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MOMIAWF Chapter 17


When the Mermaid Conservation Association came to Ye’s house to look for Ye Haisheng, Ye Haisheng was dumbfounded. He never thought that Yu Qing would go to the Mermaid Conservation Association and show the private chatting information to the people of the Mermaid Conservation Association.

The accounts on Xingbo are all verified by real names, but they are not made public on the surface. When Ye Haisheng sent those messages, he used his own account. He did have a trumpet, but the trumpet was also registered with his ID card information.

This time, Ye Haisheng hadn’t used a trumpet. He didn’t want Yu Qing to see the records on his trumpet, and he didn’t want Yu Qing to see his humbleness, and he didn’t want the other party to see that he was still begging for each other’s love.

“If you have anything, just talk to the association.” The staff of the Mermaid Conservation Association doesn’t care whether Ye Haisheng is a noble or not, and they have often dealt with nobles. After all, more than 90% of mermaid are married to nobles.

The staff of the Mermaid Conservation Association are also aristocrats. What are you afraid of? Let’s take Ye Haisheng to the Mermaid Conservation Association and talk about it first.

Elder Ye happened to be at home, could he come forward? impossible!

Elder Ye really didn’t want Ye Haisheng to lose face, and the Ye family did not want to lose face, but the staff of the Mermaid Conservation Association came over, and they were involved in the Lei family. Then this matter can’t be handled lightly, people have to vent the anger in their hearts.

Alas, the old man Ye was helpless, he only felt that Mrs. Lei was an untimely bombing and bombing. Perhaps Mrs. Xu Lei was the original Yu Ren who deliberately underwent a mermaid transformation operation to avenge the Ye family.

But Elder Ye also sent someone to investigate Yu Qing, but did not find out that Yu Qing and Yu Ren were the same person. Not the same person, but they may also be twins with Yu Ren, long-lost brothers and the like.

No matter what, the Ye Family still had to be more careful. Yu Qing didn’t dare to show too much in front of Raymond if he wanted to come. People like Raymond certainly don’t like being used by others. Elder Ye thinks this is also an opportunity to reveal to Raymond that Ye Haisheng has an ex-boyfriend who looks exactly like Mrs. Lei.


As long as Raymond knows that Yu Qing and Yu Ren look exactly the same, it must be impossible to let Yu Qing toss.

What about mermaid, especially the commoner mermaid, can’t it be a good tool to be a child? Why bother so much.

Elder Ye will take this opportunity to teach Ye Haisheng a lesson, let Ye Haisheng marry Qin Mian with peace of mind, and further dislike Yu Ren; and let Raymond know that Yu Qing is strange, so as to prevent the Lei family from being used to retaliate against the Ye family. What is the relationship between Yu Qing and Yu Ren, it is always good to prepare in advance.

“This is all a misunderstanding.” Ye Haisheng tried to explain, not wanting to go to the Mermaid Conservation Association.

“Yes, everyone said that they misunderstood.” The staff of the Mermaid Conservation Association rolled their eyes. Those who harassed the mermaid said so, saying it was a misunderstanding.

Haha, let’s get rid of their misunderstanding, who will believe it.

Anyway, take the people back, ask them carefully, and detain them for a few days.

It’s not that the staff of the Mermaid Conservation Association have never done such a thing. Regardless of whether they are an association, their association also has certain administrative law enforcement powers. The empire also has a special mermaid protection law, and the mermaid protection association is also affiliated with the relevant departments of the empire.

“…” Ye Haisheng knew that his explanation was useless, so he had to follow the Mermaid Conservation Association. Mrs. Lei was really ruthless.

And Yu Qingcai didn’t care what Ye Haisheng thought, he wanted to protect Ye Haisheng long ago, such as the people who went to the Mermaid Protection Association when he was hunted down. Maybe someone from the Mermaid Conservation Association will help Ye Haisheng, but he himself is not without a means of escape, he can also escape, and he can expose the truth on the Internet.


Yu Qing didn’t, that was the last face he gave to his ex-boyfriend.

Thinking about it now, Yu Qing felt that she was too virgin, how could she not get revenge, it was too bad.

When Yu Qing learned that Ye Haisheng had been taken away by a mermaid from the Mermaid Conservation Association, he was in a good mood.

