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MOMIAWF Chapter 15


Raymond and Yu Qing got married for a short time, less than half a month. Even though Raymond had secretly loved Yu Qing for many years, the two of them did not have much overlap. Yu Qing almost regarded Raymond as a stranger before, so naturally the relationship between the two of them could not be so good at once.

It’s just that getting married will be much better, at least two people together, that is justified.

Xu Ye noticed that the atmosphere was a bit embarrassing, and Yu Qing said again, “I am not very good at dealing with people. I don’t know what topics to talk about. It’s easy to be cold, don’t mind.”

“Don’t mind.” Of course, Raymond can’t mind. It’s normal to be unfamiliar and cold. “It’s nothing. Many people rarely talk to the other half of their friends. They are familiar and familiar. If you have something, you can also find it.”

“When you were missing?” Yu Qing asked, basically like this.

“It is also possible that I am on the front line and you are about to produce.” Raymond thought for a while and answered this question seriously.

“…” Yu Qing really didn’t think of this.

Based on their current situation, it is unlikely that they will get pregnant and have children so easily. Even if they roll the bedsheets and have further communication, children are not what they want to have.

“An Xin, unless something terrible, otherwise, I will be by your side.” Raymond is indeed very powerful, but it is impossible for him to be on the battlefield all the time.

The nobles have a long lifespan, and the strong have a long lifespan, but if the elders are always on the front line, it will be difficult for the younger generation to grow up. Don’t say that that will sacrifice more young people, but if you don’t do that, you will face destruction in the future, which will destroy more people.

So the empire has always put young people on the battlefield, let them grow up step by step, instead of letting them hide in the rear to enjoy. A good life, it is because someone is carrying it forward.

If an uncontrollable event really happened, people like Raymond couldn’t stay in the Emperor Star, and they would definitely rush to the front line quickly.

“The empire also has regulations, so young people must have the opportunity to practice.” Leimen coughed lightly, he was not so clingy, that was all in accordance with the empire’s regulations. Well, he is just a beloved wife.

“Yes.” Yu Qing nodded, “then I can take care of my family more.”

Yu Qing didn’t know those regulations. Omega also served as a soldier, but the number was very small. Yu Qing’s other identity was in the military academy. He originally thought that he would become a logistics pharmacist in the future, and the state would take charge of food and housing. It was good. Unfortunately, he was hunted down and he could only change his identity.

After changing his status, Yu Qing didn’t think about the country’s food and housing. He stayed in an ordinary school and then looked for an ordinary job after graduation.

“However, you have to sacrifice the time you spend with you.” Yu Qing said, “You can join the army, but if it causes trouble, it’s better to stay at home.”

“…” Why does Raymond feel that the other party just wants to stay at home? Does he feel that the house is more comfortable, so he doesn’t need to see his husband more when staying at home?

“What?” Yu Qing asked when Raymond hadn’t spoken, “Is it better to just stay at home?”

“Maybe…” Raymond wanted to ask Yu Qing if he would miss him if he stayed at home, for fear that the other party would answer such things as ‘I don’t want’, ‘Don’t mess with you’, and ‘I’m strong’.

The relationship between them is not so deep yet, so let’s cultivate the relationship more, Raymond doesn’t ask much.

On the other hand, Ye Haisheng contacted Yu Ren’s former friend, and wanted him to find Yu Qing.

“Ye Haisheng, do you think I’m a fool? You suspect that Mrs. Lei is your ex-boyfriend, do you want to cuckold Mr. Lei, or do you want to make people who look exactly like your ex-boyfriend happy?” That person just picked it up. Phone, “Your heart is so dark.”

Others thought that Yu Ren took the Ye family’s money and left Ye Haisheng, but this person didn’t think so. He and Yu Ren were not very good friends, but they were roommates, and they had a lot of contact.

In his eyes, Yu Ren is an Omega who works hard to make money and live a life. Because he is an orphan, Yu Ren works harder than anyone else. Yu Ren prepares medicines to sell as soon as he is free, and there are people in the school looking for customized medicines from Yu Ren. The quality of medicines prepared by Yu Ren is also good.

In time, Yu Ren will definitely become a master of pharmacy, but this requires a growth process.

At that time, Ouyang Jing saw Yu Ren and Ye Haisheng in a relationship, and was still wondering how Yu Ren would accept Ye Haisheng.

“He has been chasing me for a long time, so give it a try.” This is what Yu Ren said to Ouyang Jing at the time, and Ouyang Jing still remembers it.

Unfortunately, Ye Haisheng still disappointed Yu Ren. Ye Haisheng was kept at home and forced to be engaged to a mermaid. Yu Ren didn’t chase the Ye family at the time, didn’t ask much, just said, “Perhaps I am not worthy of him.”

Later, Yu Ren disappeared. Before Yu Ren disappeared, Ouyang Jing contacted Yu Ren and learned that the other party was going to the laboratory to do experiments. Ouyang Jing didn’t think that Yu Ren would disappear easily. There must be something wrong, but it was useless to call the police. The Ye family insisted that Yu Ren had left with a large amount of money.

Hehe, really want to leave, why not wait for graduation? Don’t wait to get the graduation certificate? Even if you want to leave this planet, you can transfer to another school, so you won’t disappear.

In the final analysis, the Ye family is powerful and bully.

“Isn’t it that Yu Ren betrayed you? Oh, betrayed you, you are going to harm innocent people?” Ouyang Jing didn’t want to talk to Ye Haisheng, but if he really got in touch, he must scold the other person severely, “What’s more , Yu Ren did not betray you at all, it was you who betrayed him and made his whereabouts unknown.”

“Don’t pretend.” Ye Haisheng was angry. “It was he who hid, but you didn’t tell me his address. Do you think he can hide to the ground? No way!”


Ye Haisheng hung up the light brain, thinking that he had said those things to Ouyang Jing, Ouyang Jing would go to Yu Qing, and he would confirm whether Yu Qing was Yu Ren. Even if Yu Qing doesn’t admit it, but knows that Yu Qing is Yu Ren, and Ouyang Jing contacts with Yu Qingduo, it can reveal flaws.

“Bah.” When Ouyang Jing saw Ye Haisheng hang up his light brain, he sneered, “Want to use me as a pawn, it’s impossible.”

Regardless of whether Mrs. Lei is Yu Ren or not, Ouyang Jing cannot go. He knew that if Mrs. Lei was Yu Ren, she would only harm Yu Ren if she passed by herself and let Yu Ren reveal her identity; if Mrs. Lei was not Yu Ren, she would also harm Yu Ren if she passed by herself.

Ye Haisheng is still poisonous as always, and he thinks he is doing good for others, so how can he do good for others? When Ouyang Jing didn’t know anything, did the other party think Omega had no brains?


After Lei’s, Yu Qing and Raymond returned home, Yu Qing really went to take a nap.

“Abandoned…cute.” Leimen muttered as he watched Yu Qing’s figure going upstairs. The sweetheart didn’t look back, didn’t look back, or didn’t look back… I was thrown downstairs, why didn’t my sweetheart ask him Do you want a nap?

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