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Him trying to take Ronshka also didn’t feel like he was trying to covet him for the spirit, but for another reason.

Yes, it was like he felt a sense of identity.

‘Did he suffer when he was young?’

It was not known to Adele.

The little feet were a mess.

The thin toenails were broken and bruised, the blood was tangled, the skin was peeled off and the flesh could be seen.

Her sorry and guilty heart let out a sigh automatically.

Adele washed the child’s feet with water from the basin as carefully as possible. Lucas was amazed and not okay with what the patient was doing, but he couldn’t break Adele’s stubbornness in the end.

As soon as she tended to his wounds, she came to the basin with lukewarm water and began washing the child.

“The wounds might open again. I’d rather do it.”

At those words, Ronshka shook his head violently.

“No, my mother.”

The wound might burst again. Is it okay for him? Lucas, who was about to say so, quietly shut up again. It was because Adele looked at him with a pleading gaze.

It was hard to look away from that gaze even though he knew she was a bad woman who bullied her child.

It was strange . Lucas shook his head in frustration and went outside.

‘It’s quiet now.’

In case Ronshka might feel more pain,she moved her hands carefully.

However, no matter how careful she was, it was an act of water touching the wounds. There was no way it wouldn’t hurt.

And yet the child didn’t make any noise. He only occasionally opened his mouth and smiled awkwardly.

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

Ronshka nodded at the slight trembling voice. It really didn’t hurt. Really!

His mother was touching him without being scared. Ronshka was so happy with that alone that he could endure even more pain.


His heart fluttered.

Adele washed Ronshka over a long period of time and then changed him into clean clothes that Lucas had prepared in advance. It was much better to dress neatly like this.

“Should I cut your hair?”

Adele asked while stroking his bangs, Ronshka shook his head.

“N-no,it looks weird.”
(T/N : He doesn’t want to cut his hair due to the scar on his face which are hidden under the bangs)


“Ron, Ronshka.”

“No. Who said that…….”

Asking so, I soon realized. Who would have said that to Ronshka?

The child has been with Adele, herself the whole time. As always, it was Adele who had hurt Ronshka this time as well.


“Uh, huh?”

My chest felt stuffy. I couldn’t let the child consider himself a monster forever.

I had to fix it one by one for him to gain confidence. That way, he can be truly happy.

Even if he realized everything and will hate her, she had to let him know the truth, someday.

For now, I decided to boost his confidence.

Adele said.

“Ronshka is very pretty.”

“Yeah, pretty?”

“And you look really cool.”

Ronshka gave Adele a suspicious look.

“No, you’re lying.”

“Really? Don’t you believe your mother?”

“No, I believe you!”

A high-pitched voice whined in her ears.

“Then trust me now.”

“Ha, but.”

I told him that he was a monster. I told him that he looked terrible.

Ronshka looked confused.

“You know, Ronshka, I’ve been a bad mother.”

“No, mom is not bad.”

“No, I was bad. I was like that witch living deep in the forest, no even worse than the witch

Ronshka looked shocked. But it was only for a moment. Soon, with a determined look on his face, Ronshka brought it up.

“Yeah, even if mom is a witch, it’s okay

“Witches are bad”

“That, that, that, that!”

The feeling made him stutter worse. In the meantime, Ronshka seemed unwilling to withdraw his own opinion.

‘Because I am his mother.’

Ronshka, my son, who gives me his love blindly for just one reason.

The water around Adele’s eyes slowly began to dry out. I don’t deserve to cry.

“Sorry. I’m really sorry, Ronshka.”

I opened my eyes trying not to cry, but I couldn’t stop the flowing tears.

Ronshka’s hand slowly approached Adele. His hand, which was covered with small wounds, was shaking so much that it was noticeabe even without noticing.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Finally, Ronshka’s hand reached Adele’s cheek. How much courage did Ronshka needed to have for this single act of touching her cheek?

Adele couldn’t stop crying because she was sorry for it again.

“Now you look much better washed up.”

Lucas said so when he saw Ronshka in his new clothes.

She washed his messy body clean and combed his messy hair cleanly.

As long as he didn’t have burn marks,he had a face that would appeal anyone.

‘But I think I’ve seen this face somewhere.’

It looked familiar to me now that he was neat. But I couldn’t think of who it was.

