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The wagon meandered up the narrow road. The trees lined up from side to side were so tall that it was hard to get sunlight. It was as if there would be a witch’s house at the end of the road.

But contrary to her expectations, at the end there was a nice mansion wrapped in ivy.

There were no tall trees around the mansion, so the mansion got plenty of sunlight, and the grass that seemed to have formed naturally looked wonderful in the sunlight.

“We’re here.”

The carriage stopped at the entrance.

When Lucas, who got down first, held out his hands, Adele grabbed his hands with an awkward attitude and then held out her hand for Ronshka who was still inside the carriage.

Lucas moved before Adele who was not yet well and took Ronshka down from the carriage.

He didn’t want to deal with a woman like her, but he was too vague to treat his patient with disrespect. And also for the reason that she is Ronshka’s mother.

As soon as the three got out of the carriage, someone from the inside ran out like an arrow. It was a child with shiny golden hair, Leon.

As soon as the child ran out, he ran and kicked Lucas.

But the attack was quickly blocked. Leon then hit Lucas hard with his fist, but the result was not much different.

“No more.”

It was not until Lucas said so that Leon stopped.


“Yes, you practiced quite hard.”

Lucas smiled and stroked Leon’s hair.

He always showed nothing but a crooked sneer, but it must be different for his child. Adele looked at the two with her eyes wide open.

“Let me introduce you to them.”

Lucas told Leon.

“This is Ronshka. He is blessed with the fire spirit.”


“This is Leon. He is my disciple. He is learning sword fighting.”

Leon bowed his head to greet them, but Ronshka eyes did not meet his face. He hid behind Adele as it was, sending him a wary gaze.

Ronshka, who had until now been treated as a terrible monster by his peers did not understand the meaning of Leon’s actions. It wasn’t something he would be able to understand without anyone telling him, so Adele said softly.

“Ronshka, you have to say hi.”

“Oh, oh, hello.”

Ronshka managed to finish greeting. Then, the moment Adele tried to say hello, a memory passed through her head.

The male lead who lost everything when he was young. And the teacher who saved the male lead.

The teacher was later put in jeopardy by Ronshka, who was ordered by the emperor.

That was the decisive moment for the male protagonist to abandon his close friend, Ronshka.

When she thought about it, her heart grew cold. Why didn’t she think of it until now?

Leon, that little blonde boy was the main character in this story. Originally, he was a child who would have met Ronshka a little later.

When she realized everything, she no longer felt comfortable in this position.

Adele, unknowingly, wrapped her arms around Ronshka and backed away. Looking at her , Leon asked.

“Who is the woman?”

Lucas glanced at Adele as if he had just remembered and answered.

“Adele. She is Ronshka’s mother.”

At those words, Leon opened his eyes wide and looked at the two alternately.

Ronshka with red eyes and fiery red hair. Adele, with green eyes and plain brown hair, didn’t look much alike at first glance.

Meanwhile, the maid came out to meet her master.

“Welcome home master. How have you been?”

The two greeted each other and then smiled kindly at Ronshka, then she looked at Adele with a surprised expression. However, what followed was a bit disappointing for her.

“She’s just Ronshka’s mom. It’s not what you two think. The wounds caused by the bear are less healed, so I’ll let her stay as a guest, for now. I will have to think carefully about what happens next.”

Still hiding her confused head, Adele bowed.

“Yes, thank you.”

It wasn’t empty talk. Had it not been for him, Adele would have died, and Ronshka would have suffered terrible things while wandering through the woods.

It was true that she was helped by a complete stranger and no matter how many times she would thank him, it won’t be enough.

“And Ronshka. I’m not an Elementalist, but at least I can help you in stabilizing your abilities. Start learning under me with Leon from tomorrow.”

At those words, Ronshka naturally looked up at Adele.

Adele hesitated for a moment. Originally, the protagonist and Ronshka were supposed to meet a little later. But since they were young, they met and learned from the same teacher.

So what will the future look like? She couldn’t figure it out.

But she knew this one thing that now she couldn’t turn down Lucas’ offer but can she really stay here in a situation where she doesn’t know if this is good or bad?

Numerous thoughts ran through her mind. And at some point, Adele sat down on the spot. The fatigue accumulated during the whole time exploded.


The bewildered Ronshka called for Adele, but she couldn’t answer him. She was trying her best to lift up her heavy eyelids.

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Adele collapsed.

“Uh, uh, uh, Mom!”

Confused, Ronshka called Adele, and Lucas moved quickly. He held Adele and shouted as he ran into the mansion.

“Kris, hurry up and get the doctor . Madeleine, you help me.”


Kris, the servant, ran to call for their resident doctor in the mansion, followed by Madeleine. And at the end of it, Ronshka hurriedly followed them.

Lucas ran into the nearest room and checked Adele’s forehead first. Her head was boiling hot.

As he hurriedly laid her down on the bed, Madeleine, who followed, loosened her top and took off her shoes.

“What happened all of a sudden?”

Lucas looked perplexed at Madeleine’s words. He could have explained, but it was because her reaction would be obvious.

That he didn’t even let a woman who was hurted by a bear to heal for a few days, and brought her here.

Still, she said he was considerate, but Lucas was also aware that this was not enough.

Her wounds healed slowly, but the fatigue from the journey continued to pile up, and he could see her body visibly weakening.

She couldn’t help but say nothing. She was the woman who had been by her side from the moment she left her home. She didn’t want to hide the little things.

Even if she were the woman who tormented her son, it was clear that the sweet Madeleine would be terrified by her condition and how he acted towards the situation .


When they were going to talk about it, Ronshka ran into the room. The child gasped but went close to his mother.

“Uh, uh, mom!”

Lucas couldn’t say more and shut up. He also had a sense that he shouldn’t say it all in front of the child.

That alone seemed to make Madeleine aware that something had happened to her, but she didn’t ask any more.

And the next moment, the door opened and Kris and the doctor rushed in. The doctor, who rushed in, turned to Adele, who was lying on the bed.

“Is this the patient?”

“Yes .”

“Is there anything particularly bad about it?”

“She was attacked by a bear a few weeks ago.”

“A bear?”

The doctor put on a puzzled expression.

“Me, me, me.”

Ronshka stuttered with his face covered in tears and a runny nose.

“She saved me.”

The doctor’s eyes widened at the child’s words. So was Madeleine’s.

“Oh my goodness!”

Lucas was silent for a moment before continuing.

“She hurt her back.”

“Did the wound heal?”

“Most doctors said it would be okay if we moved cautiously.”

So you’re saying it’s not okay. Gentleman sighed and examined Adele’s wounds.

The wound wasn’t as deep as he thought. The bear didn’t seem to be have scratched that deeply. However, the wound was still attacked by a bear. Since she was overworked, there was no way her body was in good shape.

“Did the doctor really say that?”

The doctor looked at Lucas suspiciously.

Yeah, actually, he did press a little bit to get the answer he wanted. But he wouldn’t have carried her around if it was really a life-death situation.

Even if she was the kind of woman he didn’t like, he knew that to her child she was the world.

“Well, let’s move on for now. It’s more urgent to treat her.”

The doctor sent Kris and Lucas out.

In addition, he asked them to take Ronshka out for a while. Watching his mother undergo treatment, he was concerned that the child would be shocked.

Naturally, Ronshka struggled not to go out, and was eventually forced out by Lucas.

“Uh, uh, mom, ahh!”

“It’s just a treatment for a while. We can go back in after the doctor comes out.”

“Wh, what, if, she,she dies in the meantime.”

“She won’t die.”

“H-how do you know? “

Ronshka looked up at Lucas.


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