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MYGIP Side Story Chapter 6


“Hey, Layla, sorry. Are you mad…?”

Isley cautiously opened his mouth as if he was looking at me. He seemed to think I was upset when I didn’t say anything since we left the store.


I sighed and opened my mouth.

“I was not angry. I was just a little confused.”

Isley’s expression began to brighten, then darkened again at the words that followed.

“Why did you ask such a question? There may be circumstances Michaela doesn’t want to reveal…. If someone who used to be a disciple of Ariancia came here, it means that he has a story of his own. Just like the young master. You said you would live as a commoner. Then I think you should be a little more careful.”


Not wanting to live as an aristocrat means that no one is trying to please him anymore. No one will pass the rudeness he commits.

It was the sound of living through the eyes of others. Isley bowed his head with a sullen look.


When I saw that, my heart sank.

I calmed down and said.

“… I’m sorry too. I’m just trying to meddle in and teach.”

It’s so funny. By what qualification are you trying to teach him?

“No, You can do that.”

Isley shook his head.

“I still… I haven’t fully adjusted to this life. If you teach me, I think I will be able to settle down here sooner.”

After hearing that answer, I thought that maybe he could live a good life as a commoner. In fact, except for a few parts, Isley adapted well here. He never caused a big fuss, and he never did a big disrespect for those around him.

Right… He might get along better in Arya than I thought.

“Are you really okay?”


“All right.”

I looked up at Isley’s face and then looked straight ahead again. Thanks to the previous conversation, the atmosphere was much relaxed.

So Isley was able to talk to me again in a relaxed manner.

“Where are you going now?”

“Ah… It’s a house. I left my ballpoint pen there. Today I am going to sell a ballpoint pen. I want to consign the goods to another store and sell them.”

“Since it’s called sales, it seems like the real business has just begun.”

“… That’s right.”

It seems that something is really starting now.

I went home and came out with a bag of ballpoint pens. As soon as I stepped out the door, Isley reached out to me.

“I will carry it.”

“It’s okay. It’s not that heavy.”

“Let me carry it.”

This time, like last time, I don’t think he’s going to fall for the word that it’s okay. I say it’s not heavy at all, so why do you keep wanting to carry it? Perhaps, this is a way to express your feelings in your own way.

I remember my ex-boyfriend forced me to let him carry the bag. After thinking for a while, I handed him the bag.

“Then, please.”

Isley smiled brightly and took the bag out of reach of me.

In a downtown area near my house, there was a shop called ‘Solicia’ that sold dip pens, fountain pens, and ink. I’ve just moved and have stopped by a few times when I need writing instruments.

Unlike fountain pens, dip pens were not filled with ink, but rather used with ink. Since it was cheaper than a fountain pen, commoners could purchase and use it without hesitation. I am going to sell a ballpoint pen to Solicia today. I opened the door to the store and greet them.


Isley nodded and stepped inside. Solicia’s boss welcomed me.

“Hello, Layla. Is the fountain pen you bought last time broken?”

“No. I’m not here to buy anything today.”


“I came here to do business with the boss.”

The boss looked at me with a puzzled face. When I said it was business-related, he led us to the office.

The old man gave me cocoa and Isley coffee. It was still a playfulness attitude as I thought that what I was going to talk about from now on was not a big deal.

You can tell just by looking at what he says to Isley.

“You must be the prince of that rumor? indeed… you deserve to be called that.”

The boss looked at Isley’s face and nodded.

“I used to look like you in my old days….”

From the time Shelley called him Prince, his nickname among children was Prince. By the way, Michaela is a fairy. The nickname spread all over the place, and most people in the neighborhood or downtown knew it. I glanced at Isley’s face. To be honest, you don’t get along with the prince’s nickname, do you? Aren’t princes usually blonde and blue eyes? He seemed more suited to a knight than a prince.

Isley just looked down at the coffee in front of me as if he didn’t think much of his nickname. He shook his head with a dissatisfied expression.

“Aren’t there any sugar cubes here?”

The boss shook his head, fiddling with his voluminous beard.

