen’ must have already appeared as a scratched product to Duke Blair.” Oh my God, God doesn’t care! How could you do this knowing how much I adored Arwen?”

A voice filled with love for her daughter as well as resentment of God and the world.

“You’ve never looked me in the eyes. What is the point of supporting all of these good causes and training outstanding teachers? You can’t compete at that level because the fundamentals are poor.”

The contradictory appearance of mercilessly battering such a precious daughter once more.

Surprisingly, it was all done by a single person.

Lydia was beaten until she was almost unconscious and collapsed helplessly on the floor, while the marchioness’s remarks raged on.

The butler and other employees who rushed to stop her, as well as the knights under Duke of Blair who arrived at the order of Sihon, were taken aback.

The latter, in particular, was perplexed in his mind because he did not know what to say.

What exactly is going on?

It’s not everyday that a respectable lady curses and beats her own daughter.

However, the background appeared to be quite strange.

So the marchioness was furious because she mistook her daughter for having sex with her fiance prior to their marriage.

I’ve heard of a noblewoman who was particularly sensitive to her daughter’s chastity and strictly controlled her. A noble girl’s reputation will suffer if she loses her virginity or becomes pregnant before marriage.

The goal is to prevent unpleasant incidents from occurring in the future.

Isn’t this, however, overly harsh?

Besides, why does she seem to adore his daughter, Arwen, and then criticise her so harshly? The disparity was created by the opposing attitudes.

To be honest, the noble Marquis of Amaranth was thought to have a dual personality.

Is this the only possibility that ‘twisted motherhood’ can explain?

It’s not clear how to summarise it, but I couldn’t think of another term to describe her symptoms.

What was even more remarkable was the young marquess’s reaction, which was passive even after being assaulted indiscriminately.

Lady Arwen had been beaten. Even when she used abusive language, she did not argue or refute harshly. She was simply making excuses by exhaling a hard breath.

“I’ve never had such a bad experience with the Duke. Really. He doesn’t love me and does not desire me. “He knew I was hurt and helped as a gentleman because he was a good person……” 

“shut up. “

Maeve brushed aside Lydia’s helpless muttering.

Again, the relationship between the Marquis members is abnormal.

The duke’s knights shook their heads, their faces tired.

They couldn’t, however, leave it like this. Even after the physical assault, the young marquess’ condition was critical.

Her face had been slashed several times, and there were handprints all over it.

Her brow was ripped and blood was dripping as if she had fallen while holding her hair, and her upper body was curled as if she had been kicked in the stomach.

The shoe trampled on the hand, which was fractured and drooping.

At first glance, this appears to be sufficient, but if properly treated, it would have been far more serious. The patient may have more internal injuries.

Keeping this in mind, the knights carefully supported and lifted Lydia.

“Please excuse me, Lady Arwen. Could you please allow me to contact you for a short time in order to assist you?”

“The Lord will arrive soon.” Just hang in there until then.”

But it wasn’t Maeve’s turn to watch.

“Who are you taking, and where are you going?”

Maeve pushed the knights who supported Lydia, and screamed nervously. Employees of the marchioness also attempted to calm her down, but it was futile.

The knights’ faces revealed a puzzled expression. This is because the perpetrator, the marchioness, was also a physically thin woman.

Instead, if the opponent had been a strong man, he would have resisted or faced it head on.

The door swung open and a cold voice intervened as he stood there unable to do anything.

“She is that way, but why haven’t you moved yet?” Are you determined to complete the task? No, it’s not a problem. I’ll relocate it. Remove the distractions instead. I’ll take care of the injuries that will take four weeks to completely heal.”

Simply put, it was the Duke of Sihon Blair.

Sihon, who had notified the knights unilaterally, took Lydia, who had lost consciousness, and hugged her without hesitation.

The knights had nothing to worry about when a duke with the authority to solve secondary problems appeared.

The knights pushed Maeve and potential saboteur maids out of the way. Meanwhile, the inexperienced marchioness attendant inquired, ‘Do I need to pack the lady’s luggage?’ Sihon glanced at her as if she was pathetic and quietly walked away. In general, it means that she believes the time has come to pack her belongings.

The servant withdrew shyly when he saw the duke’s face. Again, he was admiring, rather than admiring, the fact that it was the first time he imagined it was possible to put so many curse words in people’s eyes.

Of course, Sihon ignored the marquise’s servant’s words because he was certain. Lydia would never want to take Arwen’s belongings.

If she was going to pack her luggage, she would have started packing and preparing it sooner.

Lydia, however, did not. She also dressed simply and didn’t wear a single trinket.

Sihon’s ‘I’ll pick you up, so prepare’ was actually just a formal greeting.

She didn’t expect to pack the necessary items, so she checked the time and waited for him to arrive.

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