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MOMIAWF Chapter 19


Lei’s family, a lot of money, great momentum!

It smells so good!

Yu Qing felt this way. At least after he got married, there was no such thing as a fiancé or a fiancée, and there were not so many troubles. However, it is quite normal for a nobleman like the Lei family to be eyeing that.

If someone comes to the door, Yu Qing’s method is very simple, slowly lying on the ground, his legs become fish tails…

Come on, he is a natural mermaid, bully him if he has the ability!

It’s so cool to call the Mermaid Conservation Association again and again!

Hey, this is awesome. The staff of the Mermaid Conservation Association is very useful. At least ordinary people can’t bully the mermaid at will. Even if some mermaids use it indiscriminately, as long as it works, who doesn’t want to use it.

What a shameless behavior, Yu Qing said that his face is really useless. In these years, he has been very shameless and worked hard.

However, he was really inferior to those shameless, he was greatly stimulated, and Alpha, who had good abilities, was going to undergo mermaid transformation surgery.

Yu Qing thought that if he was stimulated, he would have to do better than those people. Those people can do mermaid transformation surgery to marry a wealthy man. Then he is a mermaid, so why can’t he do it.

When Yu Qing was happily reviewing Xingbo at home, Raymond received a letter of apology from the Ye family. The Ye family also specially ordered Ye Haisheng’s ex-boyfriend, and also posted a single photo of Ye Haisheng’s ex-boyfriend and two photos. .

“Who is disgusting?” Leimen thought maybe he wasn’t suitable to come to the military department today. After seeing this so-called letter of apology, he wanted to go to the Ye family and trample the Ye family on the ground.

Is there a pit in the Ye family’s mind? They still want to throw the pot.

It was clearly Ye Haisheng’s problem, and he wanted to have conflicts between her husband and her husband.

Heh, Raymond sneered, no wonder the Ye Family has not been able to develop, and the structure is too small.

Raymond sent the letter of apology to his friend surnamed Chu. After all, Qin Mian and Mrs. Chu San had a very good relationship.

“A raccoon dog.” Chu Xiao has nothing to say. There can be no good between the second room of the Chu family and the third room of the Chu family, there is a grudge!

Madam Chu San’s relatives were poisonous, but Madam Chu San felt that it was someone else’s fault that it was others who harmed them, which was ridiculous.

If the third room of the Chu family is really involved in the affairs of Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian, then they will be involved. The Lei family had better retaliate against them fiercely!

Who intercedes with them, who is stupid!

The second room of the Chu family had always wanted to make the third room of the Chu family pay a big price, and the little life was tossed away by the relatives of the third room. The third room also let the murderer go to help the murderer escape. This is something that the second room of the Chu family can’t forgive, but the old man Chu doesn’t allow the second room to do more. He can be alienated and cannot retaliate.

“Let them get married first.” Raymond tapped his fingertips on the table gently, not letting them get married, how could he be worthy of them.

Qin Mian likes Ye Haisheng so much, and he sells them affectionately on Xingbo, even if he is a stand-in or a spare tire, he has no regrets or regrets.

Anyway, Raymond is not willing to be a stand-in as a spare tire. He likes Yu Qing, so Yu Qing has to like him. If Yu Qing doesn’t like him, the other person who has the ability will not like people all his life. If he likes people, he will break up in the end.

To be so affectionate to force them to die together is not a good thing.

What about paranoid and domineering president novels, Raymond believes that he is not that kind of person. It is impossible to die together. He also bears other responsibilities. Of course, this is not a reason. It’s not worth it to die for someone who doesn’t love yourself.

Leimen paid attention to Yu Qing’s Xingbo and waited for Yu Qing to return to him.

One minute later, don’t worry, just pay attention.

Two minutes have passed, don’t be anxious, maybe you didn’t open Xingbo.

Five minutes passed…that must be because didn’t open brain!

Raymond sighed, and went home first. There was nothing wrong here, so let Yu Qing pay attention to him.

Yu Qing thought it was important for Raymond to go home, but never thought that the other party wanted him to pay attention to the other party’s Xingbo.

“Don’t let people think that we look good.” Raymond coughed slightly, “I didn’t treat you as a child machine.”

“Who said that?” Yu Qing raised an eyebrow. “Your nobles marry a mermaid, isn’t it because you want to have more children?”

“No.” Raymond said quietly, “The mermaid has a high fertility rate, and the strong may only have one child. Only if you have more than one child can you be qualified to be a child-bearing machine.”

“…” Yu Qing’s expression almost distorted, never expected that Raymond would explain this way.

“Pay attention.” Raymond said, “You don’t need to show affection. If you are really affectionate, you don’t need to show it. Show affection and share it quickly.”

“Really?” Yu Qing really didn’t want to show affection with each other.

“Showing affection, high-profile.” Raymond explained, “When divorced, many people know. Showing affection is sometimes a manifestation of a guilty conscience, as well as interest.”

“You…” Yu Qing felt that Raymond had snatched his lines and said that his speech style was very similar to him, except for the words of Shengzi Machine, “I have a good idea.”

