HWAMSO Chapter 14


“Even though you have already declared that you will take action, you are maintaining an extreme position.” You are never allowed to fire or punish the servants. Not a single one.’

So he nailed it even harder.

‘If you’re going to act that way, you should go to that nice family.’

‘The family has the authority to love their beloved daughter regardless of what evil she does.’

‘If you’re foolish enough to say you don’t know how hard your husband, the head of the enemy’s family, has been behaving towards me, parents who are likely to side with their daughters without considering the circumstances.’

That was implied by the phrase “that good-natured family,” which was shot with contempt as if he was tired of it.

It must have sounded cruel to her.

Even if she was mistreated in the duke, she has no parents to embrace her and no warm family to return to.

It must have been very unfair for such a woman to be portrayed as a villain who don’t have family to trust.

Before returning, Sihon realised the true meaning of her words.

‘Are you ill?’ ‘You know, why did you do that knowing it was going to hurt?’

“Just once,’ you say something amusing.’

‘While I was dressing up, this kid stabbed me with a needle.’ It was obviously done on purpose.’

‘It doesn’t happen just once or twice.’

The maid who stabbed her with a needle while pretending to make a mistake did not hurt her just once.

‘How can it be so simple for a group of people to made one crazy bitch?’

‘Do I want a replacement?’ Who do you think I’ll be satisfied with?’

Almost all of the Duke of Blair’s employees were hostile to her. So, no matter what kind of worker he replaced, it would not have improved her situation.

He was never dissatisfied with the workmanship of the family’s workers.

‘You understand your subordinates’ situations so well, but you have no intention of listening to me at all.’

Despite her telling him about her own unfair experience, he refused to listen to her.

He approached the case with prejudice in the first place, but he mistakenly believed he was dealing with it fairly.

His insensitive past, as well as his extreme choices, cannot be forgotten.

But now that he has turned back time, he may not make the same mistakes again.

As he approached the Marquis Amaranth’s main gate, he heard swear words like “whore” and “dirty rag,” as well as the scream of a young lady.

The situation appeared to be critical.

Sihon motioned for the attendant knights to follow him, then hurried on.

* * *

Sihon, who pushed the marquise’s servant behind him, was soon in the marquis’s room.

Marquis Kyle Amaranth sipped his tea leisurely. Then, facing the uninvited guest, he asked with a slight tilt of his head.

“Why did the Duke arrive without leaving a message?”

Although the Marquis was well aware that his wife was abusing the child, he remained calm.

Sihon cut to the chase without even a formal greeting.

“I’m not going to go on and on. “I’ve come to fetch Lady Arwen.”

The Marquis of Amaranth frowned slightly and spoke up.

“I’ve never heard of Arwen going to a partner event today, but…”

“I’m not going out for a little while today.” “I’m escorting Lady Arwen from this mansion.”

“What are you talking about?”

Despite the fact that he was a marquis who was not interested in illegitimate children, the unexpected purpose perplexed him.

Sihon tossed the envelopes to the floor.

Kyle inquired, his eyes squinting.

“What exactly is this?”

“This is proof that Lady Arwen has been subjected to constant abuse.”

Countless needle puncture marks, swollen or bruised wounds, traces of being tied to something, burns on the thighs with peeling skin….

‘What’s the point of printing this in colour instead of black and white, bastard?’

Kyle frowned as he examined the images captured with a magical tool, as if offended.

He showed no sympathy for the abused child. Rather, he appeared irritated, as if he had to witness something like this.

The marquis’ pupils, which were narrowly squinted, dilated in the medical report that followed, however.

The official Sihon hired was much larger than expected.

Cardinal Eloise, known as the “next high of saints,” added a lengthy remark tinged with anger.

[The perpetrator’s violence on the victim is clearly a vicious crime that cannot be called discipline, and the victim must be separated from the perpetrator immediately.]

Kyle’s lips slightly hardened, as he had dealt with the case in a bittersweet manner.

