HWAMSO Chapter 12


‘By the way, my son and I were extremely careless. If Marchioness Maeve Amaranth was allergic to peaches, her child might be as well.’

A warm voice filled with genuine concern and apologies.

But it sounded terrible for some reason.

Oh, really… I despise it so much.

I’d prefer not….

No, it won’t. It must never happen.

This individual is my… It is repulsive and cruel.

Lydia tightly closed her eyes, unable to look at the marchioness’s face any longer.

For the time being, I’m just having a bad dream.

When Sihon arrives, he will take her hand and lead her away from this hell. And she’ll forget about it all when she goes somewhere no one can find her. Everything will be alright.

She is doing everything she can to avoid reality.

Maeve’s attack was just the beginning. Lydia was dragged and beaten while Maeve pulled her hair for an extended period of time.

Until the uncaring father dispatched an unusual butler to stop the marchioness.

* * *

Marquis Kyle Amaranth was your average nobleman. Born as the eldest son of an aristocratic family, he inherited the family smoothly, married a noblewoman according to family wishes, had children, and instead sought pleasure by flirting with women other than his wife.

And he saw this as the ‘flexibility’ that a family leader should have.

He had relationships with more than a dozen women in addition to his wife, Maeve.

Housemaid, opera singer, dancer, courtesan, and other professions In some cases, it was only for one night, while in others, it was kept for many years.

Tess Bennett, his maid, was the only one who gave birth to his child.

She was a striking woman with wavy brown hair and blue-black eyes that twinkled like stars beneath her clear eyes.

Perhaps she was born with a lovely face for the lower classes. Tess was ambitious and knew how to take risks.

Kyle was not the type of man to refuse the approaching beauty, so he gladly succumbed to Tess’s temptation.

Kyle, on the other hand, was proud to be a man who knew the extent. Tess was just a woman who could easily satisfy his sexual desire to him.

So Kyle drew a line for Tess to stand on. He had no intention of abandoning her flawless wife and remarrying Tess, no matter how much he liked her.

In other words, he desired first and foremost the hands of his family and wealth, a wife from a prestigious family, and children born with his wife.

Tess, fortunately, was well-versed in the subject. Tess had no desire to become a vain wife.

She was content to simply hand over her body to the marquis in exchange for nice clothes and accessories that a maid’s salary couldn’t buy.

Her most ambitious goal was to be able to have his child and earn a fortune in child support payments.

Kyle dismissed Tess’ ambitions as a pipe dream. And if Tess, who gave pleasure and dedication, got pregnant, he was going to lavish her with money for the mansion and cost of raising a child.

For the lower classes, it may be a once-in-a-lifetime fortune, but for the wealthy man, who is the head of a marquis, his generosity was nothing.

Maeve’s reaction to an illegitimate child was an unexpected variable.

On her honeymoon, Maeve discovered that her husband was having an affair with her maid. And she was well aware that her husband was having affairs with several women in addition to the maid.

Nonetheless, she persevered without complaint. Because none of them are important to her husband and cannot compete for her and their children’s attention.

Similarly, she believed that her husband, Kyle, was one of many men who had been treated and sold.

In other words, Maeve respected her husband’s privacy while maintaining a lighthearted and forgettable relationship.

But that didn’t mean she’d put up with her husband’s illegitimate child.

Kyle has no choice but to care when a child is born, whether to cover up a scandal about his promiscuous private life or because he has a soft spot for women and children.

That prediction was partially correct.

Tess became pregnant not long after. Kyle provided Tess with a small mansion in which to raise his child.

Maeve was furious to learn that the maid who had vanished was pregnant with her husband’s child.

How long were you going to keep her pregnancy a secret? Why didn’t you use birth control while you were touching other women?

In fact, Kyle had no explanation for the two things that enraged his wife.

He isn’t trying to conceal the former, but he doesn’t feel the need to express it. The latter was because her body did not change while she was pregnant, and it was irritating that using contraception made him feel less uncomfortable.

So Kyle did it unconsciously.

Not for any grandiose reason, specially to make Tess special, to want her to have his own child, and to protect her from his wife’s threats.

Kyle stated his thoughts exactly as they were. Not a woman or a child worthy of his attention.

Nonetheless, Maeve’s rage did not fade quickly, so he issued a formal apology for a few days.

