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MOMIAWF Chapter 21


Under normal circumstances, the identity information is fixed, and the gender is not secret. For example, Omega pretends to be Beta, and mermaid pretends to be ordinary people. It should not work. The employer has the right to know the information of the recruited personnel, and it is necessary to buy relevant insurance and pay related expenses.

Sometimes it is not gender discrimination, but attention. For example, what to do if Omega is in the company or is in love? You have to prepare inhibitors in advance to prevent Omega from not taking it.

As for the mermaid, medicine must be taken to transform the mermaid to make the fish’s tail turn into legs. The maintenance time is not long, and the water in the body must be maintained. The number of transformed mermaids is small. Basically, those who have undergone transformational mermaid surgery have not thought about their career achievements. Most of the transformed mermaids become housewives and housewives.

The natural mermaid can keep the fish’s tail on the legs for a longer time, but it should not be maintained for too long.

Therefore, the mermaid pretending to be an ordinary person basically does not work. It was very difficult for Xia Ziyan to pretend to be an ordinary person to Ye Haisheng’s side.

There is no connection between Yu Qing and Xia Ziyan. If you don’t become a partner, you can’t become a friend. What Xia Ziyan said at the beginning was a great insult to Yu Qing. Yu Qing didn’t like being ridiculed by others. Of course, it was impossible to continue to contact Xia Ziyan, and her contact information had long been deleted.

Xia Ziyan didn’t delete Yu Qing, but just put the person on the blacklist. In his opinion, someone like Yu Qing might find him to fight the existence of Qiufeng.

Now, Xia Ziyan thought of Yu Qing becoming Mrs. Lei, but still did not release Yu Qing from the blacklist. He thinks, if he pulls out again at this time, and then goes to Yu Qing, he might be mocked mercilessly by the other party. Still don’t move, Ye Haisheng is the protagonist of this world, much more important than Lord Lei.


Yu Qing still learned from former colleagues that Xia Ziyan’s mermaid transformation operation was relatively successful, and Xia Ziyan’s identity information had become a mermaid, and Xia Ziyan also sent the news to his circle of friends.

“That’s his freedom.” Yu Qing didn’t hate Xia Ziyan, and they had never really been together or fell in love. It was only an ambiguous stage at the beginning. The other party said he liked it, and it was considered a confession, but he had not had time to agree at the time, and the other party said later that he would go for a mermaid transformation operation.

This is not what anyone owes, Yu Qing doesn’t think Xia Ziyan is sorry for herself.

Without being together, without falling in love, without getting married, how can we stop the other party from pursuing the broad road?

“He must be married better than you.” The former colleague sent a message.

“That’s his freedom.” Yu Qing still replied. What kind of nobleman Xia Ziyan wants to marry is Xia Ziyan’s freedom. If Xia Ziyan wanted to marry those great nobles and try hard to climb into the great nobles, there is nothing wrong with it. Everyone has the right to pursue happiness.

“…” After all, the former colleague didn’t say more, he felt that Yu Qing’s answer would still be ‘that’s his freedom’.

Raymond didn’t ask much about Xia Ziyan. A person who had never been with Yu Qing was a cowardly person who had undergone a mermaid transformation operation. Yu Qing looked down upon such a person.

The most important thing now is of course to hold the wedding, so that everyone knows that Raymond is serious, it is impossible not to hold the wedding.

It’s just which planet it will be held on, Leimeng is a little worried that Yu Qing doesn’t like it.

When Yu Qing saw the three plans that Raymond gave him, he didn’t understand those planets, and he had never held a wedding with anyone. He only felt that they were one by one, with a lot of small details.

“Or, it’s in Emperor Star.” Yu Qing said, “It would be troublesome to let those guests go to other planets.”

“They have time.” Raymond didn’t think it was too troublesome. The traffic is so developed now that many people like to choose other planets for weddings.

Although Emperor Star is very prosperous, for nobles with private planets, it is better to prepare for weddings on private planets, and even arrange some beautiful objects in outer space. The sky above the emperor star can’t. It is a public area. Without the permission of the empire’s senior officials and the general public, private persons are not allowed to occupy the public area without authorization.

“Emperor Star Wedding, honeymoon on other planets.” Yu Qing didn’t want a grand wedding, but he was nervous and guilty.

In case one day you run away, no, no, no, the wedding has not been held yet, don’t think so.

Sure enough, because I ran once, I was ready to move, thinking that if I couldn’t make it, I would run. Yu Qing thought about it carefully, this can’t be regarded as his own fault. If no one was chasing him, he wouldn’t have to run away. At most, he would break up with Ye Haisheng peacefully.

“Other planets can hold an anniversary wedding, like the centenary.” Do you think Raymond will give up? It’s impossible.

Their life span is so long, and they will stay together for a long time in the future. In one hundred, two hundred years…every hundred years can hold a grander wedding anniversary, and they can still invite those people.

