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MOMIAWF Chapter 25


Falling in love is definitely not an easy task, Yu Qing thinks it is even more difficult than preparing senior and advanced. If it sounds nice, how do you say, coax your husband? It’s easy to get goose bumps.

Yu Qing never thought about reflecting on herself, so she went back to find out how the mermaid fell in love online. However, there is a high probability that you will find out that the mermaid is just waiting to be coaxed. The status of the mermaid in this era is so high.

If you run into aristocrats, mermaid marrying aristocrats, they still say what kind of love you want, powerful and rich, you can buy whatever you want, love or not, love can’t be eaten as rice.

“Your information.” Before Yu Qing could think more, Raymond pointed to the light brain on the bed, “Someone asked if you had amnesia.”

Now that you have seen it, there is no need to pretend that you don’t know anything.

“…” Do these people just think he is Yu Ren, he is, hey, he asked what amnesia is not amnesia, if he has the ability to find evidence, Yu Qing deliberately used the same face.

Why go for plastic surgery? Isn’t it bad to use your own face?

Amnesia, who has amnesia, where is it so easy to amnesia.

Yu Qing glanced at Raymond, “Amnesia is impossible. The body of the supernatural person is strong. If I am amnesia, then I am now a delicate and delicate flower.”

If it is amnesia, it is impossible to conceal the identity of the mermaid so well. If you have amnesia, you don’t know you have money, how to live, you don’t know your identity, you have to contact other people, and your identity has long been exposed.

“It’s okay to be delicate and tender,” Raymond replied, “It’s hard to change a person’s personality, and it will change back slowly later.”

“You… are very suitable for being a colleague.” Yu Qing couldn’t help saying so.

“Nonsense, we are husbands.” Raymond emphasized that colleagues, it is impossible to be colleagues in this life unless they are both husband and colleague. Don’t think about the relationship between colleagues.

“Right.” Yu Qing smiled lightly, “Go brush your teeth and wash your face, so you can eat.”

Yu Qing pulled Raymond up from the bed, “Guangbra can look at it anytime, there is nothing inside.”

“…” How do you feel that your sweetheart is coaxing him? Raymond said that he really didn’t want to see what’s in his sweetheart’s light brain, but just happened to see that piece of information.

“An la, you, a lot of money, great momentum!” Yu Qing said, “not to mention that I don’t have amnesia. Even if I am really amnesia, I must not be the kind of person who wants love without money.”

The key is that he really has no memory loss, and there are people like Ye Haisheng, who is going to be the third, it’s not worth it.

No matter who sent the message, Yu Qing couldn’t bother.

When Raymond went to brush his teeth and wash his face and was about to walk into the bathroom, Yu Qing’s light brain remembered the voice again, and someone sent him a message.

“I am Ouyang Jing, your former friend, you can contact me if you have any questions.” Ouyang Jing still sent another message to Yu Qing.

It is impossible to say that Ouyang Jing can see more clearly, but it is also false if he does not see clearly. He didn’t know that Ye Haisheng used him, but he himself wanted to know that Yu Ren was not doing well.

After Yu Qing saw the information, she finally chose to delete it.

He and Ouyang Jing were roommates when they were in college, and they talked more often, so they were friends. But Yu Qing didn’t think it was necessary for them to contact again. It was not that he didn’t look down on Ouyang Jing, but that Ouyang Jing didn’t need to be involved in these things.

Yu Qing doesn’t think Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian are people who will live a good life. If they live well, they shouldn’t be involved in others before, and Qin Mian shouldn’t let fans criticize others. After all, the relationship between Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian was not so good. Yu Qing did not want to see Ouyang Jing being used, nor did he want others to threaten him with Ouyang Jing.

It is best for an ordinary friend not to cause trouble to each other.

Sometimes, Yu Qing felt that she was too calm, as if to separate herself from others. That may be because he lived in the sea when he was a child, and only went ashore later. A few years ago, he had already identified himself.

No matter how close the mother of the dean of the orphanage is, it is not a family without blood relationship. The mother of the dean also has to take care of many orphans, and it does not belong to Yu Qing alone. Yu Qing has donated money to the orphanage, but no more. He did the same to the dean’s mother, let alone Ouyang Jing.

Between Yu Ren and Ouyang Jing, there is no debt to each other, and there is no contact between ordinary friends and classmates.

Yes, Ouyang Jing still remembers him now, which is very good.

But…just treat him coldly, his current status is really inappropriate.

Yu Qing did not send a message to Ouyang Jing, there is no need to admit it, just know it. The other party may not be able to hide the secret, if Ye Haisheng wants Ouyang Jing to tell it, naturally there is a way.

“That’s it.” Yu Qing whispered.

Ye Family, Ye Haisheng, and Qin Mian did not sleep on the same bed. During the day, Qin Mian tidied up the floor to prevent others from discovering it.

When the Ye family had breakfast together, Qin Mian’s face was not so good-looking. He had never hit the floor like this before. He was not used to it and didn’t sleep well.

But where could the people of the Ye family care about Qin Mian, either as if they didn’t see it, or as if Qin Mian and Ye Haisheng were tossing too late yesterday.

“Let’s go back and do less live broadcasts.” Old man Ye looked at Qin Mian, and he always spoke like this.

He saw Qin Mian’s live broadcast and also saw Qin Mian’s fans saying that Yu Qing was not. Are they free to say Mrs. Lei?

