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MOMIAWF Chapter 14


In the hotel, Yu Qing felt wrong, and last time, before he was hunted down, he didn’t feel right either. This time, is someone trying to harm him again? For example, Ye Haisheng and Qin Mian saw before.

But there is nothing wrong, if they dare to move him, don’t blame him for fighting back.

Mermaid, I always feel that they have privileges, and society is more tolerant of them. Yu Qing is not so tolerant of mermaids, and he doesn’t think that everyone is the same species. Please, he has never put himself together with those mermaids.

It is not that he despises the natural mermaid and the transformed mermaid, but because he has the memory of living in the sea and has no sense of belonging to the creatures on the land.


“Sister-in-law.” Darryl had already come, where he dare to let Raymond wait for him, he didn’t want to be pulled into the blacklist.

Another friend of Raymond’s is Chu Xiao. The situation of the Chu family is more complicated. More than 20 years ago, the Chu family lost a child. The child was from the second room and was deliberately thrown away by the relatives in the third room. The child who was only a few days old was thrown into the sea with no bones left.


No matter how good the relationship between the second and third rooms of the Chu family was, it couldn’t be better. The relatives in Sanfang like the personal freedom of who is indeed the relative, and they just throw the children into the sea casually.

Under such circumstances, the third wife still wanted to save her relatives, saying that she would do a psychiatric test, and let her relatives escape.

Haha, when someone else is a fool? Because of this, a big family of the Chu family split up a long time ago, and the behavior of the people in the three rooms shocked the people in the other rooms. This is what kind of harassment operation, which killed people, just because there is no bones left, they can’t really kill people, and that the child may have been saved.

No matter what to save, without looking at the location of the person, there are no people around. Do you expect robots to use infrared scanning to save people? There are not robots everywhere.

In this regard, the internal conflicts of the Chu family were torn apart, the second and third rooms collapsed, and Dafang was unwilling to have more contact with the third room.

Chu Xiao is in the second room. He is not the largest in the family, but he is not the smallest. Unlike Darryl, he didn’t have that much smile on his face, he wasn’t a playboy type, nor was he a big smile. He can smile gently and gently with you on the surface, and put you in a jail when he turns around.

Scheming, insidious, black-bellied, cruel… Some people describe Chu Xiao that way.

“Sister-in-law.” When Chu Xiao saw Yu Qing, he also called someone. Since he was the person recognized by Raymond, he would call the other’s sister-in-law.

“Hello.” Yu Qing remembered Darryl, his first blind date.

Yu Qing was a little speechless, what’s the situation? Is it the mermaid that Raymond wants Daryl to not want?

“What a coincidence.” How could Darryl not know the doubts in Yu Qing’s heart, and of course he can’t let his friend collapse, “I…”

“He thinks he’s young and doesn’t want to hang himself on another tree.” Raymond interrupted Darryl. He didn’t think Darryl could say good things, so it’s better to let him speak.

“…” Daryl didn’t expect Raymond to rush to talk, “Yes, the outside world is so big, I still want to see it.”

What do you want to see? He has been watching for so many years.

Where can Darryl say that he lied to Raymond, and now Yu Qing is just Yu Qing, not Yu Ren.

Chu Xiao looked at Darryl and didn’t say anything else. No matter what happened between them, as long as it wasn’t something that affected the relationship between them, it would be fine.

“Darryl, Chu Xiao.” Raymond introduced the person to Yu Qing and gave a brief name. More content can be said in private. Besides, the sweetheart is not married to Darryl and Chu Xiao, and doesn’t need to know so many things, “My wife Yu Qing.”

Raymond introduced Yu Qing to his friends very seriously, and couldn’t let them underestimate Yu Qing.

When Raymond was chatting with Darryl and Chu Xiao, Yu Qing basically did not speak, there was nothing to say, unfamiliar, forcibly interrupted, it would only be cold, and it would easily make people feel that he was deliberate. Those who do not speak may be regarded as cold or shy.

Oh, Yu Qing said that he now likes the identity of a mermaid, because these people will not say that mermaid is not, just treat him as air.

“Eat.” Raymond didn’t dare to forget his sweetheart, and returned Yu Qing’s food. “We usually talk about these topics and work. If you feel bored, you can look at Guangnao.”

Checking Xingbo, reading novels, reading comics…this is all right.

It’s not that Raymond doesn’t want his wife to integrate into his friends, but it’s not just talk about it. And if you can’t blend in, there is no need to force blend in. Everyone has their own circle.

Seeing that Lei Meng’s expression was so gentle, Chu Xiao didn’t say much, it was the other party’s freedom. He didn’t feel that he was not respected either. Mrs. Lei didn’t know them well, just because they were strangers. Since they are strangers, don’t expect others to be familiar with them.

It is not a good behavior to deliberately force to be familiar, but it will make you feel bored.

After the reformed mermaid from an ordinary family married to a wealthy family, they didn’t know the rules of the wealthy family, and some even made jokes.

Chu Xiao is not a person who likes to intervene in other people’s private lives. He only thinks that Mrs. Lei does not look humble or overbearing, and hopes that the other party will not be crushed by the so-called rich life and make him strange for the sake of the rich.

