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Chapter 8 Part 1

She and Qin Jingyao were the only ones who sent Shen Yi to the hospital. Qin Jingyao left without mentioning that Shen Yi had any other family members. Su Tang didn’t dare to tell her grandma about it when the situation was uncertain, she could only go to the bathroom and clean herself. After tidying up, she stood guard at the door of the operating room without leaving.

The operation lasted nearly three hours. Su Tang grew up so big and she had waited countless times for others. This time was the longest and most tormented. During the period, doctors and nurses came in and out several times. No one asked who the patient’s family members were, and no one said what operation agreement to sign. Su Tang didn’t dare to stop them to ask about the situation, for fear of causing trouble to these people who were busy saving lives. Su Tang didn’t stand up until the warning light “in operation” dimmed.

“How is he?”

The person who answered her was a middle-aged doctor in his fifties, who seemed to have the highest position among these people. With a strong majesty from head to toe, and the way of answering was to ask, “Who are you to him?”

“I’m his friend.”

The doctor glanced at her clothes, “You sent him here?”

Su Tang nodded, “Yes.”

“You’ve been here all this time?”

Su Tang nodded again, “Yes.”

The doctor finally asked enough questions, “The patient was sent in time, and the first aid work during the trip was also done very well. The patient’s mood has been very stable, which has greatly reduced the difficulty of our rescue work. Thank you.”

Su Tang was completely relieved in this series of “very”, but was taken aback by the thank you. How could a doctor thank a patient’s friend?

“No no no… I should thank you! Thank you for your hard work!”

“This is what I should do. I’m his father.”

Then, he nodded politely at Su Tang and left.

Su Tang was stunned and flustered when a young doctor with thick eyebrows and big eyes who had been standing behind Shen Yi’s father just now came over, smiled and stretched out his hand to her, “Hello, I’m Dean Shen’s student, Shen Yi The attending doctor, Zhao Yang, was the one who cut him open and sewed him up just now.

Su Tang was dumbfounded by this overly simple and crude description of the operation process, and his mood calmed down a lot involuntarily. He reached out to shake his hand, “Hello, thank you for your hard work.”

Zhao Yang grinned at her, “I’m guessing you are Su Tang?”

Su Tang was slightly taken aback, “How did you guess that?”

Zhao Yang pointed at her messy clothes with a smile, “You should be the only one who can keep him emotionally stable when he vomits on other people’s clothes like this.”

Su Tang felt like he was implying something, but she didn’t bother to ask it. After three hours of tension, she suddenly relaxed, and his whole body seemed to be taken out.

She wanted to take a look at Shen Yi, even a glance from the outside would be enough, but it seemed to be the wrong time.

“Great if Shen Yi’s fine. I’ll head back first if his father is here.”

“Don’t, Dean Shen is on night shift tonight, he only went in to sign some paperworks, he’s going back to his shift……” Zhao Yang smiled bitterly, “It’s rare that someone sent him here without leaving immediately. Spend some time with him if you are free.”

Su Tang recalled Qing Jingyao’s calm but cold reaction and suddenly felt sad.

Seeing that Su Tang didn’t make a sound, Zhao Yang took out a watch from his pocket and said, “Look, it’s almost midnight, buses and trains are both stopped. If Shen Yi knew that I let you go back alone at this time, I’m afraid I’ll have to give him another surgery.”

Su Tang didn’t hesitate, “Is there anything I need to do after he wakes up?”

Zhao Yang waved his hands cleanly after hearing that she agreed to stay, “No, no. Everything’s being monitored and I can see it from my office. I’ll head over if anything looks wrong…… His room is on level fifteen, turn right after you get out of the elevator. It’s the innermost room there.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem!”

When Su Tang entered the ward, Shen Yi hadn’t woken up yet, his face was so pale that it almost melted into the pillow, his body was full of messy tubes, and all kinds of medical machines in operation made regular soft noises, the atmosphere was so quiet which made Su Tang feel bad for him. 

This ward seems to have been used by Shen Yi for a long time. It has all kinds of daily necessities, and even basic furniture such as a wardrobe, bookcase, desk, and some odds and ends. It may be because the area is relatively small and there are traces of life. It seemed much richer than the one in his big house of more than 240 square meters.

Just as Su Tang was about to sit down on the chair beside his bed, her gaze was caught by a stuffed bear on the bedside table. The bear was very old and a bit ugly, so ugly that Su Tang was dumbfounded.

The bear was hers.

To be accurate, the bear was hers a long time ago. She couldn’t remember it clearly, but only because it was so ugly that it challenged her way of judging it, so she gave it to someone else……

Shen Yi said that he saw her twenty years ago, did she give the bear to him?

Su Tang stared at the man sleeping soundly in his bed and suddenly had the urge to book an appointment for her brain.

How come she had zero impression?

Shen Yi woke up in the middle of the night once, but perhaps he was too weak, he only saw Su Tang next to his bed and fainted again after looking at her for a while. He didn’t wake up again until it was almost nood. He saw Su Tang reading by his bed on a chair and acted as if he just saw a ghost.

Su Tang saw him move from the corner of her eyes and looked up from the book. Seeing that he was staring at her weirdly, she stopped, “What’s wrong? Does your wounds hurt?”

Shen Yi stopped for a few seconds before looking at his bedside table, as if he was looking for something.

Su Tang knew that he wanted to say something, so she took out his phone from her pocket and asked, “Are you looking for your phone?”

Shen Yi nodded.

Su Tang opened a new page on Notes before passing it on to Shen Yi. Shen Yi didn’t have any strength and his hands were shaking. A few words took him half a minute to type.

——You were here the whole night?”

Su Tang nodded, “Don’t worry, I told grandma that there were some uncooked beans and you got food poisoned.”

Shen Yi smiled weakly and looked apologetic.

——I’m sorry. I woke up last night and saw you, I thought I was drunk.

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