Well, what’s the point of knowing that now? After all, he almost left the social world, and the two here never even set foot there.

“For now, I’ve arranged for a carriage because there’s a patient.”

That forced him to stay a few more days in this small town, but it didn’t matter. Because he had more than enough time.

The guy in his mansion would be unhappy at his step behind schedule. Well, what can he do?

A skinny little child and a patient. It would be difficult to ride a horse . That is why he had to spend money to rent a carriage from another village.

Time passed quickly. As soon as the small wagon arrived at the village, Lucas left immediately. Of course, Adele and Ronshka were also with him.

“Uh, Mom.”

Adele, whose wounds had not yet fully healed, suffered from the wobbling of the wagon.Then Ronshka was restless and tried to make Adele comfortable by lifting her jacket and cushion

‘Is it worth it?’

Lucas looked at the figure coldly. Adele’s appearance and action to her child during their time in the village was devoted.

However, Lucas did not let go of his mind by believing only what she showed.

A child who lived longing for her affection all the time, and a woman who neglected him.

He didn’t even know why she was acting like that. Was it because she recognized that he was an aristocrat and was aiming for something?

But then why did she protected the child from the bear? what if there was actually another reason?

‘Like that woman had.’

Lucas looked out the window and then looked at Ronshka, who was still hesitant.

During the trip, Adele groaned with pain and fever. Because of that, the wagon was moving slowly.

Each village they stopped by to show the wounds to the doctor, and moved carefully.

Whenever that happened, Lucas thought, ‘Is this necessary?’ but when he saw Ronshka, he couldn’t help it.

To the child, his mother was still the absolute existence. And Lucas could not easily take away that absolute existence.

Meanwhile, the carriage was on its way to its destination.

A boy with blonde hair and blue eyes was looking out the window. The head maid looked at him and smiled lightly.

“Are you waiting for Lucas?”

“No. I just wanted to look out the window.”

“Ho-ho, really? Then you don’t need this?”

The lady gently shook the envelope in her hand. Then, the child who was looking out the window ran and held out his hands as if he had never done so.

“As a disciple, I must read my master’s letter.”

“Well, then we can just inform you comfortably.”

“No, I am more comfortable with this.”

The child spoke steadfastly and quickly received the letter.

‘Unusual child.’

One day, Lucas, who was traveling abroad as usual, came back with him like a stray cat.

Surprised by the appearance of the dirty child, I asked him who he was, and he replied.

“It’s my disciple.”

Since then, the child has learned swordsmanship under Lucas.

Although it is said that he left the family now, Lucas was originally an excellent swordsman. He was not only one of the three most powerful men in his homeland, but also a sword master.

Such a disciple he teaches!

Naturally, many people showed interest. And tried to appease the child, or were jealous and tried to hurt him.

A small mansion thus was established after leaving one’s native land. Here, the child studied swordsmanship diligently.

But despite having a child, Lucas didn’t seem to be able to handle the wanderlust. He wanted to run away again this time and hasn’t come back yet.

‘Well, he sent a letter.’

The child, Leon was sitting upright and reading the letter. Then he frowned and tilted his head.

“What is it about?”

“He’s bringing another child.”


The maidservant opened her eyes wide in surprise. Leon bit his lips and read the sentence again.

“It’s a child.”

However, no matter how much he looked at it again, the contents of the letter did not change.


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8 thoughts on “MCIAV Ch 6”

  1. this lucas guy really gets on my nerve. this whole time, he has been nothing but judgemental. he thinks a person’s inside can only be black or white. he doesn’t even get the facts straight, yet he already judged her irredemable. his only reasonings are his wild imaginations and his projections from his own history. i say that is far from professional. not saying MC is innocent but he is way out of line. and since this is a novel, we obviously know she will do her absolute best to be a great mother, so i hate to see her efforts looked down like that. thank you for the chapter.

    1. but i guess since he is only keeping his opinion to himself and offers both of them a place to stay, he isnt bad or anything. but sheeeeshhh this is frustratinggg *smacks chest

      1. and i lowkey feel its unfair for MC to carry her past life’s sins. they are the same person but also not. her past life was a bad mother but she would never do such a thing in her other self. this is why i dont blame MC: her other self but with memories of her past life. so cut the woman some slack

    2. Exactly my thoughts. The only way I’m controlling my frustration is by telling myself that he doesn’t know anything rn.

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