Without thinking about each of them, Yu Qing is Mrs. Lei, with her back leaning on the Lei Family. If the Lei Family wants to deal with the Ye Family and the Qin Family, then the Ye Family and the Qin Family should not even want to stay in the Emperor Star.

“Grandfather…” Qin Mian didn’t expect that Elder Ye would actually say this on the second day of his wedding with Ye Haisheng.

“Yeah, it’s not my aunt who said you. Can you make a lot of money by doing live broadcast, is it famous? Isn’t it famous enough for you to marry into the Ye family?” Madam Ye deliberately said, “Your brain-hard fans, so true …The day before yesterday I said Mrs. Lei, yesterday I said the Chu family, and tomorrow I will say who you are.”

Madam Ye didn’t like people in the second room, and even Qin Mian, who didn’t like to marry into the second room. People in the second house want to compete with Dafang for property. It stands to reason that if they grow up and have order, Dafang should get more, and then the Ye family can be better developed.

If the Ye family wants Alpha to marry a mermaid, it should also be a big room.

Back then, the Qin family wanted to marry the Ye family, and Mrs. Ye also thought about letting her son marry a mermaid, thinking that this marriage steadily fell to the big house. Elder Ye had originally set up a big room, but Qin Mian said that he wanted Ye Haisheng in the second room.

If you want a second room, you want a second room. Why did you accept the gift from the big room? It’s a big white lotus.

How could Mrs. Ye not hate Qin Mian? If Qin Mian refused Main Branch’s favor early, then Main Branch would not be ashamed of the back, and it was said that the fight for the mermaid had failed.

Hehe, let’s go to his mermaid, so how could Mrs. Ye miss the opportunity to mock Qin Mian, what about mermaids, the world value mermaids, that is because mermaids are more likely to be pregnant with noble children. But Madam Ye gave birth to a child a long time ago, so why be afraid of Qin Mian, there is no need.

Marriage, who hasn’t been married yet.

“Brothers and sisters should be in charge.” Madam Ye looked at Madam Ye Er, “Don’t always be so petty, try to toss about those useless. It’s useless, if you are tired of the house, what can you do.”

When Mrs. Ye said these things, she looked at Elder Ye from time to time. If Elder Ye looked wrong, she wouldn’t continue.

“I haven’t been married before. Be a little more lively.” Madam Ye Er answered, looking at Qin Mian on the side, “Mianmian, turn around and arrange flowers with me at home.”

“Yes.” Qin Mian nodded slightly, feeling aggrieved. What happened to his live broadcast? How could he not be able to do it? How could he guide public opinion.

However, all the elders at the table, and if Ye Haisheng didn’t help him, Qin Mian could only answer that way.

“Playing with Xingbo is enough.” Ye Haisheng said, “Do less live broadcasts, and occasionally play, just if you don’t do your official duties.”

Ye Haisheng still remembers that Qin Mian made a fool of himself on the Internet. He didn’t need Qin Mian to look for Yu Qing. Qin Mian went to look for it and did live broadcasts, which made him follow the embarrassment. From the bottom of his heart, he still hopes that Yu Qing is Yu Ren, and Yu Ren after amnesia, so hopes in his heart, sometimes not wanting to be, and hopes that Yu Ren is really so dead.

His mood is very contradictory. If Yu Qing is Yu Ren, Yu Ren will be with others regardless of his memory loss. If Yu Ren died, then he would never see Yu Ren again.

So Ye Haisheng hated Qin Mian even more, it was all Qin Mian’s fault.

As Lei Meng’s wife, Yu Qing will inevitably be invited by aristocrats to participate in banquets and charity parties. Yu Qing had visited few before, and even if he had been there, there were not so many nobles.

Raymond asked Yu Qing to make a lot of clothes, including trousers and skirts.

When Yu Qing saw the diamond-encrusted mermaid skirt, the corners of her mouth twitched slightly and her eyes were hot.

“Is this trying to pick off the stars in the sky?” Yu Qing rarely turns his legs into fish tails, but basically uses fish tails when he is in the sea.

“Yes.” Raymond nodded, “Agricultural Star, Tourism Star…it’s your choice.”

Raymond had a lot of private planets in his hands, and it was okay to pick and send stars.

It happens that Darryl is here, and Darryl feels that the two men are in love, it is like a catastrophe, a love between straight men. Obviously, it should be very romantic, how come to these two people’s mouth, it becomes a very common and ordinary thing.

Maybe it’s because Yu Qing is not tender enough? Or is it because Raymond is not overbearing enough to come forward and hug the mermaid?

Darryl thinks about how he looks like when he is in love on weekdays, how close he hugs and hugs him. As for the two people, the distance is not far, but they are not very close, why are they not holding hands, not crooked in someone’s arms, or wearing a school of mermaids around.

“Doesn’t it look good?” Yu Qing found out that Darryl’s expression was not right, and asked.

After all, if you ask Raymond, Raymond should not dare to say that it is not good-looking.

There are so many diamonds, so valuable, and they don’t look tacky and expensive, and Yu Qing doesn’t think this mermaid skirt is unsightly. It is that he has never worn a mermaid skirt like this outside, even when he escaped outside, he never did.

“Okay…” Darryl was about to say good-looking, but he noticed the look in Raymond’s eyes. He always felt that the other party wanted to use his eyes to pull him into the blacklist and put him in a refusal account.

Mrs. Lei hurt him. If he asked him if he looked good, he should ask Master Lei and ask others what he did.

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