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MOMIAWF Chapter 18


Tears and a look of grievance are what many white lotus flowers like to use, but people in the interstellar age don’t like it very much, because some people pretend. Beta rarely installs, Omega is okay, if the mermaid is like this, more people sympathize.

It’s just that when two people are both mermaid, this is not so useful.

It was impossible for Yu Qing to sympathize with Qin Mian, and he didn’t even see Qin Mian. Allowing Qin Mian to stand outside Lei’s house and letting Qin Mian live on the Internet to broadcast live, sorry, it didn’t work.

If Qin Mian wanted Yu Qing to seduce Ye Haisheng, it also depends on whether the Lei family agrees or not, and whether the Mermaid Conservation Association will let this happen. Not to mention that Qin Mian is a natural mermaid. In fact, some people in the Mermaid Conservation Association know that Qin Mian is a transformed mermaid, not a real natural mermaid.

It’s just that no one is going to pierce it, just open one eye and close the other.

But it is impossible for them to offend Lei’s family for Qin Mian’s sake. The Mermaid Protection Association issued a very fair announcement that Ye XX intended to harass Mrs. Lei and was detained by the Mermaid Protection Association.

Qin Mian will sell badly, but Yu Qing will not. Yu Qing first told the staff of the Mermaid Conservation Association, and the staff of the Mermaid Conservation Association also told other people in the association that the story spread.

So an insider posted a message on the Internet saying that Mrs. Lei was really miserable.

The first misfortune was to conceal the identity of the mermaid, and wanted to find ordinary Alpha. As a result, Alpha went to undergo a mermaid transformation operation.

Secondly, finally made up mind to marry a wealthy aristocrat. Not long after we got married, someone who had already had a fiancé ran out to pretend to be affectionate, so that Mrs. Lei and Lord Lei could be separated.

The third misfortune is that he is obviously a victim. If Qin Mian is so involved, he will change from a victim to a slut who seduce someone else’s fiancé.

In the fourth misfortune, others are showing affection, and Mrs. Lei has become a prop.

Miserable, miserable, miserable!

People in the interstellar age have seen too many white lotus flowers. Originally Qin Mian was a mermaid, so they could still look at it. As a result, this Qin Mian did not go to his own fiancé for questioning, he went to the victim, and the victim made a mistake.

“If you don’t dissolve the marriage contract, do you keep it for the New Year?”

“Just stay together with peace of mind, and don’t come out to harm other people.”

“Be careful, your fiance will come into contact with other Omegas, other mermaids, there will always be someone who looks similar to your fiance’s ex-boyfriend. Eyes, nose, temperament…”

“You are affectionate, do you want to push others into hell?”

“Fish, put it in a hot pan and fry until it is browned and fragrant.”


Qin Mian was very angry when he saw the comments on the Internet. You must know that he has a lot of fans, even if they are very moist. He still thought that those people would be on his side. He was born as a natural mermaid or a nobleman, so he should be spoiled in the palm of his hand.


Yes, those netizens also held Qin Mian before. Pengguipeng, but this can’t be an excuse for Qin Mian to let them hurt other mermaids.

“Damn it.” Qin Mian was in his own bedroom. In order to be more miserable during the live broadcast, he spent all his makeup and shed a lot of tears.

As a result, these people didn’t buy it, only some fans stood by him, and there were people who scolded him.

This is very different from what Qin Mian thought. What Qin Mian wants is everyone’s support. He has always been good at using his mermaid status, and he has never attacked other mermaid for a man like he does now.

Those netizens originally did not participate in the disputes between mermaid and mermaid, nor did they like White Lotus. What Qin Mian did was tantamount to the collapse of human design.

When Yu Qing saw the messages on his account, they all comforted him. Look, Qin Mian’s own Star Expo has been exposed.

“For the sake of the empire, you guys get married early.” Yu Qing sent a message, and also specially @了秦眠 and Ye Haisheng’s account, “Giving birth to young nobles, let them practice hard and make contributions to the empire in the future.”

Yes, everyone in the empire thought the same way. The power level of civilians is usually not that high, and the physique is not that good. The nobles enjoy the privileges and have to pay. The civilians are willing to let the nobles enjoy the privileges, and at the same time hope that the nobles maintain a certain number in case of war.

Originally, Yu Qing didn’t want to expose his Xingbo account, but Ye Haisheng found it, and Qin Mian also found it. When Qin Mian made a live broadcast, he even specifically named it, so it would be difficult to hide.

It’s just that Yu Qing doesn’t plan to use this number more. He is always onlookers, what’s so good about it. It’s boring to see if those people tell him to have a baby earlier, because they don’t give him money.

Isn’t the trumpet fragrant?

No one knows the same certification information except Xingbo.

The reason why some accounts are easy to pick up is because of the amount of information revealed. Trumpet, that is to show less information.

After Raymond saw the message sent by Yu Qing, he immediately forwarded it. He had set Yu Qing’s account as a special attention account long ago, and he wanted to see what Yu Qing had posted as soon as possible.

“It’s time to get married earlier.” Raymond’s friend Daryl also reposted the Weibo reposted by Raymond, kicking Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian to get married earlier.