Nonetheless, Maeve was enraged, questioning whether he truly understood what he had done wrong. Kyle became enraged at Maeve at this point, threw away his mask, and exclaimed, ‘How the hell do I have to say sorry?’

The Marquis Amaranth was quiet again after that.

Kyle assumed Maeve had resigned from that position.

An authoritative householder, a devoted hostess, innocent children, and, on occasion, a state willing to devote itself to the householder. Everything has returned to its proper place.

But it didn’t take long for Kyle to realise that this was all his illusion.

Kyle went to the mansion where Tess was hiding a few days after she gave birth to a daughter. And he discovered a mother who could only be described as a “blood cake.”

Maeve tracked her husband down through the employer, discovered the location of the mansion, and retaliated against Tess.

Tess was paralysed as a result of the incident.

Kyle summoned a clinic employee and a priest, but Tess never fully recovered.

Kyle would have felt sorry for Tess if it had been there. It wasn’t his intention, but his wife, who was enraged by his affair, had hurt her.

Kyle was willing to take responsibility until the end, even if Tess couldn’t provide any physical pleasure in the future.

But Tess made a fatal mistake because she was blinded by hatred.

She complained to Kyle about how vulgar his wife was and made a scathing remark that she would do the same.

It’s just Tess being arrogant and attempting to harm the marquis hostess. If it was true, it would be a huge scandal that would stain Kyle’s reputation.

Maeve’s reputation is also reputable, but she only served as a companion.

She looked after the marquis’s household and accompanied him to public events.

If something bad happened to Maeve and she couldn’t do her job, Kyle would take a big hit.

As a result, Kyle abandoned Tess.

Tess desperately tried to make excuses, saying she didn’t mean it and that she complained because she had been angry for a while.

‘……’she pleaded with tears for our daughter to let it go just once.

Kyle, on the other hand, ignored everything and remained firm in his resolve.

He took her luxurious manor and all the rare gifts he had given her as a gift and drove Tess and his child to the Marquis’ remote village.

He didn’t see Tess or her daughter again after that.

He found her again after the death of Arwen, the enemy daughter.

Tess was not present when the knights of the marquis arrived at Kyle’s request to pick up the maiden.

Tess’s whereabouts had been unknown for a few days, according to the locals.

Prior to that, she frequently went on trips to entertain other nobles, and she was most likely in the eye of a very valuable person.

But hearing that her daughter is going to the capital at the request of the Marquis, she wishes she had waited a little longer, but it seems like a waste of time.

Kyle brushed it off. Tess was no longer required. He safely delivered the substitute daughter, so everything was fine.

It was also predictable that Maeve would be furious about her husband bringing an illegitimate child into the mansion shortly after her daughter died, but Kyle wasn’t concerned.

When Kyle revealed his plans, he immediately told Maeve that she could do whatever she wanted with the child.

However, the illegitimate daughter will marry Duke Sihon Blair one day, so don’t kill her or render her incapable of functioning as a woman.

This demonstrates how unconcerned he is about his children’s well-being.

If she had any sense left in her, she would not even consider blaming the child.

Nonetheless, after entering the mansion, Maeve harassed her husband’s illegitimate daughter every day.

Kyle was unaffected by the child’s scream, which echoed throughout the mansion.

Kyle was simply astounded that Maeve despised his illegitimate child rather than him.

He has no idea. It would be impolite for him to love and care for his illegitimate child while ignoring Maeve’s, Robert, and Arwen.

Kyle, on the other hand, was unconcerned about any of his children. Without their father’s love, the two noble children were well-liked. Lydia has absolutely nothing. Is it worthwhile to care about her?

It was also a little strange.

These times lasted six years.

And life went on as usual today.

It’s a woman who screams uncontrollably.

A sound as if something was being dragged, then thumped and fell to the floor.

A clattering fricative sound, accompanied by screams.

Kyle paused for a moment before shrugging it off because it was so familiar to him. That’s how he’ll end up.

However, the butler unexpectedly found him in a hurry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

“Master, your daughter is being assaulted by the madam. “The issue is….”

“It’s not even been a day or two, what are you talking about?”

“The Duke of Blair has just arrived and wishes to see both the master and his daughter together.”

“Ah, that’s a little bothersome.”

Kyle sighed, pressing his temples as if occasionally irritated.

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