“The kiwi tastes good.” Yu Qing said, he can eat silently.

In the third room of the Chu family, Qin Mian came to look for the third wife. He has some relatives with Madam Chu San, and Madam Chu San likes Qin Mian very much.

Because after Mrs. Chu San helped the relative who murdered the second room to escape, her status in the Chu family plummeted, even if she still has the name of the third wife of the Chu family. But the Chu family was separated a long time ago, and the development of Sanfang was not as good as it used to be.

Mrs. Chu San thought it was the second room deliberately suppressing them, but it was impossible.

“Aunt.” It’s called aunt, but actually cousin. The Qin family is not as good as the Chu family. Even though the Chu family has been separated long ago, the Chu family is still developing very well. Because of this, Qin Mian tried very hard to please Mrs. Chu San.

Qin Mian was about the same age as the kid killed in the second room. Mrs. Chu San wanted to send Qin Mian to the second room in the early years. She said that if she let the second room adopt it, it would be regarded as paying a person for the past, or a mermaid.

How could the second room of the Chu family agree? The people in the second room almost took the iron broom to drive the third wife out. This is too shameless for the third wife.

But the third wife of Chu didn’t think she was wrong, and she believed that natural mermaids were rare, and raising Qin Mian in the second room would be tantamount to having one more existence for marriage, how awesome.


“Mian Mian.” Madam Chu San saw Qin Mian coming, with a smile on her face, “Why are you here today?”

“Newly cultivated some fruits, if I miss you, I will bring them to you.” Qin Mian put the fruit basket on the table and stepped forward to hold Mrs. Chu San’s hand.

“Didn’t see your fiance?” Madam Chu San and others knew that Qin Mian liked Ye Haisheng very much.

“See you.” Qin Mian looked lonely, and then smiled again, “You are more important.”

Madam Chu San only felt that Qin Mian was pretending to be strong, “Did he shake your face at you again? Really, our sleep is so good, what does he dislike, is it because of his ex-boyfriend?”

Yes, many people know that Ye Haisheng has an ex-boyfriend, knowing that Ye Haisheng’s ex-boyfriend took Ye family money and left Ye Haisheng, they all sympathized with Qin Mian very much.

“No…no.” Qin Mian shook his head in a panic.

“What isn’t it? I’m sure it is.” Mrs. Chu San said, “You have been engaged for so long, and it is time to get married. If you have children earlier, your situation will be much better.”

“It depends on Brother Haisheng.” Qin Mian looked all at Ye Haisheng.

“Look back, let your uncle ask.” Madam Chu San tapped Qin Mian’s hand.

Qin Mian pursed her lips and didn’t say more. Silence is the best weapon and the best means.

The Chu family was so strong, and if the Chu family came forward, the Ye family would definitely let Ye Haisheng marry him early, and Qin Mian didn’t want to wait any longer. People like Mrs. Lei have to be destroyed, and there has to be a step-by-step process, so that no one can find him.

After Raymond and others finished their meal, they left the restaurant.

Raymond didn’t say to go to other places with his friends, only said, “Don’t delay you looking for the other half, let’s go first.”

“…” Darryl & Chu Xiao, the other half is amazing.

“There is a mall nearby, do you want to go around?” Raymond asked.

“No.” Yu Qing refused. He doesn’t want to go now. If he visits the mall, he should walk more, “Go back.”

“Yes, go back.” Darryl deliberately glanced at Raymond and raised his eyebrows: Look, your sweetheart wants to go back. Daryl then said again, “If you have enough food and drink, you will be sleepy. It’s okay to go back to rest and take a nap.”

Daryl wondered if Raymond was going to sleep with his Bai Yueguang?

“Is it free?” Raymond wanted to kick Darryl a bit, didn’t he eat enough just now, talk so much!

“Something is going on at the military department.” Chu Xiao said, pulling Darryl away.

Daryl patted Chu Xiao’s hand vigorously, “Don’t pull, I can’t look down on you.”

“…” Chu Xiao decided to go back to Lille and go to the training room. The other half of her was either an Omega or a mermaid. It could not be an Alpha like Daryl. Don’t be kidding.


Chu Xiao is a very rational person. He knows what he wants to do. He may not have that deep affection for the other half, but he will also have respect and respect.

Looking at Chu Xiao’s movements, Yu Qing only felt that this person prefers actions, rather than playing tricks.

“He is very strategic and talks a lot.” Raymond said, but when Chu Xiao talked a lot, it was really not a good thing.

“It’s okay, they respect me enough.” Yu Qing didn’t think that people had opinions on him because Darryl and Chu Xiao didn’t talk to him much. Of course, it is impossible for a friend’s wife to talk so much.

“…” Raymond thought that he was just a brief introduction, well, he really wanted to let his sweetheart know that they absolutely didn’t mean to disrespect Yu Qing, and didn’t look down on Yu Qing.

Persuaded, persuaded, Raymond said that he was persuaded, his sweetheart is always so accurate in grasping the key points in this area.

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