Qin Mian was very angry when she saw those people repost Yu Qing’s Weibo. But before he had time to do more, he was called by Old Man Qin.


“Look at the good things you did.” Old man Qin always thought that Qin Mian’s surface was soft and weak, which would attract Alpha’s pity, but it was obviously wrong to treat the mermaid with the same attitude. Don’t think that Old Man Qin doesn’t know Qin Mian’s methods, he knows, “Don’t continue.”

“I’m going to see Brother Haisheng.” Qin Mian understood that it was indeed impossible to continue the live broadcast. He had to see Ye Haisheng. Let Ye Haisheng know what he did, let Ye Haisheng understand his sacrifice.

Yes, it doesn’t hurt to be chased by netizens, and you can sympathize in front of Ye Haisheng.

Qin Mian pursed his lips, he was not yet a loser.

And Yu Qing didn’t care about Qin Mian’s subsequent actions, anyway, if Qin Mian dared to hit him face-to-face, he would do it.

Lei’s family, Raymond carried the fruit plate to the yard, watching Yu Qing sitting under the big tree enjoying the cool, a warm feeling in his heart. This is the life I should live, how warm my sweetheart is by my side.

“Don’t be too soft in the future.” Raymond doesn’t care about what the mermaids will do. “If you are soft, they will think you are weak. You are afraid of them and oppress you further.”

Raymond didn’t want his sweetheart to be oppressed, and didn’t want to see his sweetheart being wronged. Even if you know that your sweetheart just doesn’t care, is indifferent, ignores those people, ignores, doesn’t care, doesn’t feel angry or distressed. If you watch it more and care about those stupid hats, it will hurt you.

“From now on…send a lawyer’s letter.” Raymond said.

“The lawyer’s letter is sent too much, it is just decoration.” Yu Qing thought of the lawyer’s letter in the entertainment circle, and some just sent it.

“For people like Qin Mian, directly sue without mediation.” Raymond believes that there is no need for mediation. If mediation is done, a mermaid like Qin Mian will come next time. Qin Mian just bullied others because of his identity as a mermaid, “You are transforming a mermaid, so don’t be afraid.”

“No, I’m a natural mermaid.” Yu Qingzheng, when the Genetic Administration registered it, it was a natural mermaid.

Isn’t he awakening a mermaid gene later? Anyway, he can use his legs for a long time, and other natural mermaid need to take medicine. He doesn’t need it.

People from the Gene Management Bureau and the Mermaid Conservation Association recognize his identity as a natural mermaid, okay? Natural mermaid, not a modified mermaid, thank you.

If you want privileges and get better ones, why do you even pretend. Shouldn’t someone on a remote planet be allowed to awaken the mermaid gene? After all, some people are mermaid children. Isn’t it normal for a mermaid child to awaken the mermaid gene?

What’s wrong with orphans? Orphans are also born to their parents, or they may be natural merfolk.

“…” Raymond stunned, what about the mermaid who said it was good? Is Yu Ren murdered to undergo a mermaid reconstruction operation?

“Officially recognized.” Yu Qing emphasized!

There is still a difference between a natural mermaid and a modified mermaid. The identity information used in the past is different, and there is a record of a mermaid’s modification operation. And he… the identity information he used was indeed different, but he had not undergone mermaid transformation surgery.

“I haven’t done it in the hospital, nor in the black clinic. Mermaid reconstruction surgery is risky.” Yu Qingzheng, he is not a mermaid, he is obviously a mermaid, and he has to do mermaid reconstruction surgery. “You like the reconstruction. ?”

“No, no!” Raymond said quickly, regardless of whether Yu Ren was an ordinary Omega or a mermaid Omega. As long as the person is still this person, that’s right.

Raymond thought that he had only asked others to investigate other people before, thinking that Yu Qing had not been investigated for mermaid transformation surgery because the other party was forced to do it in a black clinic. He didn’t think that Yu Ren was originally a mermaid, and Raymond thought he still didn’t know his sweetheart enough.

“It’s okay, if you like reforming, you can get a divorce.” Yu Qing suggested, “Don’t worry, I can find other nobles to marry without you.”

This is not a problem, don’t wrong yourself, Yu Qing really thinks so.

“Impossible!” Raymond was sad. He heard his sweetheart say so, knowing that he didn’t have him in his heart, “I have a lot of money! I am so powerful!”

Those who don’t love him must first love his money and power.

If you say you want to pay for money, then pay for it. Don’t be unqualified.

It is impossible for Raymond to give up Yu Qing, showing his grievances, “Come with me to suppress the neurosis like Ye at any time.”

“It seems like this.” Yu Qing thought about it carefully. If he divorces Raymond, some nobles are afraid of the power of the Lei family, and it is difficult for him to marry a powerful noble again. If you really marry, unless it is true love, it will be difficult. Maybe others will just use him to embarrass Raymond.

“…” Is my sweetheart seriously thinking about feasibility? Raymond suddenly felt that he was not acting domineering enough as the president. Ah, bah, he is not a domineering president, he is a serious person.

The books recommended by Darryl are really unreliable. My sweetheart is unique. If Raymond thinks it is unique, he must use the unique method of getting along.

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