Ronshka was desperately talking about his strengths while counting them in his fingers.

And Adele, seeing the miserable appearance, grabbed her chest. It felt like she was about to collapse at the throbbing pain in her chest.

“You can cry.”

Adele said, trying not to cry.

“If you are not feeling well, you should cry.”

“Oh, I don’t want to cry.”

“No, It’s Ronshka so I don’t hate it.”

At those words, Ronshka smiled politely.

“You should also eat more rice.”

” But…”

“Ronshka is still young and small, so you have to eat a lot. You need to get bigger and stronger to help in my work.”

Adele calmly explained to Ronshka the reason why. The face, which had been in doubt all along, was solved only after hearing the reason.

Why doesn’t this child know love without reason? It was all her own fault.

Although she did not remember her past life, Adele in her present life was also herself. That fact alone was painful.

“Actually, you don’t even have to help.”

“Well, I think I can do well.”

“Is your mom not doing well?”

Then she gently pinched his little nose.

‘Oh no, I can’t do this.’

I thought that if Ronshka gets to live in a better environment, I would give up on him.

But how can I give up on such a child? A child who is so lovely and looks upto me so much.

Adele said, looking at Lucas with a calm look.

“I’m going to raise Ronshka.”

It may not be easy for a single mother to raise a child on her own, but I was sure that I would do my best.

I wanted to take care of him as happily as the children of other families so that he could live happily like other children. That’s why I decided not to give up on Ronshka.

At Adele’s words, Ronshka made a strange noise and dug into her arms. He looked very happy.

However, he didn’t know how to express the joy, so he just made an unknown sound and grinned.

“You look like a single mother. How are you going to raise him on your own?”

Ronshka was no ordinary child.

He had the talent and blessing of elemental spirit.

She said that she will raise such a child all by herself as a single mother? They both probably will have a bleak future. Lucas pointed it out.

Adele bit her lip softly. There was nothing wrong with what Lucas said.

Considering the hardships she has had so far, the future did not seem bright either.

“Besides, aren’t you the one who abused the child?”

At those words, Adele, who had been looking at Lucas with her head up until now, shrugged her shoulders.

She couldn’t make excuses because it was an unavoidable fact. She never touched him directly, but she also has neglected him so far.

When Adele had that upset look, there was little hostility in the eyes of Ronshka who was looking at Lucas. Then, fireworks began to appear everywhere.


The doctor screamed and fell. But Lucas put his hand on the flame with an annoyed expression. That alone extinguished the flames.

He doesn’t know why he’s doing this.

Lucas sighed inwardly. A mother and a child whom he does not know at all, it would have been better if he just left the money with the doctor and left.

But he had already reached this far, so he couldn’t back down.

He didn’t have any affection for Ronshka, but he at least hoped he wouldn’t be abused. He was like his childhood self.

Seeing the small flames constantly rising here and there, Adele called out to her son’s name.


Then the red eyes, whose excitement had not yet subsided, looked at Adele. There were countless emotions under his eyes as he was still young and had so much resentment.

It hurted so bad that Adele just wanted to cry. But she couldn’t cry.

She had to comfort Ronshka here. So she said in the sweetest voice she could.

The reason why Ronshka was called a monster was because he couldn’t calm the flames.

“You can’t do that.”

The man seemed to know something. Otherwise, it would not have been so easy to extinguish the flames caused by Ronshka.

It was a flame that didn’t go off even if his mother, Adele, tried to.

“Ha, but!”

Ronshka retorted in a hoarse voice, but he immediately shrugged his shoulders. Although he raised his voice in the blink of an eye, it was because he didn’t realise what the subject was.

No. Now that I can hug you, I can’t be hated again.

“Sah, sah, disappear.”

Therefore, he floundered his hands and told the flame, but it did not listen.

The more embarrassed Ronshka was, the more it spread here and there, burning the house of the doctor.