“…” Yu Qing suddenly wanted to ask: Are you the devil?

No, the other party is not a devil, but he has never been with such a rich person.

Poverty limits my imagination. Yu Qing told himself that he didn’t understand the romance of rich people. Oh, maybe I will understand later.

“In terms of time, when do you think?” Leimen kind of wanted to spend time with Ye Haisheng to see whose wedding those people were going to.

But Raymond just thought about it, he couldn’t really do that. If they really did that, those people should criticize Yu Qing and ask if there is a secret between Yu Qing and Ye Haisheng.

To be jealous, there must be a degree.

If you are unhappy, put Ye Haisheng’s sack on it and just give it a beat.

Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian weren’t worth it for them to ruin the wedding. Raymond was not such an impulsive person. The wedding was held on the same day. After being slapped, it becomes a joke for others after a meal. It is not a slap in the face. It is refreshing for a while and desolate for a long time.

“Wait for three or five years?” Yu Qing joked, seeing Raymond’s expression froze, and said, “Of course it can’t be that long. If it’s really that long, if I go out, will I be laughed at? , Saying that we have to divide sooner or later, maybe we didn’t get the certificate at all.”

“I got it, it’s legal.” Raymond said solemnly, “After the new year, when the spring blossoms.”

Elder Lei and the others are still on other planets, and Raymond has to let people prepare wedding scenes. There is no need to be too rushed, all the certificates are obtained, and you can’t escape.

“Yes.” Yu Qing nodded, the spring flowers bloom well, the air is not so cold, there is spring rain, and the air does not appear too dry. For mermaids, spring is the best season.

Raymond considered that Yu Qing was a mermaid, so he thought of spring, otherwise he would have to be earlier, whether in autumn or winter, he would not be able to stop him. But the sweetheart is a mermaid, and the tail of the fish is the most important thing. Even if the sweetheart doesn’t want to show his tail at the wedding, the humidity and temperature of the air must be maintained.

In the distant interstellar battlefield, an aristocrat Alpha got up from the bloody battlefield, his face was bloody and his body was still wounded.

There are no people around, just the robots that clean up the battlefield. The robots cremated the dead bodies one by one, and sent them to the hospital if they had vital signs.

This is the frontline battlefield. Even if there is no large-scale war, but there are occasional conflicts with other interstellar intelligent creatures, small-scale wars may also break out.

A few days ago, there was no small-scale war, but a little conflict. It happened that there were one or two young nobles who had nothing to do with them, thinking about making merits, thinking about rising, thinking that they were too much, so they rushed forward.

No, it became cannon fodder and was sacrificed on the battlefield.

It’s not that no one is stopping, but there are always people who think that they have a high status and a good family background, and they don’t listen to persuasion.

“Di, Di, Di, there are life activities.” The robot quickly found the injured Alpha and quickly contacted the person in the hospital. At the same time, medical-type robots will come over. The medical-type robots will scan to see if they can move the injured. If they can move, the robots will first use tools to send the injured to the hospital. Otherwise, they will wait for the people from the hospital to come.

The nobleman Alpha fainted again after hearing the voice of the robot.

Fortunately, the robot has determined that he is still alive and has started the rescue procedure.

Interstellar wars mostly take place in space. Some intelligent creatures can’t breathe in space at all, so they have to rely on it. Even if you can breathe in space, you cannot stay in space for long.

This time the war happened to happen on a relatively desolate planet with flora and fauna, otherwise the Alpha would not be able to survive.

Because of the failure of this small-scale war, many people were sacrificed. After all, it has had a certain impact on the border defense, and the enemy’s intelligent creatures will inevitably clamor. At this time, it is still necessary to be tougher.

Therefore, many people are not sympathetic to the sacrificed aristocrats, but use this thing to teach others that they must not be more radical. Going to the battlefield is not playing games on the Internet. It is not the same at all.

The border guards reported the incident level by level, and Raymond saw it, and said, “Did these people learn enough?”

After so long training in the military school, there are still people so ignorant.

“Be spoiled.” Raymond didn’t look at it anymore. The spoiled ignorant nobleman would either just enjoy life honestly, don’t go to the battlefield, or study more seriously.

Every ten years or so, this kind of self-righteous person rushes up and sacrifices. Who is to blame?

A few days before the wedding of Qin Mian and Ye Haisheng, Xia Ziyan came out of the mermaid hospital. The mermaid reconstruction operation has basically ended, but the fish’s tail has been maintained more recently.

“Put your resume.” Xia Ziyan was going to work in Ye Haisheng’s company.

Xia Ziyan didn’t modify his resume at all. He wanted the Alpha pheromone to be strengthened, so he went in with the Alpha identity and concealed the mermaid identity first, without considering the question of whether it could be concealed at all.

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