“There is no sugar cube here. It’s because I don’t like sweet things in my coffee. Why don’t you enjoy the flavor of coffee without sugar just like me?”


Isley nodded reluctantly.

Oh right, this person… Can’t drink something bitter. I had never seen Isley drinking coffee in his life. He only drinks sweet drinks or water. I can’t help it. I brought the coffee in front of me and handed Isley the cocoa.

And I opened my mouth to the boss.

“This is what I am going to show you. Oh, thank you.”

Isley quickly took a ballpoint pen out of the bag and handed it to me.

“It’s called a ballpoint pen.”

When I explained the ballpoint pen, the playfulness disappeared from the boss’s face. He looked at the ballpoint pen with a serious face. When I said I wanted to sell this item in the store, the boss readily agreed.

After writing the contract, I left the store saying that I would come back with items to sell later. So the deal ended with good results. I also went to other stores I knew in advance and asked for a contract. All but a handful of stores said it would be nice to have their stores sell ballpoint pens. So I was able to go out into the streets with satisfaction.

Isley said as he walked beside me.

“Can I help you when it’s time to move the ballpoint pen?”

“Thank you, but it’s okay. You don’t have to do it.”

How long could I take advantage of Isley’s kindness? From now on, it would be better to hire people to move things, and hire an escort to go to and from the factory. I looked at his sad face and said something that suddenly came to mind.

“Then… Isley always seems to have a lot of time. He always accompanies me when I have to go to the factory… I think it’s relaxing. Aren’t you doing anything?”

“If work… About to accompany you as your escort knight…?”

“Do you want to be my escort knight?”

Are you kidding me? No, it may not be a joke. Isley always acted as if nothing had happened except to follow me. I’ve never heard of him doing anything other than working out to warm up. Anxiety begins to creep in. I hid my emotions and smiled. And I once again told Isley.

“It’s not like that, it’s a real job. I’m talking about making money.”

Isley seemed to ponder for a moment, then said.

“Then… no.”

“How have you been doing with money?”

“I am just dealing with my share of the cost of maintaining dignity…. I brought money that I had left behind.”

“Hey, what are you going to do when you run out of money?”

“Well… . Could it be something?”

“What did you say?”

Isley smiled brightly. I stared at his smiling face with my mouth wide open. Is this person sane now? Why are you so ignorant of the world? Did you come all the way here without a second thought? really? All I thought was that he will adjust well may have been my mistake. Looking at his idiot-filled face, my head was throbbing.

I began to wonder what his house was like, and how he lived. It would be too rude to ask such a thing. Clearly, Isley would not be as offended as he is now if I asked him about his home or his life. But he was inclined to ask from my side. Doesn’t it seem like he cares too much? Could my actions give Isley some hope? To be honest, I don’t know if I’m still getting along with him properly. First of all, let’s talk about work.

I pressed my forehead and continued.

“How much money do you have left?”

From Isley’s words, it seemed that he  brought enough money for a family of four to live in abundance for about a year.

However, considering his original consumption habits, it seemed that he would not be able to last for a few months.

“If you continue to spend money without any income, one day your life will end. What will you do when you run out of money?”

“It was then….”

“Don’t go and say what you’re thinking about.”

It is an attitude that does not consider the situation after money has run out. It was necessary to take special measures. I took a deep breath and then said.

“I hate people without money.”


“I hate people who don’t have a job.”

At those words, Isley looked at me with a shocked expression.

“You don’t like it?”

“Yes. I really hate it.”

A shock like this will make Isley try to find a job quickly, Because… Because he don’t want to be hated.

Now I’m chasing.

I was doing something useless. He is trying to use his mind to achieve what he wants. There was no need to help him with such a shock. If he doesn’t get a proper job, he’ll run out of his money and it’ll be quicker to get back to his normal life when life gets tough. Isn’t that what I want, who neither rejects nor accepts Isley? But why are you doing this? Yeah, it’s probably because of Isley. It’s because he can’t survive without help when I see him acting like he doesn’t know anything about the world.

“I’ll do it. I’ll get it tomorrow! I wanted to keep working! People have to work and live!”

Isley exclaimed urgently.

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