“It’s terrible.” When the staff of the Mermaid Conservation Association contacted Yu Qing, his tone was a little scary. “Is he a bit paranoid, and everyone looks like his ex-boyfriend? Even if I look like his ex-boyfriend. It’s exactly the same, even if he has a fiancé, how can he destroy the happiness of others.”

“Yes, that’s right.” The staff nodded.

“Will he still send me private messages in the future?” Yu Qing asked, “I’m not the kind of mermaid who wants to change. His family is not as good as the Lei family. You also know that most of my mermaid who ask to marry aristocrats worship gold, and more Those who value family history, with the Lei family, why should I think about him.”

“Yes.” The staff thought that Yu Qing made a lot of sense, and she became Mrs. Lei. Why did she think about Alpha, a nobleman with a fiancé?

Mermaid worshiping money or something is quite normal, and the other party is also very straightforward and there is nothing wrong with it.

So Ye Haisheng has a problem, how can he blindly send a message to a mermaid who already has a master, that is, to other people, that’s not possible.

“You have to deal with it properly, I don’t want to get divorced.” Yu Qing said aggrievedly, “Remarry, how can he marry such a good one? Is he jealous of me and wants to do a mermaid transformation operation to snatch it from me? It’s terrible.”


“Ah, what should I do, my former senior did the mermaid transformation surgery just to marry aristocrats.” Yu Qing said in fear. “At the beginning, he even confessed to me that he liked me very much, didn’t he… I don’t deserve happiness?”

“Administrative detention for fifteen days.” The staff thought that those people were really bad, and quickly comforted, “If he troubles you again, you can contact us. People like him are not worthy of mermaid surgery. Don’t worry, even if he does it. Now, we will definitely be watching.”


People like Ye Haisheng are too narcissistic. Mrs. Lei looks a lot like his ex-boyfriend, but one is a normal Omega and the other is a mermaid Omega. heard that Ye Haisheng and his ex-boyfriend were beaten to a mandarin duck, and it was because his ex-boyfriend refused to undergo mermaid reconstruction surgery. This was just an excuse for the nobles.

People from the Mermaid Conservation Association don’t believe in those bad reasons. In the final analysis, it is to despise the other person, despise that person, do not want people to marry in, and perhaps think about what happened to the other person during the mermaid transformation operation.

The people of the Mermaid Conservation Association do exist for the protection of mermaids, but it does not mean that they only have mermaids in their hearts, or that they do not have a correct view of right and wrong.

But having said that, those people are terrible. They can have mermaids. Even if there are not as many Omegas as Alpha, they are happy to marry Omegas, and they are going to undergo mermaid transformation surgery.

“Okay, thank you.” Yu Qing was quite satisfied. After all, it was just some private messages, and Ye Haisheng didn’t do more. “I believe you.”

“It is our duty to protect the mermaid.” The staff thought that Ye Haisheng must be educated and educated. Don’t look too crooked.

“Well, I’m really scared, and compromised.” Yu Qing said, “I want to live my life well now and be a gold-worshiping mermaid.”

“Don’t worry, we must talk more with Ye Haisheng.” The staff thought, what a good mermaid, who was originally married to ordinary Alpha. Didn’t those ordinary Alphas say that they were unfair, didn’t they have no mermaid? As a result, When there is a chance, they themselves want to marry a wealthy family.

“Trouble you.” Yu Qing’s lips twitched slightly, to be straighter and softer, aren’t mermaids like this. Do they think he is very strong? Strong, strong, not at all, they bully him who is strong and does not cry.

After hanging up Guangnao, Yu Qing wondered how Guangguang was enough, and must let Ye Haisheng’s mermaid fiance know. But it shouldn’t be necessary for him to find a way to tell the mermaid, Qin Mian should be able to know.

Qin Mian did know that, he didn’t hate Ye Haisheng. A affectionate man is better than ruthless. As long as he let Ye Haisheng fall in love with him, Ye Haisheng will be dedicated to him and affectionately.

“Damn it.” Qin Mian gritted his teeth.

Qin Mian has always been able to pretend, so he has already figured out a way, that is, to find Mrs. Lei, and then cry for pleading with red eyes.

Qin Mian has never used this trick less, because mermaids are always pitiful and easy to succeed.

It’s just that he forgot that he didn’t understand Yu Qing at all, and Yu Qing’s current status and status were higher than him, still much higher. There are a few more brain-disabled people who will blame Yu Qing for him. Now the netizen is not the netizen of the past, Jian Biao Li MAX.

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