“But the legal relationship still needs to be high-profile, so that people should know it.” Raymond said again, “so that others think you and I are single, and can’t wait to be juniors and juniors.”

“Nobles don’t care about being single or not being single. There is a lot of money, a lot of power, and a lot of people clinging to it.” Yu Qing teased that some people just don’t mind having a lover in the place, as long as they receive enough money.

“Follow!” Raymond thinks that now is not the time to explain this issue, it is easy to get involved. Who made some nobles just like that, with mermaids at home and Omega lovers outside. So there is nothing to say about this kind of thing, each individual is different.

Yu Qing still paid attention to Raymond, and just saw Raymond’s certification information, he was married.

“Married, do you have to write this too?” Yu Qing was surprised. Most people are certified professions, right.

“Those people are clamoring to give birth to monkeys every day. It’s terrible.” Leimen said seriously, “If there are too many people, you will get sick.”

“…” Okay, you are the boss. Yu Qing looked at Raymond’s Xingbo page, and the people who said those words were all Raymond fans.

“It said I told you about monkeys, but in the end I gave birth to someone else.” Raymond said, “It’s better to say less of this kind of things.”

I look back at Yu Qing’s Xingbo, and have to open Yu Ren’s use to see if Yu Qing used to call others to give birth to monkeys.

“You…just be happy.” Yu Qing had nothing to say, the cute behavior of the fans was explained by Raymond. He wondered if Raymond was suggesting to him that he should not say ‘I’m going to give you a monkey to you’ in the future. He was not a monkey, but a mermaid at most.

“You will be happy when you follow.” Raymond replied.

Yu Qing didn’t want to talk to this Leimen whose IQ might fall to three years old, Master Xiao Lei. He thought of the short video he had watched on Xingbo before. Those three or five-year-old children were very cute and said the words of adults: You follow me, follow me, so angry, and mad.

In the second room of the Chu family, Chu Xiao didn’t say much about Mrs. Chu San, and the two families have not moved around. Whoever Mrs. Chu San wants to match up is a matter of the third room, as long as the people in the third room don’t move to the people in the second room.

“Leimeng has already married.” Chu Xiao deliberately asked his father, “He can’t get a divorce.”

Madam Chu San and they don’t even think about getting Raymond to divorce and marry their so-called relatives. Chu Xiao doubted that they might really do such a thing to let people cling to the nobles. Maybe they hadn’t thought about it, but they were standing on Qin Mian’s side, but Qin Mian ran to toss Mrs. Lei.

Chu Xiao thinks it’s better to let the family know this, and don’t be used by the people in the third room.

“Yeah.” Chu Erye was shocked, don’t really happen to things that shouldn’t happen.

If Mrs. Chu San was there, she would probably yell, saying that she didn’t have this idea at all, because Mrs. Lei deceived people too much.

Most of the people like Madam Chu San like to hang out in the nest, and if they hang out in the nest for a long time, they may also stick out their little feet outside.

At night, Raymond ran to the study to answer the phone, and his grandfather called him. You must know that Elder Lei is very old, has fought hard on the battlefield, has a high level of power, and later in order to make room for young people, so that the young people of the empire can go up, he pulled the other old men back together.

Some people don’t want to give up the power in their hands the older they are. Their power level is high, and their life span is long, but no matter how long they live, their life span is limited. If young people don’t grow up, how long can they last?

Therefore, the Empire divides the age of retirement at the latest according to the people of each ability level, in order to prevent those people from holding the power in their hands to the young people. Always at a high position, without mobility, it will slowly become a stagnant pool without vitality.

“Why haven’t you made a statement yet.” The old man Lei had a straight face.

“What statement.” Raymond wondered.

“Your wife’s.” Mr. Lei is very fond of blogging on Xingbo recently, and from time to time he uses a small account to comment, “What is the use of reposting Weibo? What about the domineering statement of protecting your wife? Don’t let your wife see that you care, you Want him to hide in the corner and cry quietly, or curse you in circles?”

“Grandfather.” Raymond smiled, the old man is now more and more lively, he must suspect that Darryl has sent the overbearing president’s novels to the old man to read.

“Or do you want to be more formal, polish up, and wait for ten days and a half?” Elder Lei said, “Mo Ji.”

“Your granddaughter-in-law returned to me.” Raymond said, “I didn’t pay attention before, now…”

Then, there was no more, the old man Lei hung up his head and looked at the old wife on the side, “Nephew Uncle Xiao, grandson is like his uncle.”

“Yes.” The good ones are like you, the bad ones are like uncles. The sons and daughters-in-law are right, and the grandmother is right. Mrs. Lei nodded, “Just say it.”

No one else heard it anyway. Mrs. Lei thinks that grandson likes is the most important thing. If she is too nervous to forget, that’s all possible. She remembered that when her grandson was a child, she was thinking about another thing, but when she was nervous, she did another thing first, stupid.

Oh, her husband was too stupid. He wanted to make a proposal first, but he was too nervous, so he asked her if she was thirsty and went to buy her a glass of water first.

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