“Hmm, Cardinal Eloise and Dr. Deluxe’s guarantees.” It’s quite credible. But I’m not sure.”

I didn’t do it, and I have no knowledge of it. As a result, I bear no responsibility.

Marquis Amaranth drew a sword-like line. Unreasonable tail cutting.

Sihon clenched his teeth and shot at him in hushed tones.

“How can you live in a mansion and be clueless?”

When an uninvited guest arrived, the commotion died away as the Marquis took action in haste.

Sihon and his attendants, on the other hand, clearly heard it as they entered the Marquis.

The sound of someone shouting with vulgar language in their mouths, hitting and bumping, and a girl screaming and crying.

If it had been possible to determine whether an outsider had unexpectedly visited, the assault would have been carried out on a regular basis.

But what is this old raccoon dog on about?

But Kyle was proud.

“Haha, you’re saying something hilarious. Your Excellency the Duke is well aware that not every noble has a special relationship with his or her family. Just as I regard Robert as a successor, so did the previous Duke of Blair regard you. Just consider it. How much time the Duke spent talking to his parents in one day. How about ten minutes, let alone a time unit? It can’t possibly be. I don’t either.”


“In reality, noble families’ parents and children have more formal relationships.” Most people who know the imperial family’s taste and offer gifts were unconcerned about their wives’ and children’s birthdays, leaving them entirely to the butler. “I’m just your typical housekeeper.”

Kyle’s tone was straightforward, as if he was discussing a common myth.

I mean, I’m not a particularly bad father, am I? Everyone lives like this, but it’s ridiculous to accuse me of being evil.

Kyle didn’t think it was just a slurred phrase to make excuses.

Kyle was one of many parents. Just the type of person who doesn’t mind how the rest of the family gets along as long as they don’t cause problems in public.

It was understandable given that he had given birth without much thought due to his obligation to merely inherit.

He’s probably not bothered if Maeve, Robert, and Arwen are abused. Lydia was an illegitimate child of low value, so it must have been even more difficult.

First and foremost, Sihon did not believe that raising the Marquis’ morals would result in guilt.

This type of person would not move unless they were hit.

Sihon nodded and smiled indifferently.

“The Marquis simply did not pay attention, so there is no direct responsibility.” Let’s just say it.”

Amaranth regarded Sihon with scepticism at the simple acceptance.

There was no way Sihon could leave as it was.

Sihon sarcastically asked the trembling marquis, as if genuinely concerned.

“Are you certain you don’t mind?” Even if your wife is known to have abused her daughter. How can a noble lady who adores children and serves as an example have two faces? Rather, because the previous activities were so ideal, the scandal is unlikely to fade quickly.”

“Are you trying to scare me?”

As if stunned, the marquis of Amaranth burst out laughing. He was thought to be bluffing because he was not even a child.

“There’s nothing we can’t do together.”

Sihon wiped his brow with his finger. As if it’s not a joke.

The Marquis of Amaranth recalled his previous encounter with his opponent. Prior to the prospective father-in-law and son-in-relationship, their families were enemies from generations.

Humans do not always make logical decisions.

Rather, depending on the situation, they are not afraid to do irrational things while occasionally taking risks.

If all humans were rational, there would be no conflict in the first place, and no one would seek vengeance knowing they would be destroyed.

“By the way, the complaint and evidence are both complete. Spreading doubtful rumours in social circles may give the impression that we are framing the Marquis. As a result, I try not to put off the difficult task of filing a complaint with the High Court. It’s a pain, but I can disgrace the Amaranth family for the sake of disgrace.”

“We’re going to have a muddy fight all the way to the end, Duke Blair.”


Kyle slammed the table with an angry roar. Sihon continued to speak calmly while turning his back.

“Well, depending on your choice, there may or may not be a scandal or accusations.”

Clues hurled carelessly. And then came options that were close to coercion.

“Will you let Lady Arwen go, or will you become embroiled in a scandal because of a dishonourable accusation?”

It didn’t take the marquis long to make a decision.

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