As traces of the flames began to remain black in several places, Adele also stood up and tried to catch the flames. But to no avail, only the black marks gradually increased.

“Ahh! Whoa! my home!”

The more he did, the more the doctor’s screams grew louder.

Lucas’s hand movements, which were relaxed at first, began to gradually become busier. Then he strode over to Ronshka and grabbed his little shoulder and said:

“Ronshka, try to turn off the flames.”

“I’m trying to turn it off.”

He was trying. But the flames, as always, did not obey Ronshka properly.

Adele was also trying to put out the flames, but she was injured in the first place. Her pale white face looked like she was about to collapse at any moment.

“Uh, uh, Mom.”

Ronshka’s stuttering got worse.

I want to let my mom rest, I want to listen to her, but nothing is going my way.

He hated himself so much. He had his first chance to be loved, but he felt like she was going to miss it. It was so scary that he felt like crying.

‘My mom might hate me again.’

The small, dry body trembled .


Lucas, who was looking at him, raised his voice a little more.

“Look at me. Think of the flame as your body.”

Lucas eagerly explained to Ronshka, but it didn’t work for the frightened child. Adele approached the two and carefully grabbed Ronshka’s hand.


The eyes, which had gradually faded from focus moved to the sweet and soft voice.

“My dear son, Ronshka, what’s in your hand? Look, you have fingers? Right? How do you move your fingers?”

Ronshka moved his fingers at the calm voice.

“Think of the flames as your fingers.”

“My, my finger?”

“Yeah, Ronshka’s cute little fingers. Come on, now flame. Please disappear.”

The round red eyes became a little clearer. Fingers? Try moving your fingers ?

Ronshka struggled to understand what Adele was saying.

How long has it been? The frantic flames slowly stopped moving and disappeared one by one.

Lucas, who was looking at it, smiled in disappointment. He must have suffered from his mother, but why does the child still follow her?

She didn’t seem like someone who would hurt the child now, but Lucas knew. Parents are the ones who can bully their children even if they look fine and normal on the outside.

“Good job. Good job, Ronshka.”

Therefore, he couldn’t really relax when he saw Adele hugging Ronshka. He had a subtle feeling that he couldn’t be truly reassured.

But the thought of ‘maybe’ soon began to spring up in the corner of his mind. Lucas caught a senator who was about to run out.

“Let go, let go!”

The gentleman struggled with fright. The existence of spirit was extremely rare , so there were quite a few people who did not know about them in the countryside.

Lucas explained the situation by having the legislator sit down by anti-force.

Fortunately, he nodded . He doesn’t know if it’s because of the money he gave him or he truly understood.

Once the urgent matter was resolved, Lucas turned to Adele and Ronshka.

“Okay, let’s do this.”

At Lucas’ words, the two looked back at him.

“Why don’t you both go together with me?”

Where? The same expression appeared on their face and then disappeared.

“To my house.”

Adele was taken aback by Lucas’ words. Either way, he said looking straight at Adele.

“I still don’t believe you.”

Adele had nothing to say. Even if he didn’t believe her, she had nothing to refute. It’s because she’s the one who’s been abusing Ronshka so far.

Now that she remembers her past life, even if it was different, what she did didn’t disappear.

“Because children follow their mothers.”

Lucas’ expression while saying that was as cold as ice.

“Let’s go together for now.”

“But why should I believe in you?”

Unlike before, Adele, who was reasonable, asked calmly.

“You’ve already noticed I’m an aristocrat, haven’t you? It’s not hard for a noble to live with two people. Or do you have somewhere else to go?”

No. I was going to do some chores in order to feed Ronshka as soon as the wound was healed.

Of course, the process will not be easy, but there was nothing else that could be done. I didn’t have any money saved, I didn’t have a house.

“Then you already know .”

Adele hesitated and replied.


She was now the Adele who didn’t trust people easily because of her memories from her previous life, but from what he’s done so far, Lucas didn’t seem like a bad person.

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